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I’m An RNY Patient and I’m NOT Afraid To Gain Weight Anymore. 

Say what???? 

You read it right, I never really played the whole weight loss surgery card, begged for followers because of it nor did I continuously post about my surgery. Why? Honestly my revision surgery was a small tool in my future weight loss. It was definitely not the magic pill and I worked my ass of to lose those 140lbs. This was the old me in 2010

284lbs , healthy but morbidly obese. Now when you have weight loss surgery it is pounded into your brain to eat protein protein protein but little to no carbs – ever!!!! I did all those things, I lost the weight and then I found exercise. I became a cardio obsessed person, because cardio is great for fat loss. Then I had my plastic surgery to remove excess belly fat and I got the girls lifted and reduced. So now I’m done right, stay skinny fat and eat my protein. 
Big old NOPE – I wanted more, I needed more. My weight stabilized around 150-159lbs. But I became an athlete, yes I call myself an athlete. Why?? Because athletes train, fuel and kill their bodies thru training and nutrition. This athlete ran a gruelling 14hr 50 mile trail race 

I felt so good and in shape when I ran this race but still I wanted more. I wanted to be strong. I did a lift program Alpha Female in the summer of 2016 but I now realize I failed that program. I didn’t listen when it came to the nutrition and when the coach said to me to eat more carbs. I had become so conditioned to not eat them that I was honestly scared. So I didn’t listen didn’t eat them and didn’t make the gains I should have. 

Well this January I entered the Bodybuilding.com 250k Challenge with a mindset to do it right. 

I hired Avatar Nutrition to work my nutrition/macros. I loved this approach from Layne Norton because the dude has a PHD in nutrition. This is science based and how can you go wrong with science. When I first got my macros I was floored! I need to eat 160g of carbs ahhhhhhh!!! Wait deep breaths …. listen to the professionals. This is my before 

So I did it , followed the plan , hit my targets , lost 0.5lbs that week so guess what – my macros increased !!! This is a pic a week into the program. 

I’m actually slimming down and my body is taking shape. I’m now into week 2 and my macros are high and I love it. I eat 151g of protein ,101g of fat and 272g of CARBs!!! Yes, I hit those targets and it’s great. I have way more energy throughout the day , my lifts are getting bigger and I sleep like a baby. I even have muscles developing

Can you see my traps???? I can!!! 

Now to the weight gain,  I weighed in today at 179lbs – that’s 2lbs more than last week at 177lb. I Am Ok With That. I’m gaining muscle, leaning out and that is ok. 

I no longer fear eating carbs and I don’t fear weight gain. If you told me a few years ago that I’d weigh 180lbs again I would have died. I’d have thought I failed my surgery and I was obese. Do I look obese? Nope , healthy and strong is how I look. 

I highly recommend anyone who participates in fitness, lifting and exercise to check out Avatar Nutrition. it is life changing! 

Here’s to making gains, eating carbs and being happy! 


I know I know – “but you just quit meat and said you were strictly a veggie girl??????”

Ever since Thursday when I kept seeing everyone’s Instagram feed filled with delicious turkey dinners I started this massive craving for meat!

I didn’t even eat turkey at my own Thanksgiving dinner. So why am I suddenly so wanting of it?

I have no explanation and I also feel I don’t have to justify it. I cannot label myself as this or that because my brain is constantly changing and evolving. I don’t think I should put limits on myself , if I chose to eat clean healthy good for you foods – Then Eat The Damn Food!

So I did – tonight I had the most delicious BBQ’d steak with sautéed veggies and I thought I died and went to heaven.

I don’t know if my iron and B12 levels are down, hence this craving , but I instantly felt amazing.
I don’t want to say that I am going to be devouring mass quantities of beef and chicken in the near future but I am definitely Not taking them out of my food chain.
Since my goal in the near future is to lift a lot of heavy ass weights I am going to fuel this body with natural organic from the earth food – if that means meat consumption – So Be it .
I flip flop on this issue over and over so I am already warning you of a future post related to me becoming a veggie girl again!
I am a food lover and I admit it .
Vegetables will always be found on my plate and I tend to eat them first anyways , but adding in protein is a must in order for me to fuel and make gains .

I will not overindulge , I will not become fat and I will add bulk to this frame in the form of beautiful full muscles !

Goal is in action !

Let the bulking begin , Making Gains !




I just found out this contest is only open to residents of Canada as GNC Canada can only ship within Canada! Sorry friends !

If you read my last post you would have seen that a giveaway was coming up!

My friends over at GNC Live Well Canada have offered to let me giveaway a package of Mark Wahlberg’s new Blast & Burn package!

What is it you ask? Well here is the product description as taken directly from the GNC site

Enhances lean muscle with powerful, fat metabolizing compounds
Sculpt: Contains CLA which is clinically proven to support healthy body composition levels
Burn: Ignites 300% increased calorie burning before, during & after exercise
Shred: All-natural formula to help regulate excess water as you strive to stay lean
Boost: Fuels the metabolism of carbohydrates & fats for maximum energy production
MARKED™ provides the ultimate in performance nutrition for anyone who wants to achieve their health and fitness goals. Using only the highest quality ingredients and latest scientific research, the industry’s top nutritional experts have developed the most innovative products designed to deliver optimal performance and results you can see and feel. BLAST & BURN PACK is a 4-part muscle-sculpting, metabolism-boosting program to help you achieve a lean & chiseled physique.
Fatty Acid Metabolizing CLA – Provides 2g of CLA, which is clinically proven to support a healthy body composition.
Water Balance Electrolyte Blend – An all natural formula that provides vitamins, minerals and electrolytes, and regulates excess water as you strive for a lean, definite physique.
Glucose Stabilizer – Chromium and cinnamon help to metabolize carbohydrates and fats to maximize your energy production.
Energy & Calorie Burning Matrix – A powerful proprietary blend ignites metabolism by providing enhanced calorie burn before, during and after your workouts.
“Much of my success can be attributed to my dedication and hard work. I push myself to be the best, from acting to staying in my best shape possible. I’m committed to living a healthy productive life and helping the people around me do the same. But even for me, finding trusted sports nutrition products was confusing, so I combined what I learned and what I was taking, and teamed up with leading experts to develop MARKED™. This line is a game changer with amazing formulas people can trust.” MARK WAHLBERG
* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.”

Blast & Burn Pack is a 4-part muscle sculpting, metabolism-boosting program to help you achieve a lean and mean form.
Formulated to sculpt muscles, burn calories, shred water and boost the metabolism.
As a dietary supplement, take 1-2 packs daily. For maximum results, take 2 packs daily – once in the morning and once before exercise.

I LOVE my vitamins and supplements from GNC and trust their products.

Here is a view of the Product Labelling

So how does one get their hands on a package of these supplements? Well let’s do a Rafflecopter Giveaway!


a Rafflecopter giveaway

DISCLAIMER: I was given this product from GNC Canada to use as a prize for a giveaway and I am not receiving compensation for such giveaway.

My first Crossfit RIP!!!

Ok , prepare yourselves , this is huge! I RIPPED!! Yes I did, I tore the skin on my hand post WOD! I am a real live bonafide Crossfitter! Look


Ok I kinda made it sound way more exciting than it actually is! I am still stoked! Here’s why I ripped

Hero WOD “DT”


I did this at 75lbs , if I didn’t have to push jerk it I would have went higher in weight! I still struggle getting weight overhead!
My time was 12:45

Our skill tonight was split jerks and I only managed 95lbs! That’s ok , patience!

Post WOD I was feeling great UNTIL
I tried to put my shoe on – I then had the biggest calf spasm ever! It literally picked me up and threw me on the floor. I was screaming “make it stop” and my good friend Vero the nurse saved me! It hurt like HELL! I prayed the whole way home it wouldn’t cramp up while driving home. I made it , but the trip was made longer by following these idiots


As soon as I got home , this happened

Calf meet ice pack! I’m pretty sure some muscle relaxants are in order too!

I told my mom about this little spaz attack and she gave me this old wives take remedy – I am to place a bar of Ivory soap under my sheets at the foot of my bed while sleeping? Are you serious ma? She swears by it – I think she’s a nut bar! But, I’m going to give it a whirl!

I’ll keep ya all posted on her witchcraft ideas !

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