Day 7 Rest Day and Progress Pics 

I said no donuts! But I ate a donut ! 

Oh well, it happens. 

Weigh in 173.4


Weight watchers bagel with bacon and lettuce.

Lunch – Timmies whoopie donut 🍩😬 but I had a protein shake and 4pc California roll too! 

Then came meal prep!

Steak with mushrooms, ground turkey/chicken meatloaf, spaghetti sauce, zucchini noodles,broccoli , sweet potatoes in the oven and egg white muffin cups.

Supper- Scalloped potatoes, broccoli and taco meat

Now onto the Week 1 progress pics!

Not much difference but I also wasn’t very strict with the macros and I did go over calorie counts on a couple of days. This week will be better. 

I’m also getting serious about upping the weights and not being a pussy ass ! Pick that shit up! You know you can! 

#badass #notscurred #liftheavy


Day 6 – Rest Day 

Whoo hoo! First week of lifting has ended and guess what – the freakin scale moved

Weigh in 173.2 A whole freaking pound! 

So guess what I had for breakfast 

Damn straight I had a donut for breakfast – it’s cheat day!

Took the girls shopping for my cardio today 

Lunch was at the mall so I made a decent choice with a Subway 6in turkey sub. 

Mama got more plates so she can lift heavy! 

Supper was shit – stopped on the highway and ate a Whopper 😬 oh well ! 

Tomorrow is another rest day and meal prep day so grocery shopping will be done! 

Happy Saturday y’all! 



Day 5 Thinner Leaner Stronger 

The scale moved!! 

Weigh in 174.2 – SERIOUSLY , are you kidding me?? Down a whopping 0.2lbs. 


Protein shake, 1 egg, 2 pcs WW bread, aminos

Workout – LEGS AND BUTT 😊

All done for 3 sets

BB squat 65×10

Stiff leg Deadlift 95×10, 105×10, 115×10

Leg press 150×10, 170×8, 190×8

BB thrust 50×10

Standing DB calf raises 70×12

Seated calf raises 45×12

This was the end of my planned workout but I was not done yet! 

Lying leg curls 40×12, 50×12, 50×12

Bulgarian Split squats – no weight x12 3 sets 

Leg curls 85×10 3 sets 

Now we are done! 

Post workout 

Shake, Cliff Bar , banana 


Chicken Caesar Salad 


Baja Fish Tacos!!! FYI I didn’t eat the fries! 

Week 1 done and I guess I now have a baseline but I need to see gains soon ! I’m kinda impatient like that, grow muscles grow 

Day 4 Thinner Leaner Stronger 

Today was an off day

Weigh in – 174.4 STILL!!! 

Breakfast – no pre workout 

1 egg, 2pcs WW bread and a protein shake

Lunch- 2 Wendy’s JR cheeseburger deluxe 😬

Workout – Done at home because I just couldn’t get to the gym 

BB curls 3×10 at 35lbs (all done with 3 sets)
BB bench press Close grip 3×10 35lbs
DB curls 3×10 10lbs 

Tricep extensions 3×15 10lbs

Ab workout – bicycle and leg raises to failure. 

Post workout – protein shake 

Supper – 

If it fits your macros #iifym then eat it !!!! 

I’ll make sure and get another casein shake in before bed! 

Day 3 Thinner Leaner Stronger

Weigh in 174.6 

Same as yesterday, when does the leaner part kick in? 

Today’s workout was 

Military Press Seated 40×10 40×8 40×8

Side Lateral Raises 12.5×8 for 3 sets

Rear lateral raise 15lbsx12 for 3 sets

Calf raises on the leg press 70×15 for 3 sets 

Honestly, this did not feel like a workout for me. I was done in about 20 minutes and didn’t feel spent. Maybe I wasn’t lifting heavy enough but it just didn’t feel like enough weight was lifted, so I too it upon myself to do more. 

DB press 17.5lbsx10 for 3

Reverse machine flyes 50lbsx8 for 3

Then I did an ab workout . 

Meals were 

Pre workout

1 protein shake

1 egg, 2 pieces WW bread


Post workout

1 protein shake 

1 banana


4 oz rotisserie chicken

Frisée , 1 Armstrong old cheese stick and Renee’s caesar dressing (1.5 tbsp) 


2 pieces WW bread, 100 calorie package of corned beef, mustard


Ribs, asparagus and peas! 

BUT, I’m over my calorie goal for today as I don’t eat back my exercise calories. Well guess what, I don’t care. I’m hungry, I am eating. 

I will still have an evening snack and likely a casein shake before bed to get that extra protein. My macros aren’t looking so good 

Getting enough protein is hard! 

Baby steps, it’s only Day 3 trying to figure this all out! 



Day 2 Thinner Leaner Stronger

Back, Butt and Abs!!! 

Oh man it has seemed like forever since I’ve deadlifted anything so today was fantastic! My workout was 

BB deadlift 115×8 3 sets

BB back squat 95×8 3 sets

BB row 50×10 3 sets

1 arm DB row 25×10 3 sets

Roman chair leg lifts 18 reps

Cable crunch 40×15 3 sets

Ab roller wheel 12 reps 

Nutrition for today was 

Pre workout

1 protein shake

2 slices weight watches bread

1 egg


Post Workout

2 hard boiled eggs 

1 protein shake 


Weight Watchers bagel with tuna and lettuce 

I 100% saved my macros for tonight’s supper! I love that this lifestyle allows you to do flexible dieting so long as it fits into your macros. Tonight I had this amazing Doritos Taco bowl

I still have 200 calories left for bedtime snack! Oh yeah! 

Lift Eat Rest 




Thinner Leaner Stronger Week 1

Day 1 

I friggin loved this book and I devoured it in a matter of days! I’ve dog eared so many pages!

Weigh in – 174.4lbs

 I took my before pics 

Urgh! Breakfast was this 

I need to find a better protein powder because 400 calories for 2 scoops is stupid! 

My macros are set up for 

I went to the gym and completed day 1 workout which is chest and calves 

My weights were 

Incline bb 40×10 for 3 sets

Incline DB 15lbs each x10 3 sets

Bench 35×8

Dips on the assisted machine

Calf raises using 25lbs each 12 reps 3 sets

Seated raises 45×12 3 sets

Followed by 20 min of HIIT sprints on the treadmill. 

Drank a protein shake post workout, ate 4oz of sweet potato with 2 tbsp of natural PB! 

Lunch was 74g lean thin sliced steak with mustard

I’ll figure out the balance of my macros but my goal is to stay 50 calories under my target daily limit.

Supper looked like this 

Day 1 complete and not hungry!

Let the cutting season begin.

Confession – I’m tired of Running

*This post has been written as part of the GoodLife Fitness blog ambassadors program. All opinions expressed are my own. 

This post scares me. 

I just don’t feel like running. What is wrong with me? I’m an Ultra runner? I should be out there everyday killing miles but I just don’t want too. Am I burned out? The worst part is I really just don’t care right now.

Back up a bit here though – I had a goal, a dream a huge desire to run and complete a 50 miler this year. 

And I did it! 

2 weeks later I ran a marathon. 

3 weeks from now I have a 50k. 

Honestly, I can’t wait for this summer to be over. I’m kinda done. 

So what ha been occupying my mind ? Lifting! 

Even when I was training for races I still lifted, I will never look like an ultra runner with their sleek slim physiques. I’m too big for that! 

My brain has been overloaded with info from Muscle For Life blog and I love the info he provides. 

So I have been hitting GoodLife Fitness hard doing as much as I can. Today was leg day , something I avoided when running because I always thought I was doing enough.

I am noticing changes already even though I’m not doing a real program yet- more to come on that! ( stay tuned ) 

Nutritionally speaking I will be making changes too. I still need to reduce carbs but I know my protein intake isn’t high enough yet – more to come on that too! 

So for now I’m sticking my life motto of ” Do You” and I’m doing whatever feels right to me. I don’t need to be anything other than that. 

Keep moving, Eat right and Have FUN! 

Low Carb Keto Tex Mex Meatloaf Cups

These were so yummy and so dang easy to make! 

Here’s my stupid easy throw together low carb meal

1lb apprx ground pork 

1lb apprx medium ground beef

1 cup salsa , then a few tbsp for topping 

Crushed up pork rinds – 2 heaping handfuls ( this is your replacement for bread crumbs) 😉

2 eggs

1/4 cup shredded cheese 

Garlic powder, chili powder,cumin apprx 1.5 tsp each 

Mix everything up in a bowl, spray 12 muffin tins and then bake in a 380 oven for about 25 min

Top cups with a little salsa before baking.

Once cooked too with shredded cheese and pop back into oven for a minute to melt cheese.

Serve with sour cream and more salsa! 


Low Carb Yum Bacon Everything

So lately I’ve been tossing around a few different ideas on how to cut weight while staying strong and not losing muscle. I think I’m going to give this Ketogenic Low Carb High Fat plan another go. 

I’ve been doing ALOT of research on it and I’m liking what I read. I have a Type 1 Diabetic daughter and significantly reducing her carb intake is the best thing I can do for her. It definitely won’t hurt me to cut back on some carbs too. 

I’ve been making some pretty damn good meals lately and tonight’s is and will always be a favorite . 

I took 6 chicken breasts, seasoned with a Southwest BBQ spice and wrapped in 1 piece of bacon. Cooked on MED heat in the oven the broiled to crisp up the bacon. 

Then I sautéed asparagus in bacon pieces , basically cooking the asparagus in bacon grease! 

Once played I topped the chicken with a mix of Caesar and Spicy Ranch dressing! Holy Yum! 

My macros are set for 70-25-5 fats, protein, carbs 

I’m still adjusting and my proteins and carbs aren’t quite perfect yet. I’ll get there. Follow along with me and I’ll let you know how quickly I tire or bore of this lifestyle- but for now it is All Bacon All The Time! 

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