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I’m FAT!!!!

Good lord what the hell has happened to me??? 

I’ve been following a reverse diet which ultimately had me gain 10lbs over 12 weeks , I looked leaner but the scale is a liar. But ….. today I did my Before pics for the Still In It Challenge and man oh man I look so fluffy and fat! 

The scale doesn’t lie in this case because I’m 185lbs and 35% body fat, that’s dam near obese! My WLS would be going nuts right now. 

Proof – look at these pics which I took in my bathing suit so my afters will be done in the same suit

Girl —– cellulite is for realz!!!! 

I’m on a moderate fat loss program now but it’s time to ramp it up and hit rapid fat loss. Yes my macros are going to decrease but I need to be in a calorie deficit if I want to lose. I know there is muscle in there somewhere but that ugly fat layer needs to be shed first.

I’m going to use my Alpha Female training for my lifts for the challenge as they were tough! 

I AM Doing CARDIO because I have too, but only 25 min HIIT 3-4x a week. 

I’ll be posting my video on my weigh in to my You Tube channel every Thursday so stay tuned and watch me get my weekly macros! 

Thinner Leaner Stronger Week 1

Day 1 

I friggin loved this book and I devoured it in a matter of days! I’ve dog eared so many pages!

Weigh in – 174.4lbs

 I took my before pics 

Urgh! Breakfast was this 

I need to find a better protein powder because 400 calories for 2 scoops is stupid! 

My macros are set up for 

I went to the gym and completed day 1 workout which is chest and calves 

My weights were 

Incline bb 40×10 for 3 sets

Incline DB 15lbs each x10 3 sets

Bench 35×8

Dips on the assisted machine

Calf raises using 25lbs each 12 reps 3 sets

Seated raises 45×12 3 sets

Followed by 20 min of HIIT sprints on the treadmill. 

Drank a protein shake post workout, ate 4oz of sweet potato with 2 tbsp of natural PB! 

Lunch was 74g lean thin sliced steak with mustard

I’ll figure out the balance of my macros but my goal is to stay 50 calories under my target daily limit.

Supper looked like this 

Day 1 complete and not hungry!

Let the cutting season begin.

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