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Lifting Is Easy – Nutrition Is Hard!

Ain’t that the truth! 

For me staying motivated in the gym is no problem, finding programs to keep me interested- no problem. 

Figuring out how to fuel these workouts BIG PROBLEM! 

I’m someone who needs to read everything , every study , every internet snippet of info I can find on what diet/lifestyle is the BEST OUT THERE. Well guess what – I ain’t found it yet? I have been following Avatar for months now and the reverse dieting was easy – you just keep on eating more. Then I decided I got way too fluffy and I needed to cut – so I entered into fat loss phase- no bueno! No pounds lost no body fat lost. So what do I do ? Start researching again. I go and pay for a custom meal plan ( which was ok but I’m not convinced yet) , then I start researching Keto again – oh god No Dawn remember what happened last time see link Here

Then I find Jim Stoppani’s 6 week Shortcut to Shred plan. I started reading and I do not like his workout plan – I’ll stick to Kris Gethin Hardcore Trainer 2 plan that I’ve just finished week 1 BUT his nutrition plan piqued my interest. I Fear Carbs! I always have and as a Bariatric pt I have to. It is rule #1 to eliminate carbs!!!!! So , Stopanni suggests that you eat 1g of protein per lb of body weight (1.5g preferrably) and 0.5g of fat. He uses a scenario for carbs but I picked the phase 3 one which was 0.5g carbs per lb of body weight. Now – listen up ! I set my new goals is My Fitness Pal to read 

I weigh 185 – so I went with a little more than 1g of protein but not 1.5 because I simply cannot eat 277g of protein in a day. 

Fats are perfect at 0.5g = 93g fat per day

Carbs 155g which is a little more than 0.5g per lb. I’d have to be at 93g /day if I calculated it. I chose to go a little above it the first week , then I’ll reduce next week. Monday is my weigh in day with avatar so this is when I will start this plan- give it a week see how I feel and if I want to continue. 

I’m kinda at a point right now where I just want to give up on the macro tracking and constant weighing of myself. I’m becoming too obsessed with numbers and targets. I think I’d rather focus that energy in the gym lifting. That’s the easy part! 

After I weigh in tomorrow my kid is hiding my scale, I won’t step on it till next Monday. If I find the tracking and counting becomes to obsessive then I’ll stop. Easy as that , I’ve lost weight in the past just intuitively eating – I can do it again. 

My bariatric program is great and I still have all the paperwork and handouts and notes from my surgery. I will just go back to the those easy simple basics- Eat All Your Protein and Don’t Eat Carbs! 

Until then , you will catch me searching the web for the perfect weight loss solution and googling fat loss help! Lol – mostly kidding but other than that I’ll be in the gym 5 days a week killing workouts and making fat cry! 

Upper body destruction workouts

So as you all know I quit the Simply Shredded program because it was boring and it just didn’t challenge me enough .
So , I had to figure it out and plan a new workout for myself . My lift program is for upper body only – no I am not neglecting leg day I am just not setting aside special days for it . If I feel like squatting , I’ll squat!

I went into the gym Wednesday with no plan , just wing it and see if you can make yourself hurt!
This is what came out of it


Lift and cardio ! I will always do cardio because if I need to drop lbs I need to sweat . This lift session felt good so on Thursday I changed it up just a bit .

My chest was definitely feeling these workouts so come on pecs perk those boobies!

Friday wasn’t such a brutal workout it was just what I needed though


I took a rest/hungover day on Saturday because somebody thought that drinking the whole bottle of Cupcake wine was a good idea. It was not .

Sunday begged for a cardio session and I wasn’t really feeling it , I wanted at least an 8 miler but all I had in me was 5.7



Now tomorrow marks a new week and my goal is to build the bi’s and tri’s so I am upping the weight and decreasing the reps .
If you are interested , stay tuned to my Facebook page where I will post daily what the heck I’m lifting .

So folks , keep at it , keep lifting and let’s make some gains this week .

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