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New Branding!

I’ve decided to rebrand myself because Shrinking Inkdgirl is not what I’m trying to become. I needed to think about this because “Gaining Inkdgirl” did not sound too pleasing, but ultimately this is my goal. 

I’m going to just announce it now and be done with it but I Am No Longer an UltraMarathoner. I Will NOT be running my 100k in May. I just don’t feel it anymore. I cannot convince myself that I want to do it. My injuries are still present and why aggravate them further. I will still be going to Paducah Ky in June for RUTs because that’s just a damn good time! 

So with this rebranding comes a new page and new blog address, I will now be Inkdgirlfitness.com . 

No worries I will not become one of those IG fit girls posting half naked glute videos for all to see, I’m way too fat for that. But I will be posting you tube videos of my training, PR’s and whatever else I feel like. For example here is one of my new addiction BFR ( blood flow restriction ) training click here ➡️ BFR triceps . Here are a few pics of my recent shenanigans. 

Back squat PR 205 here’s the video proof click here ➡️ 205 squat pr

But wait I’ve also PR’d my deadlift too – 245 baby !!!!

I’m quite happy with the progress I’ve made in just 11 weeks of strictly lifting with little to no cardio. My 12 week Bodybuilding.com transformation challenge ends this week. This is my progress so far 

Funny thing is – before pic I’m 177lbs and current pic is 183lbs! That’s what I’m talking about – when you make gains and look leaner! Boom 

So stay tuned and keep on lifting ladies – it does the body good 

Day 5 Thinner Leaner Stronger 

The scale moved!! 

Weigh in 174.2 – SERIOUSLY , are you kidding me?? Down a whopping 0.2lbs. 


Protein shake, 1 egg, 2 pcs WW bread, aminos

Workout – LEGS AND BUTT 😊

All done for 3 sets

BB squat 65×10

Stiff leg Deadlift 95×10, 105×10, 115×10

Leg press 150×10, 170×8, 190×8

BB thrust 50×10

Standing DB calf raises 70×12

Seated calf raises 45×12

This was the end of my planned workout but I was not done yet! 

Lying leg curls 40×12, 50×12, 50×12

Bulgarian Split squats – no weight x12 3 sets 

Leg curls 85×10 3 sets 

Now we are done! 

Post workout 

Shake, Cliff Bar , banana 


Chicken Caesar Salad 


Baja Fish Tacos!!! FYI I didn’t eat the fries! 

Week 1 done and I guess I now have a baseline but I need to see gains soon ! I’m kinda impatient like that, grow muscles grow 

Simply Shredded Week 1 results


Starting Stats

Weight – 166.6lbs
Bust – 39
Waist – 33
Hips- 40
Biceps- 12

Monday Max Lifts
Bench – 50lbs
Rows – 50lbs
Shoulder Press – 20lb DB each arm
Skullcrushers – 30lb
BB curl – 40lbs
Cable Crunch – 37lbs
DB side bends – 25 each side

Run 3.45 miles

Squat – 125
Stiff leg Deadlift – 135
Leg extensions – 120
Leg curl – 105
Standing calf raises – 155

Cardio – Run 1.01 miles

Run 6.34 miles then some Ab work

Triceps dips on machine – set at 100
Pull-ups – machine at 100
Lateral raise machine – 35
Tricep cable pull downs – 30
Cable curls – 27
Run 4.18 miles

Deadlifts – 185
Leg press – 275
Seated calf raises – 95
Shrugs – 30 each side
OH squats – 30
Hyper extensions – holding 25 lb plate

Run 2 miles

Run 8 miles and Ab work

Sunday = Rest day

I feel really good after that first week , I feel I can go heavier on some sets but I will pace myself for the upcoming weeks. I cannot burn out early . My nutrition is ok , I still need to work on that . I need sandwiches in my life lol . I’ve eaten a ton of chicken, tuna and eggs and will continue with my protein post workout .

Measurements and weigh in tomorrow.

Hope you are all sticking to your New Years goals !
You got this !
Don’t give up and don’t quit , it gets easier !

Leg Day , My Fav Day of the week!

I’m so excited to move onto Week 3 of the LiveFit program as this begins the muscle building portion of the 12 weeks. This portion lasts 6 weeks so let’s get those muscles burning!

I was pretty excited when I saw that today was leg day , it’s kinda my fav! I need to really build up my leg muscles to help with my distance running and current hip issues.
I deviated from the plan only slightly today as I had to leave out the Lying Leg Curls because the Y doesn’t have this machine! God I can’t wait to get back to GoodLife Fitness asap!
I also did not do the Single Leg KettleBell deadlifts. You will see what I subbed in!
I also threw in a few exercises of my own .

So here it is – Inkdgirl’s Leg Day Workout

Leg Extensions 3×10 @ 110lbs
Wide Stance BBell squats 3×10 @ 50lbs
Walking BBell Lunge 3×10 @ 30lbs
Stiff Leg Deadlifts 3×10 @ 95lbs
Seated Calf Raises 3×10 @ 50lbs
Leg Press 3×10 @ 170lbs
Calf Extensions 3×10 @210lbs
Standing Calf Raise 3×10 @55lbs
I had to improvise the calf raises as again , no machine , so I simply used a box and a BBell and did them on that !
Gotta do what ya gotta do!

I destroyed those legs today , literally too , I dropped a 35lb plate on my shin

It should be nice and purple by tomorrow.

The eating needs to be looked at though , I was not a good girl this weekend (Chinese takeout) and the scale proved it . I’m up to 168 ! WTH – I need to focus and get more water into me and eat real food !

I always make sure I get my BSN Syntha 6 protein into me post workout


I had a Vega One protein before my workout , the shake post with 1/2 a Roast beef wrap and then this for lunch


If got a big ole crockpot of meat sauce on today and I’ll have that with some gluten free pasta for supper !

How is your workouts going ? Are you following a plan?

Gearing up for my first “Real” Crossfit Competition

Ok , not going to lie but I’m kinda freaking out about this!!!

Way back in March I “competed “in the Crossfit Games Open . I use the term competed loosely as I was a newbie Crossfitter and had only been at it since January!

I did ok , not awesome , but ok. I look back at what I had to do and realize I have progressed so much since then. I do feel pretty confident in my lifts and practice techniques as much as I can .

Here is our competition


We have teams of 4 – 2 guys , 2 girls
One member must be a member of the law enforcement , military or emergency services division. Cool right!
Today they posted the WOD’s


My eyes lit up when I saw Deadlifts!! You know I love to Deadlift!

Good thing we practiced them today

Prior to this WOD we maxed out our deadlifts 2x2x2x2x2x2x2
I made it to 225 before coach called it . We videotaped my lift and worked on form , I did not pr today – current 240lb deadlift stands.

After this skill we did a 7 minute EMOM of 165lb deadlifts x 2 .

Felt great !

I RX’d the WOD at 155lbs making it to 8 rounds in 6 minutes. Once finished , we had a cash out of drop sets of pull up and handstand push ups . So , I had to do 8,7,6,5, etc of each. Guess what isn’t healing after today


It was just starting to heal! CrossFit problems!

I felt pretty good after today and still managed to get my running training in


Yes I matched my new Swirl Gear shirt to my Mizunos tonight!

So stay tuned for competition updates and Friday I will be enjoying a Rest Day and carbo loading!

Stay strong friends !

I fought the WOD and the WOD won!

Today was the day I attempted to smash 13.2 of the Reebok Crossfit Games. Smash it I did not. I did however give it all I got.
On my practice run I managed 122 reps, not this time!


This what we were up against. I have never ever lifted 75lbs overhead so I knew this was my challenge. Yes the bar fell many a times and yes I go “no repped” quite a bit!

Here’s how it started
Chalk up



Assume the position


Now clean that bar and press it up overhead! Sounds easy right! NOPE


After managing 5 of those I deadlifted the hell outta that bar for 10 reps


Now onto 15 reps of box jumps, which I chose to step up to rather than jump!


And back down

That was 1 round , round 2 I needed Coach in there to advise

I managed 3 rounds plus 4 reps for a total rep count of 94.. Urgh ! Here I am signing my scorecard


Not great but when I think back to 2010 when I was 284lbs, the only thing I was lifting then were cheeseburgers! I’m proud of what I have accomplished in the 3 short months I have been Crossfitting! I will only get stronger,better and faster!

Now if you want to see real WOD killing check out Coac


I love this kid!


He killed it today

This was all that was left of him


Today was a great day for all us athletes at Crossfit Belleville, we are a family and we support each other! I can rest now till Wednesday , when they announce 13.3! Oh dear lord!

13.2, I will conquer you!


Last night at 8pm the second round of the games were announced 13.2

This is what it entails for us lady lifters


Not too scary, right? We shall see…. I am not too worried about the 5 shoulder presses, here I am easily lifting 55lbs


Yes I know 20 additional pounds makes a HUGE difference. We had a WOD the other day that included 20 push presses at 65lbs and I did those , but I am def practicing these lifts for the rest of the week!

Deadlifts – YES!!! My most fav lift ever and at 75lbs this will be the easiest part of 13.2 for me.


There I am dead lifting 205lbs! Love it!!

Now , box jumps are NOT my fav! I currently use the baby 10in box due to a big ole scrape I got when trying to jump on the “big girl” box! I will do these jumps at 20in because I have too for the WOD, I may just be wrapped in bubble wrap for it!

So to all my girls competing , WE got this !! Keep practicing, keep lifting heavy and Never Ever give Up!!!


I went to my home Crossfit Belleville for my usual 5pm class and tonight we were practicing 13.2.

I grabbed my bar , loaded it with the required RX weight of 75lbs… Then tried to press it.. Nope wasn’t happening ???? What the deuce??? Pick this bar up Dawn!!!!!

I just could not do it, but Coach came over and told me to jerk it.. I did and low and behold I got it up! Now I cannot do 5 straight presses at once. I need to drop it and reset. This is going to slow me down but I don’t care, I just want to get it done and enter my scores.

The deadlifts were easy peasy and thank god we get to set up to the box for the box jumps! Whew!!!

So how did I do,


122 reps, RX!!

I will take it for a practice round. Now I wait for Saturday am to do my actual WOD and keep my fingers crossed for a great finish!

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