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Goals, Not Resolutions! 

I do not make resolutions ever but I do make goals for myself and this 2017 is full of Big Ones! 

I’m running my first 100k trail race in May and I need to be strong for this race as it’s on a technical trail with a ton of hills so I’m embarking on a new challenge. I’ve registered for the Bodybuilding.com 250k challenge! I will be doing an intense 12 week lift program that I will design on my own using bits and pieces of info from my Alpha Female program, Jamie Easson LiveFit trainer and the BodySpace app. I will only be doing 20 min Hiit cardio sessions 3-4x a week and at least 2 leg days per week. 

I will post my workouts daily on my Facebook page ! I will also post on my Instagram page. There is so many ways to follow me on this journey so let’s connect. 

The 12 week program begins Monday Jan 8 2017. I’ve done my before pics and they are horrific! How did I lose all my gains from my Alpha Female program in the summer? I got fat again! Weighing in at a solid 177lbs 

There I am and here I go!

Nutrition wise I’m not worrying about calorie totals but more macros numbers. I’ve set my macros at 40% fat , 35% protein and 25% carbs. I’m an endomorph and after researching it I need to consume more fat and less carbs – but not No Carbs! 

So there will be a lot of steak, eggs, sweet potatoes and protein shakes in my life. 

I will be spending a lot of time at GoodLife Fitness working on my gains and loving it. 

Stay tuned and follow along! 

Why the Y can kiss my A**!

Oh boy , this girl is fuming! 

I am a very loyal gym goer and my home gym is and will always be GoodLife Fitness but I decided to activate my Y pass a few weeks ago so that when I needed a run I could go. 

Well , this past week they put up fancy shmancy neon signs everywhere with their ” Rules “. One of them being – cardio is limited to < 30 minutes from 8-11am and 4-8pm. Huh? What? This gym is never packed and I have never seen a line up for the cardio , if there was such a line up then yes I would abide by the “time limits”. 

Then this am was the kicker which led my to this mood  

I was on the bike this am with the other 5 people in the gym and I received an important business call, I had my ear buds in and I was talking into my phone quietly, when Mr ” 70 year old trainer” comes up and says – ” you can’t be talking on your phone ” I explained my situation and that I’d be off in a sec – Nope – get off the phone. I’m like well you are talking to that other old dude , what’s the difference? The number of people who stand around and “talk ” in that gym is phenomenal. What the fuck is the difference if I’m talking into a portable electronic device asshole. I’m not bothering anyone. I promptly left the gym to head to the crowded change room with the other seniors then threw my membership at the front desk and gave them some honest, heart felt feedback about their facilty – which is basically a Senior Rec Plex! If you aren’t 80 and with a walker you do not matter! 

Here is my biggest issue – I PAY THE SAME AS EVERYONE ELSE , so – why are you not limiting the number of reps/sets  a person  can do in the squat rack? I may have spent too much time on the mat stretching – better limit floor time? 

This is a joke ! 

I am an athlete , training for something. Do Not tell how, when or how long I can train for when I pay the same $$$ as every other member here! 

So it’s safe to say – today I told the Y to KISS MY ASS! You are no longer getting my money, I refuse to support you in the community and I will continue to train at my “Real” gym. 

Thank you for absolutely nothing! 

Cheers to the Good Runs!

You know those days , when you have a pretty darn good run .

For me they are few and far between lately . My pace has been slow , scattered and just generally off .

I had a 7 mile training run scheduled today and it’s supposed to rain tonight so I headed to my new favorite hangout GoodLife Fitness for a mill run .

Typically I hangout in the all access cardio area where both men and women can interact , but , when I run there I am easily distracted because if a person gets on beside me I feel like I need to ramp up my speed , go faster – race them ! This behavior typically leads to failure and burn out !

So , today I played it smart and went into the Women’s Only room – I focused myself and thought just run comfortable Dawn – “you got 7 miles to do so you are going to be here awhile! ”

I did not find myself searching out anyone to “race” I just stayed focused on the task at hand and before you knew it I was 30 minutes into it and 3 miles down . Sweet , keep going!

I did and finished my 7 miles in 1:08 with some negative splits to boot ! Look




I felt great after this run even though I was up way past my bedtime due to the Sons Of Anarchy premiere , as if I was going to miss that!

I then decided no weights today but some mat time was in order . I stretched and foam rolled like a Boss .

I’m very much enjoying my time at GoodLife Fitness as it suits my schedule . Before I was scheduling my runs for evening , when I was exhausted from work but now I get the kiddies off to school and head straight to the gym – workout and then I’m ready for my day!

I’m am so happy to be getting to that point of training where the suck seems to suck less !

Motto – Keep at it , don’t quit , it gets easier so stick with it !

Cheers friends and happy training !

Disclosure: This post and future posts regarding Goodlife Fitness are being written as part of the Goodlife Fitness Blogger Ambassador Program.

Marathon Training is Hard , Like Really Hard

I have always used Hal Higdon training plans and I still am . Yes I alter it to suit my needs but I am doing pretty good. But , it’s hard , like really hard . I do believe that running and training for a marathon is 90% mental and right about now I’m 50% mentally prepared.
I am on week 8 of 18 and it looks like this

I am switching things up a bit and hitting up my local GoodLife Fitness for my training runs and cross training. I like the change of scenery and this place fits the bill .
Yesterday I ran my scheduled 3 miler , it looked like this

Not epic ! I no longer have those 7-8 min/miles in me .
Today I ran my 6 miler on the mill and it was also slower than normal


I’m not going to let this discourage me , I’m ok with slow , but my concern is the 5 hr time limit for the Rock N Roll Las Vegas full – eek ! I’ll never make it at this pace !

I want to continue cross training and I’m looking at hitting up a spin class at GoodLife Fitness , a real class not just me spinning . The energy and pace of this class intrigues me.

So tomorrow it’s another mill session and weights , focusing on upper body and core .

I just gotta keep telling myself – My Race My Pace – just keep going Dawn !

How’s your training going and which races are you training for ? Let me know and remember – We Got This !

Disclosure: This post and future posts regarding Goodlife Fitness are being written as part of the Goodlife Fitness Blogger Ambassador Program.



I just found out this contest is only open to residents of Canada as GNC Canada can only ship within Canada! Sorry friends !

If you read my last post you would have seen that a giveaway was coming up!

My friends over at GNC Live Well Canada have offered to let me giveaway a package of Mark Wahlberg’s new Blast & Burn package!

What is it you ask? Well here is the product description as taken directly from the GNC site

Enhances lean muscle with powerful, fat metabolizing compounds
Sculpt: Contains CLA which is clinically proven to support healthy body composition levels
Burn: Ignites 300% increased calorie burning before, during & after exercise
Shred: All-natural formula to help regulate excess water as you strive to stay lean
Boost: Fuels the metabolism of carbohydrates & fats for maximum energy production
MARKED™ provides the ultimate in performance nutrition for anyone who wants to achieve their health and fitness goals. Using only the highest quality ingredients and latest scientific research, the industry’s top nutritional experts have developed the most innovative products designed to deliver optimal performance and results you can see and feel. BLAST & BURN PACK is a 4-part muscle-sculpting, metabolism-boosting program to help you achieve a lean & chiseled physique.
Fatty Acid Metabolizing CLA – Provides 2g of CLA, which is clinically proven to support a healthy body composition.
Water Balance Electrolyte Blend – An all natural formula that provides vitamins, minerals and electrolytes, and regulates excess water as you strive for a lean, definite physique.
Glucose Stabilizer – Chromium and cinnamon help to metabolize carbohydrates and fats to maximize your energy production.
Energy & Calorie Burning Matrix – A powerful proprietary blend ignites metabolism by providing enhanced calorie burn before, during and after your workouts.
“Much of my success can be attributed to my dedication and hard work. I push myself to be the best, from acting to staying in my best shape possible. I’m committed to living a healthy productive life and helping the people around me do the same. But even for me, finding trusted sports nutrition products was confusing, so I combined what I learned and what I was taking, and teamed up with leading experts to develop MARKED™. This line is a game changer with amazing formulas people can trust.” MARK WAHLBERG
* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.”

Blast & Burn Pack is a 4-part muscle sculpting, metabolism-boosting program to help you achieve a lean and mean form.
Formulated to sculpt muscles, burn calories, shred water and boost the metabolism.
As a dietary supplement, take 1-2 packs daily. For maximum results, take 2 packs daily – once in the morning and once before exercise.

I LOVE my vitamins and supplements from GNC and trust their products.

Here is a view of the Product Labelling

So how does one get their hands on a package of these supplements? Well let’s do a Rafflecopter Giveaway!


a Rafflecopter giveaway

DISCLAIMER: I was given this product from GNC Canada to use as a prize for a giveaway and I am not receiving compensation for such giveaway.

South Carolina, I like you!

I have been in Myrtle Beach South Carolina since Saturday and I love it here. The 16 hr drive was not too bad even. We stopped just outside of Richmond Virginia on Friday night to rest.
The temps were quite cold on Friday and it was overcast. Then the sun came out Saturday morning


That’s the view from my suite! Gorgeous right. We hit up the outdoor hot tub alot, the pool is freezing. Mini diva loves the indoor lazy river. She is queen of the heated pool activities. I much prefer this

Sunday the sun was hot and I took advantage of it. Lounging is a great sport!
We hit up the Skywheel at night but just the girls went on it, not me- not a fan of heights

I am even taking advantage of the hotel gym


We are off to the outlet mall today, hoping to get some new Crossfit Swag at Reebok!

Have a great day my friends

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