No carb “bread” 

Well son of a gun! I made no carb “oopsie” bread on the first attempt with SUCCESS!!! 

I’m trying to work on a Keto Low Carb plan for my Type 1 Diabetic daughter, her sugars are crazy lately so when this worked I was stoked!

I 100% found this recipe on Pinterest and this is what it consisted of 

3 eggs seperated

1/8 tsp Cream of Tartar

3 oz cream cheese 

Pinch of salt

In a large mixing bowl beat the egg whites and cream of tartar until super stiff, key is super stiff! 

In a seperate bowl beat the yolks, cream cheese and salt until mixed and softened.

Fold the yolk mixture into the whites, gently Do Not Over Mix

Line a baking pan with parchment paper and drop by big spoonful mounds on the pan. I made about 12 

Bake at 350 for about 15 – 20 min, keep an eye on them though 


I’m going to eat these with butter, peanut butter, sugar free jam and use them as egg “mcmuffins” 

Holy cow! This is life changing for us. My little Type 1 is going to gobble these up ! 

Just Do You 

This is a story about a girl, a girl who decided while on a 14hr running journey, that life needs to be lived and loved. She decided that she no longer needs to fit any molds, categories or labels. 

I have made the very conscious desicion to just Do Me! Whatever the heck that means. I’ve realized that I allowed myself to be categorized into a “said group” . A food group, yes I loved being a vegan but during my Ultramarathon I started thinking about chicken and tuna. Like right outta nowhere I wanted a god damn piece of chicken. I may or may not have been hallucinating a little because of the heat lol. 

I started thinking about why I was a vegan and why did I eliminate food groups from my life. I was never one who fought the animal rights causes because I grew up with a ” hunter gatherer” father who every year provided us with deer and moose. 

I didn’t like the addition of chemicals to my foodsand genetically modified foods where a no no. But every time I got a coffee and tim’s and they didn’t have soy and I opted to add cream I was a “cheating” vegan! Oh my! 

I started to think I Do Not have to explain myself anymore. I just fucking ran 50 god damn miles in treacherous conditions so if I want a tuna sandwich or a piece of chicken I’m eating it dammit! 

Tonight I totally indulged in this Greek and Feta salad with chicken and the world didn’t fall apart. 

Today I started googling Low Carb High Fat lifestyles because I have a Type 1 Diabetic child who needs to live low carb. First thing I thought- oh god I’m attaching a label to her? No , from now on we eat to fuel , eat to live and eat to be merry because you only live once so might as well enjoy it. 

So basically this post is about Doing You and what is right for You, no one else. Indeed to get better about not labeling myself because the guilt of failing these labels is too much. 

The one label I’m still attaching to myself is SOBER! I’m 68 days booze free and I feel amazing! 

Do You 

Using the Gym for Recovery

*This post has been written as part of the GoodLife Blog Ambassador program. All opinions expressed are my own.
The gym is a really awesome place. This is somewhere that many things can happen. You can use it for growth, gains,strength and even recovery. 

After this weekends 50 mile trail race I will be using GoodLife Fitness for 1 purpose- Recovery! 

My goals for the next 2 weeks are to recover and feel good. 

I will be spinning, foam rolling and doing lots of yoga and stretching! Thank god my gym can handle all these things. I plan on popping by on my lunch breaks or between appointments so I can recover in a nice cool air conditioned facility. My body will thank me! 
How do you recover ? Let’s discuss 

Sulphur Springs 50 Miler Race Recap

Holy Crap!!!! 
I ran a 50 MILER! 

Since being injured in the fall I really wondered if this would come to fruition and it did, how? Sheer determination and never once letting my head tell me to quit. Which it tried, countless times while out there battling the heat and sun. 

So here is how it all went down 

415 am wake up, ate my typical pre race breakfast of oatmeal with PB and a large coffee. FYI. I always take Immodium the night before and morning of a race for you know which reasons why! 

Got to the site at Dundas Conservation Park by 530 and downed my banana. Nerves weren’t too bad and I had a great time talking to people. 

Gun time 6am… Here we go ! Loop 1 (20km) was awesome and I was pacing so well. Met up with local running legend Joe Cleary and finished that loop with him in 2:54

Stopped at camp to change out buffs and grab more Gu and Nuun … Hands started to swell a bit but overall I felt great. 

Loop 2 finished in 6:29 and went pretty well but the heat really picked up and I was hot! I knew I’d start losing time but I wasn’t concerned yet. I spent a lot of time alone on the trails but once the 50k runners were out there I saw more people. 

Loop 3 done 10:29.. Added on more time but the conditions were pretty rough. 30+ degree heat and the humidity was brutal. I heard at this point there were many DNF’s happening but there was no way in hell I wasn’t finishing this lap. I met a lot people who were congratulating me and I informed them with ” I still have one more lap” and they said “sorry for your luck” !!! Thanks guys! This loop I did a whole lot of praying, thanking those who from day 1 who believed in me and a shit load of singing . I sang all kinds of songs and I think I was a bit crazy. 

Then I climbed those damn 3 Sisters kill and gave them a big ole F U see ya next year bitches cuz I’m outta here wave! I had timed the distance to the last aid station at 16 minutes from the switch so as soon as I got there I knew I was in the home stretch! Then I knew the worst was yet to come – climbing that final hill for the 4th and last time . I knew I had less than 10 minutes and I was going to finish this! I had no time goals and the only thing I wanted was to finish but inside I knew I wanted 14 something hours. 

14:18 done!!! Officially !! 

Running Gives Me All The Feels

In my almost 46 years on this planet, I think I have finally found peace.

My life has changed quite significantly in the last 35 days and I feel really good. Step 1 was completely giving up all alcohol – yes beer! I know I know – I run for beer has been replaced with ” I run for the Feels” 

You see I needed focus in my life and I just didn’t have it. I was injured in the fall and had to be immobilized for 8 weeks and I hated it. I decided that I had to figure this out. What makes me happy. Running does! 

But!!!! I also figured out that I absolutely Do Not need to be better than anyone but the person I was before. I was that person who always compared myself to others “they are faster, they run farther, they are better” than me. Social media is a very strange place in that you can go there to find motivation and inspiration OR it can completely bring you down when you play the comparison game. 

After my injury, which I’m still plagued with, I realized that I’m a solid 10 min slower than I was before on any pace goals. So guess what? I decided I no longer needed pace goals! I needed finishing goals. My one and only job is to cross that line, grab my medal and feel all the feels. 

Another major decision I made was that I was not going to run any road races in 2016. Why? Mostly because I find them boring, there’s so many people and it hurts. My focus is now on conquering fears and distances the scare me. That happens in the ultra trail community. 

When I am out on the trails I find myself. I experience many emotions out there, some good some not so good but nowhere else makes me think and dig deep into my soul. 

Running in nature is so absolutely soul cleansing and when you have 10-24 hrs alone with your thoughts , things happen. I will conquer my first 50 miler this month at the Sulphur Springs trail race and I will not worry about my time or pace- I just want to finish. Then I’ll be satisfied.

I know that running is a ” to each his own” kind of sport which makes it even more awesome. Just remember to ” Do You” and don’t compare your end game to others. I will now always be a ” back of the pack” runner and that’s ok. I’m ok with that. 

Run For the Feels because 

Finishing is Winning! 

GoodLife City Chase Race

*This post has been written as part of the GoodLife Fitness blog ambassador program.

The GoodLife City Chase   is known as Canada’s Largest Urban Adventure. This race tests both your fitness level and your mind. This is very different than your typical running races as you compete in a team of 2 and you get a clue sheet at the beginning of the race. You will need to decipher these clues and find hidden “Chasepoints” located throughout the streets of Toronto. You must navigate between 10 “Chasepoints” to return back to the start/finish line to claim your victory and proceed onto the after party.


Need further info on this most epic challenge, here is a little snippet as taken directly from the website

“What the heck is a ChasePoint?!:
A ChasePoint is a unique challenge that will test your wits, athletic ability, team work, good looks, speed, intelligence, or personal limits! Click to watch a video that will show you some of the challenges.

What if I can’t run so good?!:
To navigate The Chase, you can either use your feet or take public transit. All different fitness levels participate in this unique adventure!

What if I can’t think so good?!:
During The Chase you are encouraged to use technology including phoning a friend if necessary. If you don’t have friends … well then here’s hoping you’re smart!

Do I need to like my teammate?:
There is a 50/50 chance you won’t like them by the end of this race … so choose someone you REALLY like to ensure you still talk to them after the event! Get ready to have your friendship tested!

For those harder core competitors there are also extra challenges to check out and of course winning entrance into the National Finals. The GoodLife Fitness City Chase is unique, challenging, and a mountain of fun.”


So cool right!

Heres the link to register for the Toronto event here on June 25
And for the August 20th race in Toronto  here . 


Running trumps weights

  Ok , I’ve had a change of heart. 

I need to run all the miles and decrease the time spent in the gym. Yesterday I had my first ever Long run post boot/cast and it was magical! 

  I ran/slogged my way through 17 freaking miles!  

I have now realized that I no longer worry about my mins/miles , my pace but more about time on my feet. I am not a sprinter or a 5k runner – I don’t Do fast. I want to be alone with my thoughts, singing my heart out just focusing on covering distance and being upright! 

So does this mean No More Lifting? No way! It’s just not going to be my focus at the moment. Winter was awful here and I spent no time outdoors logging miles and now that spring has finally sprung – I want to enjoy it and be out there Running! 

I will continue doing as much of the LiveFit program from home and I will find ways to substitute the machine exercises – I have resistance bands here. 

I will work on my core and upper body and let running be my leg day! 

So guess what, it’s now Run O Clock ! 
Happy feet away! 

Do You Even Altra? 

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links, which means I may receive commissions if you make purchases after clicking on any links.All opinions and written content are my own (unless otherwise noted).
In case you missed it , I love love love my Altra Running shoes and I want to share with you their top selling products.

1. Intuition 3.5

2. Lone Peak 2.5

3. Torin 2.0

4.0 Paradigm 1.5

5.0 One 2.5

Aren’t they so pretty!

I’m currently rotating between the Torin and Paradigm for roads and the Lone Peaks for trail runs!

Happy shopping!


LiveFit Program Round 2

*This post has been written as part of the GoodLife Fitness blog ambassador program and all opinions expressed are my own.


Summer is coming and that means 1 thing…..bathing suit season!

Oh Boy! This girl has some work to do. My running is going well and I am still running all the scheduled races this spring/summer but I need to seriously start back on my lifting program. The program I love and have used previously is Jamie Easson’s LiveFit trainer.

So it looks like I will be spending lots of time at GoodLife Fitness over the next 12 weeks!

So I stepped on the scale today at 172lbs eek not what I want to see and I did some pre photos. 

Lots of work to do! Here is what the program called for today 

Done! FYI I cannot do push ups and I suck at them but I will get there. The program calls for no cardio during the initial phase but I have to run for my training so I will continue and I won’t run on leg days. 

Meal plan will stay the same – Vegan! However I will be focusing more on the fresh veggies and increased water consumption. 

Here’s to the next 12 weeks friends – lift heavy run hard. 

WLS patients – Don’t Fear Gains 

I see a lot of social media posts from my fellow bariatric patients who freak out that they start gaining weight when they train with weights. 

I am not a licensed or even educated person on this but I do have some history to share! 

My very first bariatric procedure was done in 1998 and was a Vertical Banded Gastroplasty. They literally cut my stomach apart and created a very small outlet via mesh banding to reduce my stomach content. I almost died because of this surgery. That’s a long story which can be told another time. I lost a lot of weight but I was sick, skinny and scrawny. I was not healthy or fit. I lived on liquids and consumed hardly any protein. 

I had this procedure reversed 10 years later and gained 100lbs in a year. My body held onto any and every calorie you gave it. The WLS patient in me Freaked Out!! I was fortunate enough to meet a very skilled surgeon in the US who agreed to take me on, Ontario Bariatric clinics wouldn’t touch me. 

I had a revised RNY Gastric Bypass in 2010 and I vowed that I would not become skinny or scrawny or sickly! I was doing this the right way. I lost 144lbs  

At my lowest I was 140lbs post op plastics and I was thin ( for me ) so I decided that besides running/cardio I would pick up some weights. First I did Crossfit and man oh man that put me in great shape 

I started to gain weight, I kinda freaked out but it wasn’t a lot so I was cool. Then I had to quit Crossfit because I just couldn’t do that and run races – my body hates me! So I started lifting weights at the gym. I followed Jamie Easson’s LiveFit trainer program on my Bodyspace app and my body started to change  

Wow! I was looking thinner but fitter? I had gained weight! It was muscle weight! I felt great and had so much energy and I was heavier! If you strength train I suggest you ditch the scale for at least a month, take measurements and then recheck them in 4 weeks. You will be surprised! I am now sitting anywhere between 163-170lbs ( which is a little high as I’d like to be around 155) but I feel good. I feed my body good wholesome foods , I run and lift weights.  

I do not religiously weigh myself and freak out. I have broken up with my scale. I’ve never wanted to look skinny, that wasn’t the reason I had WLS. I wanted to be healthy and I have achieved that.

So please don’t worry about the numbers on a scale when you are on this journey. In the beginning I know the numbers are all the matters but when you are in the maintence phase you need to decide what is most important. Fit and healthy or skinny ? Your choice! 

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