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New Branding!

I’ve decided to rebrand myself because Shrinking Inkdgirl is not what I’m trying to become. I needed to think about this because “Gaining Inkdgirl” did not sound too pleasing, but ultimately this is my goal. 

I’m going to just announce it now and be done with it but I Am No Longer an UltraMarathoner. I Will NOT be running my 100k in May. I just don’t feel it anymore. I cannot convince myself that I want to do it. My injuries are still present and why aggravate them further. I will still be going to Paducah Ky in June for RUTs because that’s just a damn good time! 

So with this rebranding comes a new page and new blog address, I will now be Inkdgirlfitness.com . 

No worries I will not become one of those IG fit girls posting half naked glute videos for all to see, I’m way too fat for that. But I will be posting you tube videos of my training, PR’s and whatever else I feel like. For example here is one of my new addiction BFR ( blood flow restriction ) training click here ➡️ BFR triceps . Here are a few pics of my recent shenanigans. 

Back squat PR 205 here’s the video proof click here ➡️ 205 squat pr

But wait I’ve also PR’d my deadlift too – 245 baby !!!!

I’m quite happy with the progress I’ve made in just 11 weeks of strictly lifting with little to no cardio. My 12 week Bodybuilding.com transformation challenge ends this week. This is my progress so far 

Funny thing is – before pic I’m 177lbs and current pic is 183lbs! That’s what I’m talking about – when you make gains and look leaner! Boom 

So stay tuned and keep on lifting ladies – it does the body good 

Giving up that booty life!

Yup , I sure am .

I am so over doing 2 heavy leg workouts in a week .

I added in some extra lifts this week trying to tweak my program and increasing my leg days was a huge mistake . I am a runner , not a fitness competitor therefore my booty is just fine by me. Yes the lure of having a perfectly sculpted back end is enticing but it takes it toll on my body. If I want to still get my running mileage in , I simply cannot be walking around with sore ass muscles and quadzillas!

Here is how my Week 3 lifting went

Starting weight 168


Bench – 50lbs
Row – 45 lbs
Presses – 40lbs
skull crushers – 30 lbs
BB curl – 40lbs
Cable Crunches – 50lbs

Squat – 135lbs
Stiff leg Deadlifts- 100lbs
Leg extensions – 135 lbs
Leg curls – 135lbs
Calf raises – 175lbs

Cardio – 6 miles

Thursday ( this is where I added in exercises)

Dips – 90lbs
Pull ups – 90lbs
Lateral raises – 40lbs
Tricep Push down – 35lbs
Cable curls – 35lbs

Added – BB rows 50lbs
Cable rows – 65lbs
1 arm DB rows – 30lbs
BB curls – 30lbs
Incline DB curls – 15lbs each
This felt like a good workout and my arms were jelly afterwards .

Friday ( leg day again!)

Deadlifts – 155 lbs
Leg press – 255lbs
Lunges with 40lb DB
Seated Calf raises – 95lbs
DB shrugs – 35lbs each
Leg extensions – 120lbs
Front squats – 60lbs
Calf raises – 175 lbs

I was a hot mess after this workout . Saturday is always strictly cardio and guess what – Dom De Dom Dom Doms!!!

I literally rolled out of bed on Saturday and that first step nearly killed me. My quads were burning and my glutes were screaming at me .

But I still managed a 4.4 mile painful slow run .

So here lies my dilemma , if I want to run 100 mile months this year I cannot work my lower body so dang hard . Yes I have very strong legs already and I do think a once a week lift on these stumps is sufficient.

So back to the drawing board I go to create a bigger better lift plan that focuses on the areas I actually want to improve – shoulders , chest , biceps , triceps and back .

Stay tuned for these changes , I promise I am not quitting this program , merely mixing it up a little !


A Day in the life of a Newbie Crossfitter

I’m over a month into Crossfit and absolutely love it! I am so very addicted to the energy and power I feel during a WOD ( work out of the day). Here is a day in pictures of what I Dawn the Crossfitter does!


Enter gym and feel the nervous pee build up, we do not know what our WOD will be prior to getting there! It is always a surprise.


Find my buddies, grab a piece of PVC tubing and get stretching that upper body out!


Oogle my trainer Bowman, who is doing the WOD prior to our class!


All the guys are aiming for his body!
Then we finish our warm up which usually consists of a lot of running on the spot,butt kicks,high knees,jumping jacks,crab crawls….. Etc.. All warmed up know!

Then we move on to our skill. This night it was back squats, oh god help me!


Then we all partner up and practice.



I got extra help from my trainer! 😉


My squats were to be sets of 5/5/4/4/3/2 , with weights increasing till you maxed out.


I’m a/d and we started at 85lbs.. Gradually working up to 125lbs, not too heavy but I can’t get down into a good squat with too much weight.

Then we move into the WOD

We had a 20 min time cap to do AMRAP ( as many rounds/reps as possible)

I finished 2 complete rounds with an additional 100 lunges and 9 toe touches. In case you weren’t counting, that’s a total of 300 lunges, 109 toe touches,100 push ups and 50 kettlebell swings (25lbs) in 20 minutes!

I am a sucker for punishment because I’m going 5 nights in a row this week! Last night I was still feeling a little tight in the glutes and quads ( from all those lunges) but I was going to shake it out for another WOD.

This is what I walked into

Oh dear lord!
We practiced our cleans and push presses prior to the WOD and I knew better than to lift too much and tire out.

Here is the results with my dear friend showing you how we all felt!

I enjoyed the run part of this because it was outside and it cooled me off! I always end up a hot chalk mess post WOD

I drank my aminos during this workout, downed a protein shake on the way home then inhaled this Paleo friendly meal when I got home


Then I tucked my tore up body into bed and dreamt of this place, Myrtle Beach .. See you in 15 days !!!


And that pretty much sums up my Crossfit life! I love every minute of it!

Running with a head injury

This is never a good idea!

So yesterday I was 4 days into a concussion and head injury when I though, I feel ok let’s go to the gym. Silly girl, you are not ready yet!

I told myself I would be careful and take it easy. I ran 5k in 33 minutes.


It was pathetic. My head didn’t feel too bad, but I was just exhausted. I proceeded into the weight room where I could barely bang out 20 weighted squats without getting dizzy. It was mat time, foam rolling and planks were also equally pathetic. This girl knew it was time to go home! I ended up with the worst headache ever for the rest of the day!

I have never been a good listener when it comes to Dr’s orders but I think I need to smarten up! I will not run or work out until after I see the doc on Monday to get my staples out. I’m am putting this out there so I stay accountable and all of you can yell at me if I disobey! Deal.

So I guess I will have a jammie day curled up on the couch with my coffee and Season 2 of Walking Dead! Sounds like a great weekend to me!

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