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Big Lifts Need Big Fuel!

Guys , if I can share one piece of advice to y’all it would be ” Ya gotta eat” 

Everyone has different goals in life and mine right now have changed for like the billionth time. I thought I wanted to cut and go into a deficit while still lifting big , but guess what??? That’s pretty freaking hard to do! I was “hangry” and it affected my lifts. So back to the drawing board and my conclusion is this ” big lifts need big food” I gotta eat! 

I’ve altered my macros again 

Focusing mostly on getting as much protein into me as I can. Hitting 279g is really freaking hard for someone who has a reduced sized stomach- I can only eat up to 4oz of meat at a time. I also cannot eat much more with that meat so I need to spread it out over the course of the day. I’m also chugging back about 3-4 shakes a day because if ya gotta drink water ya might as well put some protein in it! My fats are kept higher because eating eggs is important to me, I can knock back 3 eggs in a sitting so I need those fat grams. My carbs are sitting at 0.5g per lb of body weight. 

My typical day of food goes something like this 

Pre workout 

2 cups coffee with Splenda and fat free creamer


Protein bar or protein bites 

Post workout 

Shake with 2 scoops protein and water

8 ju jubes ( get that fast acting glucose to those muscles) 


Eggs, salad, meat, cheese whatever makes up around 390 calories 


Shake with 1 scoop protein water 

Cheese, meat, apple, tangerine 


Meat, veg , cottage cheese


Casein shake with 1 or scoops depending on where protein is sitting 

Then I will macro cap for the balance of my fat and carb grams , could be anything but I don’t typically have carbs leftover at the end of the night. 

So where is this getting me? Well I’m lifting hard and heavy

Today I was able to hit some good numbers and pull my pr deadlift of 250 after doing working sets ​

Squats are doing ok , work still needs to be done there 


I’m loving Kris Gethin’s hardcore trainer and the accessory work is definitely helping me form muscle definition , all I can say is ” I love my traps” 

There is no way I/me can build muscle in a deficit, some can but I know my body and I need to eat. Being a bariatric patient protein is the number 1 macro so it fits this lifestyle. Gaining weight is ok because there is a huge difference between “gaining weight and gaining fat” !!!! I’m all about the muscle weight gain! 

Lifting Is Easy – Nutrition Is Hard!

Ain’t that the truth! 

For me staying motivated in the gym is no problem, finding programs to keep me interested- no problem. 

Figuring out how to fuel these workouts BIG PROBLEM! 

I’m someone who needs to read everything , every study , every internet snippet of info I can find on what diet/lifestyle is the BEST OUT THERE. Well guess what – I ain’t found it yet? I have been following Avatar for months now and the reverse dieting was easy – you just keep on eating more. Then I decided I got way too fluffy and I needed to cut – so I entered into fat loss phase- no bueno! No pounds lost no body fat lost. So what do I do ? Start researching again. I go and pay for a custom meal plan ( which was ok but I’m not convinced yet) , then I start researching Keto again – oh god No Dawn remember what happened last time see link Here

Then I find Jim Stoppani’s 6 week Shortcut to Shred plan. I started reading and I do not like his workout plan – I’ll stick to Kris Gethin Hardcore Trainer 2 plan that I’ve just finished week 1 BUT his nutrition plan piqued my interest. I Fear Carbs! I always have and as a Bariatric pt I have to. It is rule #1 to eliminate carbs!!!!! So , Stopanni suggests that you eat 1g of protein per lb of body weight (1.5g preferrably) and 0.5g of fat. He uses a scenario for carbs but I picked the phase 3 one which was 0.5g carbs per lb of body weight. Now – listen up ! I set my new goals is My Fitness Pal to read 

I weigh 185 – so I went with a little more than 1g of protein but not 1.5 because I simply cannot eat 277g of protein in a day. 

Fats are perfect at 0.5g = 93g fat per day

Carbs 155g which is a little more than 0.5g per lb. I’d have to be at 93g /day if I calculated it. I chose to go a little above it the first week , then I’ll reduce next week. Monday is my weigh in day with avatar so this is when I will start this plan- give it a week see how I feel and if I want to continue. 

I’m kinda at a point right now where I just want to give up on the macro tracking and constant weighing of myself. I’m becoming too obsessed with numbers and targets. I think I’d rather focus that energy in the gym lifting. That’s the easy part! 

After I weigh in tomorrow my kid is hiding my scale, I won’t step on it till next Monday. If I find the tracking and counting becomes to obsessive then I’ll stop. Easy as that , I’ve lost weight in the past just intuitively eating – I can do it again. 

My bariatric program is great and I still have all the paperwork and handouts and notes from my surgery. I will just go back to the those easy simple basics- Eat All Your Protein and Don’t Eat Carbs! 

Until then , you will catch me searching the web for the perfect weight loss solution and googling fat loss help! Lol – mostly kidding but other than that I’ll be in the gym 5 days a week killing workouts and making fat cry! 

Keto and RNY = Disaster! 

This is a PSA for my RNY WLS friends, do not ever attempt to go “Keto” …. like ever ! Your colon will thank you. 

Keto aka ketogenic diet is a plan that has you drop your carbs super low – your macros would be 75% fat 20% protein 5% carbs. 

You eat a diet consisting of high fat, moderate protein and very little carbs – which come from vegetables. Fruit is pretty much off limits. I researched the hell out of this plan and really thought it was for me- I love eggs and cheese and bacon. But I did see one article that mentioned this isn’t good for RNY patients due to our digestion and our inability to eat high fats. Stupid me thought I was different-nope not so much. 

Let’s go over my 1 day Keto lifestyle and I’ll tell you what I ate.

Meal 1 – 2 eggs scrambled in butter with 2 cups of coffee with cream and MCT oil

Meal 2 – protein shake, cheese stick, 2 hard boiled eggs

Meal 3 – ribs

Meal 4 – salad with chicken and Caesar dressing

Meal 5 – brussel sprouts with bacon and ground beef 

Then my colon exploded! Sorry for the TMI but there is a reason our bariatric surgeons advise us on what we should and shouldn’t eat.

So I guess I go back to my coaches macros, happily eat my carbs and my protein and live happily ever after! 

What the heck do you eat 6 yrs Post RNY ? 

I get a lot of interest from followers on my diet/lifestyle . I hate to use the word diet because it is just such a negative term. I love to eat and before I had a revision WLS ( weight loss surgery) it showed 

See! You don’t get to be 284lbs by not loving food. My problem was my food intake was atrocious! I made bad choices and I admit it. I remember driving to the hospital to work one day back in 1998 ( I had my first WLS in 98) and stopping at a donut shop. I ordered 6 eclair cream filled donuts and ate them all before arriving at work. So guess what , I did it again the next day too! I have a very addictive personality , hence why I am now sober, and when food becomes your addiction you pay for it. Luckily I have been able to positively change my addictions to fitness and weight loss now. 

So I needed to change. WLS helped me. It was my tool. When I first had my old school surgery in 98 I was not healthy , I lived on liquids. I barely consumed protein and I wasn’t well. 

Fast forward to 2010 when I had a revised RNY gastric bypass and had a team of professionals to guide me. I learned to make good choices. Always chose protein first, veggies second and never drink while eating. So what the heck do you eat in day? 

I’m a creature of habit and when something works I stick with it! Now that I’m lifting heavy 6x a week I actually eat quite a bit for a WLS patient. 

Breakfast – everyday it’s 2 coffee with lactose free creamer and stevia. Typically I don’t eat before the gym and do fasted cardio and a lift. On the days I don’t work out I eat a lot of eggs, protein waffles or rice cakes with protein butter.

I drink a pre workout and lift. 

Post workout – now I’m freaking hungry!!!! I always drink a protein shake mixed with water immediately after! In my car in the gym parking lot I’m smashing my face full of 3.5 oz chicken mixed with 1/2 sweet potato. I still can’t eat chicken without feeling sick so I have to almost blend it into my sweet potatoes. Or I’m eating hard boiled eggs, Deli turkey slices or just as much protein as I can! 

Lunch – typically its cucumbers/hummus and a salad with a ton of pepitas, almonds, egg, cheese and low calories dressing. 

Pm snack – another shake with water. Rice cake (caramel with pumpkin protein muscle butter) oh yeah! 

Supper – always a meat and vegg combo. My problem is I fill up on the protein so I have trouble eating all the veggies. Again , I blend them together on my plate. Somedays I seriously feel like a 5 year old. 

Bedtime – Yes I eat before bed! Always a casein shake with water and cinnamon! Depending on my macros left for the day it could be simple toast and PB. 

I like snacky type foods and my car is always filled with healthy treats like These 

I’d love to hear from my fellow WLS peeps for ideas on new snacks , meals and recipes to share! 

Scale Rant!!!


Have I mentioned how much I DISLIKE the darned bathroom scale!
It is a liar !
It is telling me ” you are fat”
I know I am not but damn you scale and your ever fluctuating numbers toying with my emotions.

You see , I am on Day 16 of the LiveFit Program and the scale is absolutely drunk! I started the program at 166. I have also weighed in at 164,168 and today 167.4!
My eating has been pretty good , not perfect but definitely not eating chocolate bars and garbage !

As a WLS ( weight loss surgery) patient the scale meant everything to me for years. You focus Only on the number on that scale. It determines if you are a success or a failure. As a former 284lb person , losing significant numbers means everything.

Now that I am in Maintenence mode I no longer drop weight as easily And it is a struggle.
I do believe it is a mental struggle more than anything. I think the scale should be moving , dropping numbers because I am doing everything I am supposed to , right?
I am drinking water , moving my body and lifting weights.

Oh wait a minute – BINGO !
I am lifting weights , building muscle and we all know – muscle weighs more than fat !

I am 100% doing less cardio ( aka running) lately due to injury and that is keeping me from sweating , a lot . But again , when you lift weights , your body continues to burn fat while it repairs those muscles.

So , I will not let the scale get the better of me and I will just keep on lifting and building those baby biceps because one day I am going to be so fit I will never ever care what that stupid number on the scale is!


I’m Fat !

Yeah you read that right


I am allowed to call myself fat because I know Fat , remember I used to look like this

So why do I think I’m fat again , because I have gotten too fluffy for my liking. I got too comfortable. I had my first WLS in 98 then a revision in 10 and when I had that revision I changed my lifestyle completely because I was not going to fail at this lifestyle I wanted so very bad.
Now you see , I became a vegetarian and quit booze and began running – what happened ?
Well I lost 144lbs , went down to my lowest weight of 140lbs .
I am not there anymore! I am now sitting at 160lbs and yes I do attribute some of that to muscle mass due to lifting BUT it is also Fat! My muffin top has returned and I am not a fan!
So what happened ? Well , I started eating meat again, drinking and just eating whatever the hell I wanted – I’m hi cupcakes. I completely did not follow my WLS guidelines .
I am still running and training but it is so true that eating clean and properly is where abs are made – in the kitchen.
Now you see I am not blaming meat on my weight gain , but my habits when I consume meat are the problem. I eat a piece of meat and I am full , therefore no veggies are consumed – due to my restricted tummy space!
So clearly eliminating meat will allow me to get my veggie intake back up!
I also realize I have let way too much sugar back into my diet , because this happened

Yeah , nice little hypoglycemic attack after consuming improper food choices! Bad idea!
So there really is only one way to fix this problem and it begins with me going back to what worked in the first place – becoming this again

I know how to do this and I just need focus again . I will get back down to my goal weight of 140lbs again and I will be strong. No more cupcakes , less beer and more focus on healthy and clean eating!

Easy peasy right !

If I start to fail I’m counting on you guys to kick me in the ass!
Let’s get healthy together , we all can do this

A quick vacay and some sweet shoes!

I love a quick trip out of the country ! I took the girls on a mini vacay to New Hartford NY with me these past 3 days.
We headed out Sunday and we were excited

Reason for the trip – my 3 year post op Revision Gastric Bypass appt. I am a WLS veteran as my first surgery was in 1998. This appt went well, I am up 11lbs from last years visit but I hold Crossfit accountable for those lbs– there has to be some muscle in there! I also found out my B12 was very low again. I have not been so diligent in my injections, will rectify that ASAP!

The girls and I shopped and played in the pool


We also ate our faces off! It’s a vacation so it’s allowed right?
First stop – Chipotle

Honestly , I can eat this stuff daily!
Then a big old fat girl breakfast at Friendly’s

Then we found Moe’s and again Heaven!! I love all things Mexican and burritos are the bomb!


I found my new favorite shirt too

Come on October , Walking Dead fans are waiting.

Mini Diva had a spa day in the hotel room


So much fun , we had a blast! On my last day there I sent out a tweet asking my trusty loyal Mizuno friends to help me find a pair of Wave Sayonara’s, you see, I DO NOT need these shoes but I had major runner envy seeing all the blog posts, tweets and Facebook updates on these shoes! I HAD to have a pair!
And guess what


I FOUND THEM!! I googled and found a little running store called The Sneaker Shoppe in New Hartford and they had a pair in my size! I was so stoked! I cannot wait to try them out!

It was a great few days off, a nice relaxing few rest days but I am back to reality tomorrow – Crossfit and Running!

Hope you are all enjoying your summer!

Hey its Thursday, lets do a THROWBACK post!


LIKE, really fat!

Here I am in 2010, a few months before my WLS. I always smiled because I was happy, but not fit!

hfdb 048

Truth said, but let us not dwell on that because I am no longer FAT… I am FIT! I now believe that because my hot Dr said it to me. Why is it that I needed a medical professional to actually speak those words to me before I believed it myself?

Losing and maintaining weight is a constant battle of the brain. I think I am finally there though, I do believe I have reached my goal.

I was even confident enough to rock a bikini in Cuba last year before I had plastic surgery!



So for all of you thinking that the journey to health is too hard, too much commitment – look back on your old photos and then you will realize that it is a journey that needs to be taken.

Throwback … Whoaaa

Ok, sometimes you just need to go back and look at how far you have come. I am not afraid to show these pictures because I know how much work I have done to achieve this success.

Here we go, these pictures were taken exactly 3 years ago while I was on vacation in Los Cabos.




I was in rough shape, I was 284 lbs and not happy. I was always the funny girl but never the pretty one. Things had to change.

I became a vegetarian and I ran, lots. I hated it at first, every minute of it, but I was not going to quit. I turned into this girl


I loved running , really I did, but I wanted to become stronger. I knew the benefits of strength training and weightlifting but I had no knowledge of how to do it? Then I discovered Crossfit Belleville and this place changed my life! I was hooked from the very first WOD. I turned into this girl



I love my life now and I won’t stop working out and eating right because it is who I have now become. It is my life.

So for all you people out there who need a little inspiration, go back and look at those old photos of yourself and refocus , go after all your goals. They are yours to be had!

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