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Week 1 #250kchallenge

Week 1 done and dusted and I feel so good! 

I have had an incredible week of lifts and made some gains. Let’s first talk nutrition 

I cannot express how much I’ve learned from Avatar Nutrition and how I look at making progress growing muscle. I was so afraid of carbs and did everything to avoid them but I know now that if I want to build muscle I need them. This site figures out your macros and sends you videos to teach you proper macro counting. I started out at 178lbs last week, hit my target macros daily but lost a pound – so guess what ?? I get to eat more this week!!! 

Now the lifts , I’m following 2 programs on the Bodyspace app and they are Keto gains and the Livefit trainer programs. 

I ended my back squat last week at 135lbs, deadlifts at 135lbs and still managed 4 hiit cardio sessions.  

Week 2 is off to a great start so stay tuned for those results. 

Ditch the scale because the proof is in the pics! 

21 Day Fix Round 1 Results

Note – I had surgery during this initial round and had stitches in so I only did this at about 75%. I missed a few workouts and had some cheat meals 

BUT – it still worked 

I am down 8lbs and 12 inches 

Proof is in the pics! Unedited and NO filters! 

These workouts are NO joke . 

I am doing another Challenge Group and I will be participating at 100%. 

Here are my measurements

If you are ready to commit to just 21 days let me help you! 

Email me 


Let’s get you on the path to health and wellness! 

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