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Goals, Not Resolutions! 

I do not make resolutions ever but I do make goals for myself and this 2017 is full of Big Ones! 

I’m running my first 100k trail race in May and I need to be strong for this race as it’s on a technical trail with a ton of hills so I’m embarking on a new challenge. I’ve registered for the Bodybuilding.com 250k challenge! I will be doing an intense 12 week lift program that I will design on my own using bits and pieces of info from my Alpha Female program, Jamie Easson LiveFit trainer and the BodySpace app. I will only be doing 20 min Hiit cardio sessions 3-4x a week and at least 2 leg days per week. 

I will post my workouts daily on my Facebook page ! I will also post on my Instagram page. There is so many ways to follow me on this journey so let’s connect. 

The 12 week program begins Monday Jan 8 2017. I’ve done my before pics and they are horrific! How did I lose all my gains from my Alpha Female program in the summer? I got fat again! Weighing in at a solid 177lbs 

There I am and here I go!

Nutrition wise I’m not worrying about calorie totals but more macros numbers. I’ve set my macros at 40% fat , 35% protein and 25% carbs. I’m an endomorph and after researching it I need to consume more fat and less carbs – but not No Carbs! 

So there will be a lot of steak, eggs, sweet potatoes and protein shakes in my life. 

I will be spending a lot of time at GoodLife Fitness working on my gains and loving it. 

Stay tuned and follow along! 

Alpha Female Week 2 Progress Pics

Week 2 Done! 

Weight lost 0lbs , I went from 175 down to 173 and back up to 175.8 this morning. This is frustrating. Yes I know muscle weighs more than fat but really, I’m logging all my food, hitting so close to my macros and working out like a beast- move scale dammit! 


My targets are 175g protein 170g carbs and 51g of fat. 

I’m always over on fat and my carbs and protein get pretty close. Carbs do go over some days too. Coach reevaluates these macros after 3 weeks on the program. I’m curious to hear what she has to say. 

After doing Keto I find it hard to eat low fat because I always understood that low fat meant chemical shit storm !!!! Added in sugars and crap to make things low fat. This was last nights low fat high protein meal – shrimp, low fat cottage cheese and cucumbers.

Workouts are going well and I’m even bumpin up the weights a bit. I still feel challenged so this is good. But, the proof is in the pictures so you tell me if you see changes. The scale sure doesn’t.

Now for the measurements 

Bust before 40

Bust now 40 same

Waist before 36

Waist now 36 same

Hips before 41.5 

Hips now 42 up .5

Left Bicep before 12

Left bicep after 12.5 up .5

Right bicep before 12

Right bicep after 13 up 1 

So my guns have grown but nothing else is shrinking urgh. 

Morning abs???? Are you in there Let’s see what happens in week 3 and pray that changes start. 

Ditch The Scale For Good! 

I am so guilty of this , Not ditching the scale ! 

When you are a WLS patient the scale means everything to you. You have massive amounts of weight to lose and you need to see it coming off. 

Once you hit Maintenon mode it does not come off as easily and then you start to question – Am I Done? 

Well you see, the scale is a finicky little tool that can fluctuate daily. For example I weighed myself Monday am , Tuesday am I was down 3lbs then today I am up 2 lbs. Seriously??? WTH is going on? 

I know better than this , I lift weights 6x a week and do about the same for cardio so my body is changing. 

We need to learn to pay attention to our bodies , look at them, measure them and appreciate the changes it making. 

Lifting weights build muscle and we all know that muscle weighs more than fat so if you are strength training you may even see an increase in your numbers – Don’t Dwell on it! 

We women also have monthly cycles which can contribute to weight changes so don’t even count those weights , they are incorrect. 

For me personally I take measurements, watch how my clothes fit and I pay attention to the signs my body is sending me – for example Bloat! If I eat too many carbs or drink a little too much beer over the weekend – Bammmm I look 4 months pregnant ( which I am not nor will ever be again ) 

Yes I am guilty of checking my weight , sometimes daily , BUT I do not let that number on the scale define me. 

I started another round of 21 Day Fix and yes I checked my weight but I know that losing inches is what will make me happy , just not in my biceps because I’m trying to grow them ! 

So for all you folks trying to lose weight, please don’t focus on that stupid number. Keep track of your physical changes , take before and after pics – you will see a difference. Proof is in the pics! 
Buh Bye Scale ! 

Run , Lift , Repeat – LiveFit Program 

* This post was written as part of the GoodLife Fitness Blogger Ambassador program , however all opinions expressed are my own .
I am back in the gym full time doing what I love – lifting and I’m in my fav place to do it GoodLife Fitness .

After my marathon I knew I needed to get back into it , nothing burns more calories for longer than strength training . Yes I am still running but I need to make sure I am strong so I can run more efficiently .

I will not be doing ANY cardio in the gym and if you see me near a treadmill grab me and slap me! I can and will be doing all my cardio runs outside on the roads or trails .

I decided to go back to the program that worked before – Jamie Eassons LiveFit program on the Bodybuilding site.

Here were my results from the fall

So what happened ? How come I’m puffy again ?

Carbs! I use carbs as my excuse for running long distances – I need carbs for fuel . Well I am not running 20 milers on a daily basis so I need to stop this behavior ASAP. Also being vegan it’s very easy to become a carboholic !

My starting weight today was 168lbs


I will be following the program to a tee with some added lifts as well because some days it just doesn’t seem like enough , I’m not a beginner so it can feel too easy .

Today was day 1 of phase 1 and here is the workout Phase 1 Day 1 – chest and triceps .

   I added in core work ( planks and roman twists)  and some hangs cleans .

Tonight I will go for a little trail run even though phase 1 has no cardio – so I guess I’m not following it to a tee … Whoops

So if y’all wanna join me I will be posting the workouts daily and weight changes , it will be fun !

Cleared to Run !!!

Whoo hooo !!!!!!

I met with my family physician today and he said I am good to go ! It helps when your Dr is a runner too and knows how stubborn we can be. I assured him that I have been very good and haven’t ran in 9 days.
He advised me to take it easy , run for 2 maybe 3 miles at a time , slowly build the distance back up . I agreed ,it will be difficult to not run those Sunday long runs but I can’t risk getting hurt again.

I plan on continuing with my lifting program because I love it and I want to be a strong , not skinny runner . Let’s be real , I will never be skinny .

That darned scale won’t budge again

“It’s only a number , repeat ,its only a number ”
I wore my new Super Cute Fabletics outfit today



I skipped days 6&7 of the LiveFit program (rest days) as I was ready to get back in the gym after a day’s rest.

I repeated Day 1 which was chest & triceps – I again realized that I 100% suck at push ups – and narrow ones ? Nope not happening!
My triceps feel good and I swear I see muscle formation , I will post progress pics!

Meal Plan today was kinda boring
Meal 1 – Vega Sport Protein Bar
Meal 2 – BSN protein shake
Meal 3 – squash and 1/2 chicken breast
Meal 4 – tuna and 4 crackers
Meal 5 – salmon SAMMIE

See , pretty uneventful .

I just didn’t have time to do a lot of prepping today so I ate leftovers pretty much . All still pretty clean , minus the crackers!

So my plan for tomorrow is to take a slow lil run on the mill before I do Back & Biceps .

I pray it doesn’t hurt .

Check in – September Challenge

Remember a few weeks back when I said I was going to eat better and clean up my diet for September. I did , I am – I have been a pretty good girl for the most part!

I weighed in at 160lbs the beginning of the month and today I was 157lbs , not a huge loss but it’s a loss. I am noticing that things are starting to flatten back out aka the muffin top and gut! No I do not carry a 6 pack around – yet , but I will one day!

I have also decided this month that I need to focus more on my training and make it my number 1 issue! Therefore , no more Crossfit!

I just could not justify the expense any longer , especially when I cannot utilize my unlimited membership.
So does this mean no cross training ? Hell no!
I understand the importance of strength training so I took matters into my own hands!
I have created , am creating – my very own garage gym! I am inspired by my dear friend Jen from @winetoweights who has one too!
So today I went shopping

I purchased
1 16lb barbell
2 25lb plates
2 10lb plates
2 5lb plates
2 2.5lb plates
30lb Kettlebell
2 dumbbells with total weights of 40lbs ( adjustable plates)
2 stall mats

Not a bad haul! All of this cost me 2 months of Crossfit , a pretty sweet deal! I am working on getting a second hand bench , then I just need a squat rack!

I am super impressed with myself!
Here it is almost set up

Nearly stacked plates

Mats and bar ready to go!

So now that I have my exercise routine in place , here is what has been happening in the kitchen
Breakfast – it’s the best meal of the day


Lunch – yes I eat carbs! This is full of chicken and veg too


And here is my scale for proof pic

Yes I need a pedicure – no it won’t happen until my 2 half marathons are over!

So I hope September is being awesome for all of you ! I need to focus on my water intake for the rest of the month!

Stay tuned for some home WOD updates.

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