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I’m An RNY Patient and I’m NOT Afraid To Gain Weight Anymore. 

Say what???? 

You read it right, I never really played the whole weight loss surgery card, begged for followers because of it nor did I continuously post about my surgery. Why? Honestly my revision surgery was a small tool in my future weight loss. It was definitely not the magic pill and I worked my ass of to lose those 140lbs. This was the old me in 2010

284lbs , healthy but morbidly obese. Now when you have weight loss surgery it is pounded into your brain to eat protein protein protein but little to no carbs – ever!!!! I did all those things, I lost the weight and then I found exercise. I became a cardio obsessed person, because cardio is great for fat loss. Then I had my plastic surgery to remove excess belly fat and I got the girls lifted and reduced. So now I’m done right, stay skinny fat and eat my protein. 
Big old NOPE – I wanted more, I needed more. My weight stabilized around 150-159lbs. But I became an athlete, yes I call myself an athlete. Why?? Because athletes train, fuel and kill their bodies thru training and nutrition. This athlete ran a gruelling 14hr 50 mile trail race 

I felt so good and in shape when I ran this race but still I wanted more. I wanted to be strong. I did a lift program Alpha Female in the summer of 2016 but I now realize I failed that program. I didn’t listen when it came to the nutrition and when the coach said to me to eat more carbs. I had become so conditioned to not eat them that I was honestly scared. So I didn’t listen didn’t eat them and didn’t make the gains I should have. 

Well this January I entered the Bodybuilding.com 250k Challenge with a mindset to do it right. 

I hired Avatar Nutrition to work my nutrition/macros. I loved this approach from Layne Norton because the dude has a PHD in nutrition. This is science based and how can you go wrong with science. When I first got my macros I was floored! I need to eat 160g of carbs ahhhhhhh!!! Wait deep breaths …. listen to the professionals. This is my before 

So I did it , followed the plan , hit my targets , lost 0.5lbs that week so guess what – my macros increased !!! This is a pic a week into the program. 

I’m actually slimming down and my body is taking shape. I’m now into week 2 and my macros are high and I love it. I eat 151g of protein ,101g of fat and 272g of CARBs!!! Yes, I hit those targets and it’s great. I have way more energy throughout the day , my lifts are getting bigger and I sleep like a baby. I even have muscles developing

Can you see my traps???? I can!!! 

Now to the weight gain,  I weighed in today at 179lbs – that’s 2lbs more than last week at 177lb. I Am Ok With That. I’m gaining muscle, leaning out and that is ok. 

I no longer fear eating carbs and I don’t fear weight gain. If you told me a few years ago that I’d weigh 180lbs again I would have died. I’d have thought I failed my surgery and I was obese. Do I look obese? Nope , healthy and strong is how I look. 

I highly recommend anyone who participates in fitness, lifting and exercise to check out Avatar Nutrition. it is life changing! 

Here’s to making gains, eating carbs and being happy! 

Week 1 Alpha Female Results 

Weight lost – 0lbs 

Inches Bust 40(same), Waist 35.5(down.5),hips 41(down .5) biceps 12 each side (no change) 

Macros- I’ve found that I’ve been going way over on my fats, not getting my protein and carbs close enough so this weeks focus is to hit my targeted macros everyday! I need to plan this out better. 

Luckily my trip to the US netted me some amazing finds in the protein dept

Nutrition is always hard for me. 

I was in the US to visit my Bariatric surgery clinic for my 6yr post op revision visit and I told the NP that my 10lbs weight gain from last year (166-176) was likely due to lifting and I’ve gained muscle weight. She told me “No, muscle doesn’t weigh anymore than fat” *smh 😳 what???? Are you serious? I also am told by them not to drink my calories in the form of protein shakes, well I do and I will continue to. That’s the only way I can get 175g of protein in a day! 

Here’s my before and week 1 pics 

I see no real change , just my booty seems to be filling out. 

Here’s to Week 2 , bigger lifts and better nutrition. 


Meal Prepping for Weight Lifting Gains!

I am focusing on weight lifting more now and I need to fuel my body and make some muscle gains.

My love of carbs has gotten out of control lately. It is just too easy to grab a piece of bread and PB , toast or just a big ole sammich !

It ends now .

In order to make sure you are eating properly you have to plan for it . It takes just 1 afternoon to make enough meals to last you all week .

Here is what I made for this weeks meals, it literally took me about an hour to make all this food.

I boiled 10 eggs , baked 6 boneless skinless chicken breasts ( seasoned with Mrs Dash) , a pound of bacon , roasted spaghetti squash , baked 2 sweet potatoes and then a pan of roasted baby potatoes and carrots!


I will drink a protein shake post workout , water all day long and obviously multiple cups of coffee!

I keep bagged salad in my fridge at all times as well , that’s an easy grab and go meal – I have been known to eat it straight from the bag!

Do you meal prep for the week?
If so , what do you make?


I know I know – “but you just quit meat and said you were strictly a veggie girl??????”

Ever since Thursday when I kept seeing everyone’s Instagram feed filled with delicious turkey dinners I started this massive craving for meat!

I didn’t even eat turkey at my own Thanksgiving dinner. So why am I suddenly so wanting of it?

I have no explanation and I also feel I don’t have to justify it. I cannot label myself as this or that because my brain is constantly changing and evolving. I don’t think I should put limits on myself , if I chose to eat clean healthy good for you foods – Then Eat The Damn Food!

So I did – tonight I had the most delicious BBQ’d steak with sautéed veggies and I thought I died and went to heaven.

I don’t know if my iron and B12 levels are down, hence this craving , but I instantly felt amazing.
I don’t want to say that I am going to be devouring mass quantities of beef and chicken in the near future but I am definitely Not taking them out of my food chain.
Since my goal in the near future is to lift a lot of heavy ass weights I am going to fuel this body with natural organic from the earth food – if that means meat consumption – So Be it .
I flip flop on this issue over and over so I am already warning you of a future post related to me becoming a veggie girl again!
I am a food lover and I admit it .
Vegetables will always be found on my plate and I tend to eat them first anyways , but adding in protein is a must in order for me to fuel and make gains .

I will not overindulge , I will not become fat and I will add bulk to this frame in the form of beautiful full muscles !

Goal is in action !

Let the bulking begin , Making Gains !


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