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Keto and RNY = Disaster! 

This is a PSA for my RNY WLS friends, do not ever attempt to go “Keto” …. like ever ! Your colon will thank you. 

Keto aka ketogenic diet is a plan that has you drop your carbs super low – your macros would be 75% fat 20% protein 5% carbs. 

You eat a diet consisting of high fat, moderate protein and very little carbs – which come from vegetables. Fruit is pretty much off limits. I researched the hell out of this plan and really thought it was for me- I love eggs and cheese and bacon. But I did see one article that mentioned this isn’t good for RNY patients due to our digestion and our inability to eat high fats. Stupid me thought I was different-nope not so much. 

Let’s go over my 1 day Keto lifestyle and I’ll tell you what I ate.

Meal 1 – 2 eggs scrambled in butter with 2 cups of coffee with cream and MCT oil

Meal 2 – protein shake, cheese stick, 2 hard boiled eggs

Meal 3 – ribs

Meal 4 – salad with chicken and Caesar dressing

Meal 5 – brussel sprouts with bacon and ground beef 

Then my colon exploded! Sorry for the TMI but there is a reason our bariatric surgeons advise us on what we should and shouldn’t eat.

So I guess I go back to my coaches macros, happily eat my carbs and my protein and live happily ever after! 

Low Carb Peanut Butter Cookies 

I love PB and I love cookies so it only made sense to make em Keto! This is a stupid easy recipe that anyone can make, because I suck at baking and I didn’t screw these up! 

You simply use

1c PB

1 egg

Vanilla extract , 1 tbsp 

6 packets stevia

Mix together, line a baking sheet with  parchment paper and drop 8 balls on sheet. Flatten with a fork 

Bake at 375  for about 15 minutes.

Here’s the stat’s

Week 3 Progress Pics 

So I have been doing the Thinner Leaner Stronger program for 3 weeks, guess how much weight I’m down!!! 

NOTHING!!! Not a damn lb, my weight has fluctuated by 1-2 lbs but stays pretty consistent at 173-174. Am I really gaining that much muscle to say it is “muscle weight”??? 

Here’s how my workouts and weigh ins went

Week 3 and Keto 


174.3 W 35 Hips 41.5

B 37 

Incline bb bench:50×8

Incline DB bench:20lbsx10

Flat bb Bench 40×8

Dips bench 12

Calf A: standing machine 155lbsx10

Seated calf 70×12



Deadlift 115×8

Squat 65×8

Bb row 60×10

1 arm row 30×10

Hang cleans 65×10


Wednesday 173

Military bb press 40×10

Side lateral raise 10×15

Bent over rear delt raise 20×10



Weigh in 172.6

Bb bicep curls 45×10

Close grip bench 45×10

DB curls 15×15

Tricep press 20×12



Weigh in 174.2

Overhead squat 25×12

Romanian deadlift 115×8

Hip thrust 45×8

Calf DB 20lbs

Hang cleans 65×10

Snatches 25×12

Saturday 173.2

Rest day 


Rest day 173.8

I’ll do a measurement check Monday! 

What I did do differently this week was severely restrict my carbs down to 5% of my macros and tried a Keto diet. Outcome? 

I wasn’t hungry, I are a lot and did stay within my calorie deficit. But yes, I bummed out. I was sluggish and tired. I need those carbs.

Plan for Week 4 CARDIO!!! I know I need to do cardio for fat loss I was just trying to avoid it. This week my goal is 5 days of 25min HIIT cardio of either sprints on the mill, stairclimber or lateral elliptical. I need to sweat or this fat is staying. I also set my macros back up for 

I used an online calculator to determine my TDEE and then based by protein macros on the formula, then my fats and whatever calories were left went to carbs. I’m not denying myself food anymore and if it fits my macros #iifym I will eat it! 

Here’s to some serious Fat Loss this week! 

Bring it on Week 4 

Week 2 Results – Thinner Leaner Stronger

Ok , so I’ve lost 0lbs on the scale and I never tracked measurements BUT looking at the Before and Afters pics I think I see progress. 

Do you see it??? 

I wasn’t ready to give up on the lifting part of the program but I am ready to change the food part. I get ridiculously discouraged when I don’t see numbers on a scale moving and I know that’s wrong but I need to see movement. 

So, for the next 2 weeks I’m going #keto #lowcarb again to try and spark some scale movement. Just a trial period and if I feel ok and don’t go too heavy into Keto flu then it may stay as part of the program. 

Here’s how my lifts looked this week 


Monday day 1

chest      173.4

Incline bb bench:40×10

Incline DB bench:17.5lbsx10

Flat bb Bench:40×8

Dip: tricep on bench 12×3

Calf A: standing DB 50lbs

Seated calf 45×12 70×12 70×12

Tuesday day 2

Back Butt Abs


Deadlift 125×8

Squat 65×8

Bb row 65×8

1 arm row 35×8

Roman chair 0

Wheel 15

Cable crunch 0

Wednesday day3 Shoulders Abs


Military bb press 40×8

Side lateral raise12.5×8

Bent over rear delt raise 17.5×12

Leg press calves 70×15 90×15 110×15

DB press 20×8

BB front raises 20×10

Face pulls 27×12 30×12 35×12

Leg raises and obliques 

Thursday day 4

Weigh in 173.2

Bb bicep curls 35×10

Close grip bench 35×10

DB curls 10×15 for 100 reps

Tricep press 10×15


Friday day 5

Weigh in 173.8

Bb squat 85×8

Leg press190x8

Romanian deadlift 115×8

Hip thrust 45×8

Calf 155×8

Leg press 110×12

Saturday day 6

174.8 rest day

Sunday day 7


Rest day 

So let’s see where week 3 and Keto takes me! 

Happy lifting and eating friends

Low Carb Meatballs

Holy what the what!

Pepper jack cheese stuffed into hugh jass balls!

Here is how this went down 

1 package of mild Italian sausage meat

1 package 

Lean ground beef 

Crush 1 bag Pork rinds into meat

Add 2 eggs, garlic powder, Mrs Dash and mix well , form into 6-7 big meatballs and stuff with 1/2 pepper jack cheese stick 

Bake at 375 for about 35-40 minutes ​


Serve with marinara and bam! 

Here’s a look at your macros 

You Are Welcome 

Low Carb Keto Tex Mex Meatloaf Cups

These were so yummy and so dang easy to make! 

Here’s my stupid easy throw together low carb meal

1lb apprx ground pork 

1lb apprx medium ground beef

1 cup salsa , then a few tbsp for topping 

Crushed up pork rinds – 2 heaping handfuls ( this is your replacement for bread crumbs) 😉

2 eggs

1/4 cup shredded cheese 

Garlic powder, chili powder,cumin apprx 1.5 tsp each 

Mix everything up in a bowl, spray 12 muffin tins and then bake in a 380 oven for about 25 min

Top cups with a little salsa before baking.

Once cooked too with shredded cheese and pop back into oven for a minute to melt cheese.

Serve with sour cream and more salsa! 


Low Carb Yum Bacon Everything

So lately I’ve been tossing around a few different ideas on how to cut weight while staying strong and not losing muscle. I think I’m going to give this Ketogenic Low Carb High Fat plan another go. 

I’ve been doing ALOT of research on it and I’m liking what I read. I have a Type 1 Diabetic daughter and significantly reducing her carb intake is the best thing I can do for her. It definitely won’t hurt me to cut back on some carbs too. 

I’ve been making some pretty damn good meals lately and tonight’s is and will always be a favorite . 

I took 6 chicken breasts, seasoned with a Southwest BBQ spice and wrapped in 1 piece of bacon. Cooked on MED heat in the oven the broiled to crisp up the bacon. 

Then I sautéed asparagus in bacon pieces , basically cooking the asparagus in bacon grease! 

Once played I topped the chicken with a mix of Caesar and Spicy Ranch dressing! Holy Yum! 

My macros are set for 70-25-5 fats, protein, carbs 

I’m still adjusting and my proteins and carbs aren’t quite perfect yet. I’ll get there. Follow along with me and I’ll let you know how quickly I tire or bore of this lifestyle- but for now it is All Bacon All The Time! 

Buffalo Chicken Cloud Bread Sammie – Low Carb 

I love sammiches! I love carbs! I love gluten – but I’m trying to keep my diabetic daughter low carb so I’m on the bandwagon with her! 

I had leftover crockpot chicken ( which is perfect for shredding ) so I made this today! 

Buffalo Chicken Salad 

Pretty simple! 

I used about 2 cups of shredded chicken

1 celery stalk chopped

1 green onion chopped

4 tbsp Frank’s Buffalo Sauce

3 heaping tbsp Mayo


Now you can eat this stuff on anything, celery sticks, crackers or low carb tortillas. 

I chose to eat it on my “oopsie” “cloud” bread I made last night – you can find the recipe Here 

Yum freakin oh! Here is the nutrional stats if you made 8 servings of just the sammich mix only. 

No carb “bread” 

Well son of a gun! I made no carb “oopsie” bread on the first attempt with SUCCESS!!! 

I’m trying to work on a Keto Low Carb plan for my Type 1 Diabetic daughter, her sugars are crazy lately so when this worked I was stoked!

I 100% found this recipe on Pinterest and this is what it consisted of 

3 eggs seperated

1/8 tsp Cream of Tartar

3 oz cream cheese 

Pinch of salt

In a large mixing bowl beat the egg whites and cream of tartar until super stiff, key is super stiff! 

In a seperate bowl beat the yolks, cream cheese and salt until mixed and softened.

Fold the yolk mixture into the whites, gently Do Not Over Mix

Line a baking pan with parchment paper and drop by big spoonful mounds on the pan. I made about 12 

Bake at 350 for about 15 – 20 min, keep an eye on them though 


I’m going to eat these with butter, peanut butter, sugar free jam and use them as egg “mcmuffins” 

Holy cow! This is life changing for us. My little Type 1 is going to gobble these up ! 

You Can’t Have It! 

Ok , so let’s wrap up this week of Ketogenic eating. I lost 0lbs. I do not feel any different and I’m so sick of sausages and bacon. 

Here is what I learned from this experience. 

When you tell yourself ” you can’t have that” – guess what?  You want it even more! Yes I really really want a cracker because I love crackers! No I don’t want to eat just meat and eggs. 

I need fruit in my life. I love a banana and PB for a quick snack, a cucumber Sammie or just some crackers and cheese. Is this really so wrong? 

I have decided yet again that I will not label myself, restrict myself or tell myself NO. I will eat to fuel my body, I will consume protein and dammit I will eat a sub when I want it. 

I have successfully lost a lot of weight in the past 5 years so I need to just get back to the basics and eat to fuel. 

Everybody is different and just Do What Works For You. I am tired of trying to label myself as something and I need to learn to be better at just being me. So as of today I am just Dawn , broken runner on a path to health and happiness. I don’t need to be anymore than that. 

Happy Weekend, Be Active and Be Heathly my friends  


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