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Big Lifts Need Big Fuel!

Guys , if I can share one piece of advice to y’all it would be ” Ya gotta eat” 

Everyone has different goals in life and mine right now have changed for like the billionth time. I thought I wanted to cut and go into a deficit while still lifting big , but guess what??? That’s pretty freaking hard to do! I was “hangry” and it affected my lifts. So back to the drawing board and my conclusion is this ” big lifts need big food” I gotta eat! 

I’ve altered my macros again 

Focusing mostly on getting as much protein into me as I can. Hitting 279g is really freaking hard for someone who has a reduced sized stomach- I can only eat up to 4oz of meat at a time. I also cannot eat much more with that meat so I need to spread it out over the course of the day. I’m also chugging back about 3-4 shakes a day because if ya gotta drink water ya might as well put some protein in it! My fats are kept higher because eating eggs is important to me, I can knock back 3 eggs in a sitting so I need those fat grams. My carbs are sitting at 0.5g per lb of body weight. 

My typical day of food goes something like this 

Pre workout 

2 cups coffee with Splenda and fat free creamer


Protein bar or protein bites 

Post workout 

Shake with 2 scoops protein and water

8 ju jubes ( get that fast acting glucose to those muscles) 


Eggs, salad, meat, cheese whatever makes up around 390 calories 


Shake with 1 scoop protein water 

Cheese, meat, apple, tangerine 


Meat, veg , cottage cheese


Casein shake with 1 or scoops depending on where protein is sitting 

Then I will macro cap for the balance of my fat and carb grams , could be anything but I don’t typically have carbs leftover at the end of the night. 

So where is this getting me? Well I’m lifting hard and heavy

Today I was able to hit some good numbers and pull my pr deadlift of 250 after doing working sets ​

Squats are doing ok , work still needs to be done there 


I’m loving Kris Gethin’s hardcore trainer and the accessory work is definitely helping me form muscle definition , all I can say is ” I love my traps” 

There is no way I/me can build muscle in a deficit, some can but I know my body and I need to eat. Being a bariatric patient protein is the number 1 macro so it fits this lifestyle. Gaining weight is ok because there is a huge difference between “gaining weight and gaining fat” !!!! I’m all about the muscle weight gain! 

New Branding!

I’ve decided to rebrand myself because Shrinking Inkdgirl is not what I’m trying to become. I needed to think about this because “Gaining Inkdgirl” did not sound too pleasing, but ultimately this is my goal. 

I’m going to just announce it now and be done with it but I Am No Longer an UltraMarathoner. I Will NOT be running my 100k in May. I just don’t feel it anymore. I cannot convince myself that I want to do it. My injuries are still present and why aggravate them further. I will still be going to Paducah Ky in June for RUTs because that’s just a damn good time! 

So with this rebranding comes a new page and new blog address, I will now be Inkdgirlfitness.com . 

No worries I will not become one of those IG fit girls posting half naked glute videos for all to see, I’m way too fat for that. But I will be posting you tube videos of my training, PR’s and whatever else I feel like. For example here is one of my new addiction BFR ( blood flow restriction ) training click here ➡️ BFR triceps . Here are a few pics of my recent shenanigans. 

Back squat PR 205 here’s the video proof click here ➡️ 205 squat pr

But wait I’ve also PR’d my deadlift too – 245 baby !!!!

I’m quite happy with the progress I’ve made in just 11 weeks of strictly lifting with little to no cardio. My 12 week Bodybuilding.com transformation challenge ends this week. This is my progress so far 

Funny thing is – before pic I’m 177lbs and current pic is 183lbs! That’s what I’m talking about – when you make gains and look leaner! Boom 

So stay tuned and keep on lifting ladies – it does the body good 

A PR is a PR no matter where you earn it 

Wow , today was the day! 

Sunday’s are my long run days and after checking the weather I knew my run today was going to be inside. 

My body was tired and sore from a busy day of moving furniture yesterday so I decided that I would not set an alarm this am and I’d just go when I was ready. Good call on my part because I slept in, had coffee and breakfast. 

I had no distance planned for today. I figured I’d let my body and mind decide what I needed to do today. Running on the treadmill is such a mental experience for me because it’s so easy to just hit that stop button and quit. 

Today I did not do that. I was pacing well the first 4 miles 

I felt great and I had no interest in quitting anytime soon. Miles 5-10 were decent and I was pretty hot but I still wanted to keep going. 

Then I started throwing out negative splits and I was trying to remember my time for my last half marathon PR , which was at the Nike Women’s Half and I was on track to beat it. 

After burners engaged and I did it by a solid 2 minutes. 

Does it still count because it was on a treadmill? 


Miles are miles and all miles count so this is a bonafide PR in my eyes. 

I recovered with some Vega 

Which will always be my go to protein post run and I got a Packers Win too . 

This is currently the Best Day Ever! 

Cheers to the weekend, hope y’all PR’d today too! 

Record Breaking Day !

So much awesomeness happened today and I need to share!

I am NOT a fast runner , ever , BUT today I was a god damn Kenyan ! Ok not really but I sure felt like it .

I woke up knowing I needed to get a run in and due to scheduling and kids It had to be at the gym , totally ok with that.

I had no distance goals set for today , it was one of those just go get it done.

I put my Yurbuds in hit my Nike Plus app and set out !

Then this happened

Are you freaking kidding me , almost a 7 min mile and this was mile 2 !
I kept going , I felt awesome and then this happened


What the eff! I almost started balling on the mill , Dawn Marie does not run a sub 25 min 5k – EVER!
I kept going , I finished a 6.2 mile , 10k, run in 52 freakin minutes – another record broken! My fastest prior to that was 56 min


Here’s a look at all my 8 min splits



I am absolutely counting my blessings as this maybe a once in a lifetime event for this turtle!
But today , I am OWNING this PR! It’s mine , I kicked ass and I win !
Maybe this is my new lucky shirt


So all my fellow turtles out there , when life gives you a victory like this Own It! We train hard for victories like this and if I had a medal I’d proudly wear it on my neck all day long!

Run IT Fast my friends!

Nike Women’s Half Marathon – PR Baby


Today was the DAY!

But wait let’s go back a few days leading up to this day .
I arrived in DC on Friday , nice quick flight and a quick Metro ride , plus a 6 block walk to the hotel and I was ready to hit up the expo.

The packet pick up was super easy and very quick , grabbed my Tshirt then went to the expo – loosely termed expo ! That was a joke. I am a girl who can spend hours at an expo but this one , I was in and out in 5 minutes.
I decided to head up to the Nike Georgetown store to actually buy stuff. Stopped by the wall and found my name

Purchased some swag then I hit up Georgetown cupcakes , as if I wouldn’t!


I spent quite a few hours walking and my feet were killing me , I wanted to save my legs so I headed back to the hotel , but I made sure and grabbed some Chipotle first!

Saturday was supposed to be a relaxing day , but it didn’t work out that way . I had to walk and get outside , it was gorgeous out. I went to the White House


Found the start line so I’d be prepared for Sunday am and then walked to the hotel. Yup , many many miles were walked Saturday!


Alarm set for 4:45
Made breakky

Got dressed and repped @IamLNTIK skirt and socks

15,000 runners lined up for a 7am start , ready to pass the Capitol


My first 2 miles were great , we went thru the tunnel and that was pretty cool , I was feeling good and the pack of runners never really thinned out . I realized at mile 3-4 I was having a wardrobe issue. My skirt with the built in compression shorts sucked . They rode up and I was chaffing ! I started fidgeting trying to fix them , lost cause!
Race was going well thru the 10k point and the crowd support was phenomenal . My feet started cramping at mile 10 , I don’t think my Mizuno Inspires are the right shoe. I’m blaming them!

Running over the Arlington bridge was gorgeous!
When I saw the Mile 12 marker I knew the tunnel was right ahead and we were almost done , I was still feeling ok . Had to snap a pic in the tunnel


Crossed that line with a Solid 2 min PR , Scotiabank was my previous Pr at 2:24 and today this happened


Oh heck yeah!
Found my handsome fella

Finally , a little blue box! Oh Tiffany’s , a girls dream

Final splits


An absolutely great day , gorgeous conditions and a shiny new PR to boot!

Happy Dawn

Training Update ..

I have been so freaking busy lately and have been a very bad blogger!

However , I have been training my little ass off and doing pretty darn awesome at it .
I have reduced my weekly mileage pretty significantly since going back to my trusty Hal Higdon plan as opposed to the Nike plan.

I ran my very first ever treadmill 10 miler on Saturday and I DID NOT die!


It was amazing and I wanted to focus on pace and keeping my speed consistent. It was great , I felt good and I was so proud of myself for resisting the boredom of the mill.

I took 2 rest days days last week and this am I wanted to crush a 3 miler.. And I did




Look at those 8 min/mile splits people! Holy freaking cow !

So with only 3 weeks till race day I think I may just have it in me to PR this one?

What are you training for ?
What plans do you follow?


Running in the HEAT sucks!

Omg how do we do this? Summer running/training is the most demonic torturous exercise ever!
I start my half training in 2 weeks and I am pretty sure I’m going to die, yep die! It has consistently been over 30 degrees here, closer to 40 with the humidex and I want to barf! I love running in the heat with the sun on me but when my lungs are puking at mile 2 – I am a mess!
I headed out after 6pm last night because I thought it had to be getting cooler- wrong!

Look at me

I was only at mile 2 in this pic and I was at 21 minutes of my run! I am a sweaty mess! I did have some gorgeous skies to look at

Here I am hiding out under the bridge to get the dang sun off me for a minute


I drank my hug of amino’s well before the end of mile 4 and when I got home I was super dehydrated

Look at that time – brutal

NO negative splits here

I downed a bottle of water and this awesome stuff ASAP


That helped, but so did these


I was spent! Threw on my Zensah sleeves and called it a night!

Today I felt I wasn’t quite hot enough so I went to the Box for a Major nooner sweatfest


That is a lot of reps, count em!

Prior to that WOD I did however PR my back squat


So for all you people suffering with this heatwave . I am feeling it for ya too!

Stay cool peeps

I love PR days!

Happy 4th to all my US friends, it was a great day here in Canada for this girl!

I went to my noon Crossfit class and was happy to see that our skill today was deadlifts – my most favorite lift!

The skill today was 3-3-3-3-3 working up to a heavy weight. I started my first set of 3’s at 135 and progressed to 225 for my last set.


Working my way up


225 lbs

Once I finished my skill I still had a few minutes so I figured lets smash that old PR! 230lbs was my old PR for the deadlift so I threw 15 more lbs on and


Nailed it!!! New PR set!!!

Yeah freaking ha! I was stoked.. I was also thankful that our WOD was a quick one today because I was spent

I got in trouble from coach for not lifting heavy enough on my front squats – I only did 75lbs oopsies! I was sore from all the squat cleans and wall balls so I wanted to work on form – sacrificing weight!

I worked for the rest of the day then came home and suited up in my most patriotic bathing suit to celebrate!


It was a great day , I hope you all celebrated and met your own goals today!

Hi ho, hi ho – it’s off to Detroit I go!!

I am going on a road trip and I am excited! Whoot whoot!

Way back in December I signed up for this race


I haven’t been back to Detroit since I ran the Turkey Trot in November and I can’t wait to see my friend Jen from winetoweightlifting.com , she is running this too!

It is just a 10k and yes I’m driving 6 hours and to a different country for it, but I like to travel and getting out of this town for a few days will be worth it!

I have been super swamped with work and am sad to report that yesterday ended my Runstreak! I did not run at all yesterday. I was riddled with guilt and was tempted to go run at 10pm but I did not do that. I felt like I let myself and my Runstreak friends down, I was committed to this and I failed.. My bad!

I am going to keep at it though and run as much as I can !

Today I went back to my old stomping grounds,the YMCA… It has been forever since I worked out there!

I had to take a mirror selfie before I worked out


Here’s my workout in a nutshell


Run 2 miles

Row 500 m

Do a ton of hang cleans, squat cleans ,front squats,back squats at 65lbs.

Then do a Under Armour What’s Beautiful video challenge of how many push-ups you can do in one minute. I did 48 – for the record.. Not uploading video here, you can view it on the what’s beautiful site! http://whatsbeautiful.ua.com/

Then I planked


Pretty sweaty!

I had yet another busy day of work which kept me out till 9pm tonight so I better get going and pack some clothes for my big road trip!

Stay posted for race recaps, deets and of course picture filled blog posts!

Sunday = Runday!

I love Sunday’s especially when I don’t have any big work plans and the day is all mine!

This is how I spent my Sunday today! First off I prepped my supper! Stuffed peppers

Cut peppers in half, discard seeds and ribs , them brown ground beef with onions. Season with garlic powder, Italian spices, onion powder. Add in a bag of this

Add 1 pkg of Lipton onion soup mix, 1 cup water, splash of Worcestershire sauce, 1/4 c of instant brown rice.

Stuff the peppers and top with this or any cheese

Cook on 350 for about 30-45 minutes

They were delish!


So after I prepped that it was Run time! I tried something new for a Pre Workout

It looked pretty gross but it actually wasn’t too bad! Now did it work?
You are too take it 20 min before a workout , I did , then headed out for a 6 miler!
Well, I definitely PR’d my time for the ugly 4 miles I did Friday! See

Wow, now I know that Friday was very hot and humid, today was not , but what if this stuff works??? I’m curious!
The rest of my run was super windy on the hills coming home , it was hard!

I’m not a negative split kinda runner!
I finished it though and I am still Streaking! That is all that matters


So now I can go rest in a nice hot tub and get to bed early, but it was a great Sunday Runday!

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