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Fat Loss Round 2 

Ok let’s try this again…. like I mean really try and not quit because it’s hard and it sucks and I wanna eat….. whine over 

Time to put my big girl pants back on and do a cut… aka fat loss phase. 

You see , my lean muscle gain was good and I was making the appropriate increases in weight but my overall body fat was out of control .. 36.2% is far too high for my liking. Hence the decision to attempt another fat loss phase. And yes I am going to do cardio again because I have to, not because I want to. Have a look at my new macros for the week

This is doable so long as I stick to filling carbs like veggies and fruit and fill up on lean protein at every meal. 

Today I did a fasted cardio workout which was 30 min of hiit sprints on the mill 

I’m still sick as a dog with a head cold and my lungs have not recovered fully from my pneumonia but fuck it , I’m still giving it my all. Then I still had a full leg day workout , this was a struggle today. I could barely squat 135 today. Changed up my plan a bit to incorporate some RDL on the smith machine, worked glutes and finished with some abs. 

After all that I was famished so I downed my protein with creatine and came home to eat this

Now to figure out the rest of the days meals and hit those macros …. Happy Victoria Day friends 

I’m FAT!!!!

Good lord what the hell has happened to me??? 

I’ve been following a reverse diet which ultimately had me gain 10lbs over 12 weeks , I looked leaner but the scale is a liar. But ….. today I did my Before pics for the Still In It Challenge and man oh man I look so fluffy and fat! 

The scale doesn’t lie in this case because I’m 185lbs and 35% body fat, that’s dam near obese! My WLS would be going nuts right now. 

Proof – look at these pics which I took in my bathing suit so my afters will be done in the same suit

Girl —– cellulite is for realz!!!! 

I’m on a moderate fat loss program now but it’s time to ramp it up and hit rapid fat loss. Yes my macros are going to decrease but I need to be in a calorie deficit if I want to lose. I know there is muscle in there somewhere but that ugly fat layer needs to be shed first.

I’m going to use my Alpha Female training for my lifts for the challenge as they were tough! 

I AM Doing CARDIO because I have too, but only 25 min HIIT 3-4x a week. 

I’ll be posting my video on my weigh in to my You Tube channel every Thursday so stay tuned and watch me get my weekly macros! 

Week 1 Alpha Female Results 

Weight lost – 0lbs 

Inches Bust 40(same), Waist 35.5(down.5),hips 41(down .5) biceps 12 each side (no change) 

Macros- I’ve found that I’ve been going way over on my fats, not getting my protein and carbs close enough so this weeks focus is to hit my targeted macros everyday! I need to plan this out better. 

Luckily my trip to the US netted me some amazing finds in the protein dept

Nutrition is always hard for me. 

I was in the US to visit my Bariatric surgery clinic for my 6yr post op revision visit and I told the NP that my 10lbs weight gain from last year (166-176) was likely due to lifting and I’ve gained muscle weight. She told me “No, muscle doesn’t weigh anymore than fat” *smh 😳 what???? Are you serious? I also am told by them not to drink my calories in the form of protein shakes, well I do and I will continue to. That’s the only way I can get 175g of protein in a day! 

Here’s my before and week 1 pics 

I see no real change , just my booty seems to be filling out. 

Here’s to Week 2 , bigger lifts and better nutrition. 


Alpha Female Program -Getting Started and Why I am done running

*This post has been written as part of the GoodLife Fitness blog ambassador program. All opinions expressed are my own. 

This is how I currently feel about running, I’m tired and I’m just done with it. I had a goal in place to run a 50 mile trail race and I did that back in May. I did it injured and now it’s time to let my body just recover and heal. My mind as well needs to absorb the rest because I am mentally not ready, not wanting to race ever again. Will that come back? Maybe? Does it scare me ? Not really. I have done some pretty amazing things since losing 144lbs and now my journey is leading me to a different route. 

I have always loved lifting and Crossfit was something I really missed when I was running. So now I have Huge News! 

I was selected out of 600 applicants to be a part of this Alpha Female 12 week program.

I HAVE A COACH!!! Like a real live person who will give me workouts, plan my macros and motivate me to be the fittest old girl I can be!

I’m so excited to begin this program August 1. This weekend I shop for my groceries, meal prep and Sunday night my workout for the week gets emailed to me. 

I will share my journey with y’all. I did the Thinner Leaner Stronger program for 4 weeks leading up to this and it was great because I already knew how to track macros, and how to properly lift. 

I will be spending so much time at GoodLife Fitness for the next 12 weeks and that excites me. The gym is my happy place. 

For the next 12 weeks all my energy will be channeled into lifting, cardio and nutrition. 

My before pics are pretty urgh 


Yes I have a messed up stomach due to a massive hernia repair and I will never have one of those bikini comp bodies, that’s ok. My goal is to drop 25lbs , build some serious muscle and get strong! 

Coach Evan has her work cut out for her. 

Time to shop and prep! 

WLS patients – Don’t Fear Gains 

I see a lot of social media posts from my fellow bariatric patients who freak out that they start gaining weight when they train with weights. 

I am not a licensed or even educated person on this but I do have some history to share! 

My very first bariatric procedure was done in 1998 and was a Vertical Banded Gastroplasty. They literally cut my stomach apart and created a very small outlet via mesh banding to reduce my stomach content. I almost died because of this surgery. That’s a long story which can be told another time. I lost a lot of weight but I was sick, skinny and scrawny. I was not healthy or fit. I lived on liquids and consumed hardly any protein. 

I had this procedure reversed 10 years later and gained 100lbs in a year. My body held onto any and every calorie you gave it. The WLS patient in me Freaked Out!! I was fortunate enough to meet a very skilled surgeon in the US who agreed to take me on, Ontario Bariatric clinics wouldn’t touch me. 

I had a revised RNY Gastric Bypass in 2010 and I vowed that I would not become skinny or scrawny or sickly! I was doing this the right way. I lost 144lbs  

At my lowest I was 140lbs post op plastics and I was thin ( for me ) so I decided that besides running/cardio I would pick up some weights. First I did Crossfit and man oh man that put me in great shape 

I started to gain weight, I kinda freaked out but it wasn’t a lot so I was cool. Then I had to quit Crossfit because I just couldn’t do that and run races – my body hates me! So I started lifting weights at the gym. I followed Jamie Easson’s LiveFit trainer program on my Bodyspace app and my body started to change  

Wow! I was looking thinner but fitter? I had gained weight! It was muscle weight! I felt great and had so much energy and I was heavier! If you strength train I suggest you ditch the scale for at least a month, take measurements and then recheck them in 4 weeks. You will be surprised! I am now sitting anywhere between 163-170lbs ( which is a little high as I’d like to be around 155) but I feel good. I feed my body good wholesome foods , I run and lift weights.  

I do not religiously weigh myself and freak out. I have broken up with my scale. I’ve never wanted to look skinny, that wasn’t the reason I had WLS. I wanted to be healthy and I have achieved that.

So please don’t worry about the numbers on a scale when you are on this journey. In the beginning I know the numbers are all the matters but when you are in the maintence phase you need to decide what is most important. Fit and healthy or skinny ? Your choice! 

Cardio , I’m Back! 

I had my ortho visit on Monday and he confirmed that I have posterior tibial tendinopathy and need to still be in the boot. I start physiotherapy this coming Monday and the only thing the surgeon said was “wear the boot for comfort”. Um , ok?
Yes it feels so much better in the boot but I haven’t been told what I can and cannot do at the gym so I decided I am going to try some cardio, because it has been a long 5 weeks without it.
My home gym GoodLife Fitness has all the training tools I need to recover from this injury. Guess what ? Today I used the treadmill! Omg it was so liberating to be able to move and sweat again!

It took 33 minutes to “power walk” that 2 miles but I didn’t care, I was smiling from ear to ear!

I decided I needed to do more so I hopped on my favorite cardio machine – the Octane Fitness lateral elliptical

 Another 2 miles done! I felt great and had endorphins flowing after that. It just made my back workout eve better.
Now I know I need to pace myself and not go out guns blazing but this is huge!
I am ready to sign up for the Sulpher Springs 50 miler in May and this is my 2016 goal race. I need to be ready for this race.
I will not become a couch potato, I will get to that race! Come hell or high water!

Ditch The Scale For Good! 

I am so guilty of this , Not ditching the scale ! 

When you are a WLS patient the scale means everything to you. You have massive amounts of weight to lose and you need to see it coming off. 

Once you hit Maintenon mode it does not come off as easily and then you start to question – Am I Done? 

Well you see, the scale is a finicky little tool that can fluctuate daily. For example I weighed myself Monday am , Tuesday am I was down 3lbs then today I am up 2 lbs. Seriously??? WTH is going on? 

I know better than this , I lift weights 6x a week and do about the same for cardio so my body is changing. 

We need to learn to pay attention to our bodies , look at them, measure them and appreciate the changes it making. 

Lifting weights build muscle and we all know that muscle weighs more than fat so if you are strength training you may even see an increase in your numbers – Don’t Dwell on it! 

We women also have monthly cycles which can contribute to weight changes so don’t even count those weights , they are incorrect. 

For me personally I take measurements, watch how my clothes fit and I pay attention to the signs my body is sending me – for example Bloat! If I eat too many carbs or drink a little too much beer over the weekend – Bammmm I look 4 months pregnant ( which I am not nor will ever be again ) 

Yes I am guilty of checking my weight , sometimes daily , BUT I do not let that number on the scale define me. 

I started another round of 21 Day Fix and yes I checked my weight but I know that losing inches is what will make me happy , just not in my biceps because I’m trying to grow them ! 

So for all you folks trying to lose weight, please don’t focus on that stupid number. Keep track of your physical changes , take before and after pics – you will see a difference. Proof is in the pics! 
Buh Bye Scale ! 

Day 1 – The “Before” photos 

This is the last time I will see these pictures , big changes are going to happen . So here we go ! 

Front Photo 

Side Photo 


Here are my stats 



I’ve just finished the first workout , Total Body Cardio ! 

Now it’s time for my Shakeology and work ! 

30 minutes a day , that’s all you need ! Make the time for fitness and you will be rewarded ! 

Run , Lift , Repeat – LiveFit Program 

* This post was written as part of the GoodLife Fitness Blogger Ambassador program , however all opinions expressed are my own .
I am back in the gym full time doing what I love – lifting and I’m in my fav place to do it GoodLife Fitness .

After my marathon I knew I needed to get back into it , nothing burns more calories for longer than strength training . Yes I am still running but I need to make sure I am strong so I can run more efficiently .

I will not be doing ANY cardio in the gym and if you see me near a treadmill grab me and slap me! I can and will be doing all my cardio runs outside on the roads or trails .

I decided to go back to the program that worked before – Jamie Eassons LiveFit program on the Bodybuilding site.

Here were my results from the fall

So what happened ? How come I’m puffy again ?

Carbs! I use carbs as my excuse for running long distances – I need carbs for fuel . Well I am not running 20 milers on a daily basis so I need to stop this behavior ASAP. Also being vegan it’s very easy to become a carboholic !

My starting weight today was 168lbs


I will be following the program to a tee with some added lifts as well because some days it just doesn’t seem like enough , I’m not a beginner so it can feel too easy .

Today was day 1 of phase 1 and here is the workout Phase 1 Day 1 – chest and triceps .

   I added in core work ( planks and roman twists)  and some hangs cleans .

Tonight I will go for a little trail run even though phase 1 has no cardio – so I guess I’m not following it to a tee … Whoops

So if y’all wanna join me I will be posting the workouts daily and weight changes , it will be fun !

Where’s my MoJo?

I’ve lost it , can’t find it , threw it out the window ?

Today’s is probably the suckiest ( yes I made it up ) day ever . I have lost my MoJo and I worry it may never come back .

My gym buddy is off on holidays with his family for the week and I have nobody to push me , motivate me or even just talk to . The gym is boring . I went today completely exhausted because life right now is sucky and I had no motivation whatsoever . I managed 5 ugly slow cardio miles

Then I went to lift and my body laughed at me . I did a few wrist curls , some cable action then said eff this , I’m outta here .
I need my MoJo back ASAP !

I think maybe a day off to regroup and plan is what I need . Or maybe I just need my buddy back ?

Do you ever have those days were everything sucks and you just don’t have it in you?
What do you do to get your MoJo back ?

Are better days ahead … Is this just a phase ?

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