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Fat Loss Round 2 

Ok let’s try this again…. like I mean really try and not quit because it’s hard and it sucks and I wanna eat….. whine over 

Time to put my big girl pants back on and do a cut… aka fat loss phase. 

You see , my lean muscle gain was good and I was making the appropriate increases in weight but my overall body fat was out of control .. 36.2% is far too high for my liking. Hence the decision to attempt another fat loss phase. And yes I am going to do cardio again because I have to, not because I want to. Have a look at my new macros for the week

This is doable so long as I stick to filling carbs like veggies and fruit and fill up on lean protein at every meal. 

Today I did a fasted cardio workout which was 30 min of hiit sprints on the mill 

I’m still sick as a dog with a head cold and my lungs have not recovered fully from my pneumonia but fuck it , I’m still giving it my all. Then I still had a full leg day workout , this was a struggle today. I could barely squat 135 today. Changed up my plan a bit to incorporate some RDL on the smith machine, worked glutes and finished with some abs. 

After all that I was famished so I downed my protein with creatine and came home to eat this

Now to figure out the rest of the days meals and hit those macros …. Happy Victoria Day friends 

I’m An RNY Patient and I’m NOT Afraid To Gain Weight Anymore. 

Say what???? 

You read it right, I never really played the whole weight loss surgery card, begged for followers because of it nor did I continuously post about my surgery. Why? Honestly my revision surgery was a small tool in my future weight loss. It was definitely not the magic pill and I worked my ass of to lose those 140lbs. This was the old me in 2010

284lbs , healthy but morbidly obese. Now when you have weight loss surgery it is pounded into your brain to eat protein protein protein but little to no carbs – ever!!!! I did all those things, I lost the weight and then I found exercise. I became a cardio obsessed person, because cardio is great for fat loss. Then I had my plastic surgery to remove excess belly fat and I got the girls lifted and reduced. So now I’m done right, stay skinny fat and eat my protein. 
Big old NOPE – I wanted more, I needed more. My weight stabilized around 150-159lbs. But I became an athlete, yes I call myself an athlete. Why?? Because athletes train, fuel and kill their bodies thru training and nutrition. This athlete ran a gruelling 14hr 50 mile trail race 

I felt so good and in shape when I ran this race but still I wanted more. I wanted to be strong. I did a lift program Alpha Female in the summer of 2016 but I now realize I failed that program. I didn’t listen when it came to the nutrition and when the coach said to me to eat more carbs. I had become so conditioned to not eat them that I was honestly scared. So I didn’t listen didn’t eat them and didn’t make the gains I should have. 

Well this January I entered the Bodybuilding.com 250k Challenge with a mindset to do it right. 

I hired Avatar Nutrition to work my nutrition/macros. I loved this approach from Layne Norton because the dude has a PHD in nutrition. This is science based and how can you go wrong with science. When I first got my macros I was floored! I need to eat 160g of carbs ahhhhhhh!!! Wait deep breaths …. listen to the professionals. This is my before 

So I did it , followed the plan , hit my targets , lost 0.5lbs that week so guess what – my macros increased !!! This is a pic a week into the program. 

I’m actually slimming down and my body is taking shape. I’m now into week 2 and my macros are high and I love it. I eat 151g of protein ,101g of fat and 272g of CARBs!!! Yes, I hit those targets and it’s great. I have way more energy throughout the day , my lifts are getting bigger and I sleep like a baby. I even have muscles developing

Can you see my traps???? I can!!! 

Now to the weight gain,  I weighed in today at 179lbs – that’s 2lbs more than last week at 177lb. I Am Ok With That. I’m gaining muscle, leaning out and that is ok. 

I no longer fear eating carbs and I don’t fear weight gain. If you told me a few years ago that I’d weigh 180lbs again I would have died. I’d have thought I failed my surgery and I was obese. Do I look obese? Nope , healthy and strong is how I look. 

I highly recommend anyone who participates in fitness, lifting and exercise to check out Avatar Nutrition. it is life changing! 

Here’s to making gains, eating carbs and being happy! 

High Protein Egg Bowl Breakfast 

Looking for a grab and go breakfast that is high in protein , good carbs and fat? Get yourself an egg Bowl! 

I used Old El Paso stand n stuff taco bowls 

I used 5 eggs, splash of milk, 2 cheese sticks , 3 oz deli ham and 1/4 diced orange pepper. 

Just fill up the bowls , pop in the oven at 375 for about 15 minutes – until eggs have set! 

Here’s the macros stats 


Week 7 Alpha Female Progress

Well, not much to report here.

I did a one day super low carb high fat experiment that failed miserably when my internal organs revolted against me, see prior post, BUT I also lost 3lbs in that 24 HR period so there is definitely something to say about low carb! I’m not off the low carb train yet. 

We got new exercises this week7-9 and so far so good. But, I did legs and calves on Tuesday and by Friday I couldn’t do my second leg day workout. My calves were toast! So I didn’t do it! I listened to my body when it said enough is enough. The rest of the week was great and I’m feeling stronger. I still hate chest day and bench pressing will forever be my least favorite exercise. 

Weight loss = 0lbs I’m at 177lbs still. 

I don’t see any changes and I still feel super fluffy. I think I need to lose at least 30lbs fat. According to my new fancy dancy scale I’m still obese

Here are my week 1-7 pics 

5 weeks left and I hope I can get my nutrition figured out. Protein is easy and carbs are way too high. Going to try and go a little lower on the carbs to see if I can get some fat loss going. I ran 2x this week doing HIIT sprints and it felt good, foot felt ok. The other days I spin and I love that. 

Here’s to week 8 , lifting heavier ,sweating more and eating less! 

Meal Prep – 21 Day Fix ,Day 1 edited * Meat Added

It’s Sunday so that means meal prep and I am so ready . 

This week I begin my 21 Day Fix  Beachbody Challenge and I cannot wait to see results !  

 Tomorrow I will document the weight , measurements and dreaded before photos ! 

After seeing this awesome video I figured I could explain how I packaged up my meals . 

Here is a look at Day 1  


Meal 1 

💛 container – Oatmeal ( large flake) 

💜 container 1/2 banana 

Meal 2 

💜 container frozen berries 

❤️ container Shakeology 

Tsp – almond butter 

Meal 3 

💚 container Mushrooms, onions, peppers

❤️ container Veggie Burger 

💛 container Brown rice 

Meal 4 

💚 container cucumbers 

💙 container hummus 

💜 necatarines 

Meal 5 

💚 container squash

❤️ container Boneless skinless chicken breast

💛 container Sweet potato 

Meal 6 

💚 container diced onions & peppers 

❤️ container 2 eggs

🍊 container – raw almonds 

Tsp – olive oil 
I am on the 1500 calorie plan so it calls for 4 💚 , 3 💜, 4 ❤️, 3 💛, 1 💙, 1 🍊 and 4 tsps. 

This is a lot of food and I will attempt to have it done by 7pm . 


What ?
Quit what?

My 12 week lifting program is ending today – my choice ! I lasted a solid 4.5 weeks before I became completely bored by it !


This was just not enough for me . Every day the same old same old . Then I started adding in different exercise , updating my Bodyspace app and it’s just too much .

I am still lifting !
Never giving that up , ever.

Today I decided to just do whatever the heck you feel like and I was super unmotivated , but I pulled on my big girl panties and off I went .

My biggest focus is on upper body and core.

Today I lifted this little gem of a WOD

Barbell Bicep curls 40lbs 4×10
Incline DB curls 17.5lbs 4×10
DB Tricep extensions 30lbs 4×10
Cleans 70lbs 3×8
Hyper extensions with 25lb plate 3×10
Decline bench crunches 3×12
Standing Calf Raises 175lbs 3×10
Back squats 90lb 3×10
Cable chest flyes 30lbs 3×10

Then 3 slow cardio miles


For being unmotivated I managed a decent workout. It actually felt good to just wander around the gym and do whatever I wanted. Yes I do realize for all you competition people that I need to work certain muscle groups on certain days – Blah blah blah
I am just going to Do Me. Do what feels right and I know that lifting is going to help me shed these God damn 30lbs I have seemed to find!

Nutrition is still my weakness – Well actually carbs are . I have to start prepping breakfast better as it is just to easy to grab a piece of bread with PB on the way out the door. I’m going to make some more egg cups so I just need to nuke them in the am .

So folks , yet another program has failed but I am No Quitter and I’ll be in top form by spring – I hope !

Veggie Alfredo

So I am feeling better post concussion and my workout went much better today. I was starving after my run and this is what filled me up

Veggie Alfredo


Again, this is not a recipe it’s a throw together meal.

Simply make pasta and drain . Sautée assorted veggies ( I used a mix of fresh and frozen) in coconut oil . Add jar of prepared Alfredo sauce to warm up . Serve over pasta. Told ya, not a recipe but it took less than 15 minutes to make! I felt like an old person eating supper at 430pm but I was hungry!



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