Salted Caramel Protein Bites

I pretty much live, work and eat in my car and I like to pack snacks. I always have a bag of raw almonds in there. I’ve purchased many a protein bar/snack and at $3 a pop it just didn’t make sense to keep buying them. Make em! I’ve done protein balls on this site many times but this time I wanted them a little bigger, kinda like a cookie. I also wanted some comforting fall flavors. 

So Salted Caramel bites happened. The ingredients are pretty simple

Quest Salted Caramel powder

Torani sugar free syrup salted caramel

Almond and Peanut butter


Mix all these ingredients into a bowl, add about 1.5 cups water and mix. 

Roll mixture into 16 balls/bites and  place on parchment paper lined cookie sheet. Freeze for about 30 min then put into baggies for grab and go. 

The macros are pretty decent 


I’ll probably throw some whipped cream on top of one , ssshhhhh 

Quest Strawberry Protein Muffins

This “recipe” makes 24 mini muffins and No Guilt! Eat and enjoy! 

You will need 

P28 Foods strawberry pancake mix 1/3c X 3

2 scoops Quest Nutrition strawberry protein 

2 strawberries

2 cups water 

Candy sprinkles

Mix together and fill greased muffin tins 

Bake at 325 for about 10 min, here’s the calorie/macro info. 

Now these aren’t sweet so if you want you can add some stevia to the mix. 


Halfway! Week 6 Alpha Female Done

Halfway through this 12 week journey and I’m still 100% committed. 

I did have a mini freak out the other day when the scale hit 178lbs , but I talked to coach Evan and she said to just chill. It maybe muscle gain so let’s just see. 

Macros adjusted again , drop in calories so I’m now at 

135g Protein

150g Carbs 

50g Fats 

I increased my cardio this week to 5x of HIIT sprints and climbs on the spin bike. My foot is not down for running and I’m ready to rest it. Spinning really gets my HR up and I know I’m in the zone , I do wear a HRM. 

I bought a new fancy ass scale that measures all kinds of cool things , but ultimately it is still telling me I’m a fat ass ! Look 

This really is a pretty cool gadget though. I like that I have 93.4lbs of muscle on me! Yeah , go me! But I don’t like that my BMI has me over weight! I know , I’m working on that. 

Nutrition will be my focus for weeks 7-9. We have new exercises this phase so that’s good, I’m glad deadlifts are out because I wrecked my back this week doing them. My goal food wise is to eat more fish , veggies and lean protein-might even cook a turkey! Now let’s compare pics, these are before/week3/week6 pics. 

The only pic is actually see change in is the back pic. I see a leaner look there but the other ones-nope. 

So here’s to week 7 being the week that everything changes ! 

What the heck do you eat 6 yrs Post RNY ? 

I get a lot of interest from followers on my diet/lifestyle . I hate to use the word diet because it is just such a negative term. I love to eat and before I had a revision WLS ( weight loss surgery) it showed 

See! You don’t get to be 284lbs by not loving food. My problem was my food intake was atrocious! I made bad choices and I admit it. I remember driving to the hospital to work one day back in 1998 ( I had my first WLS in 98) and stopping at a donut shop. I ordered 6 eclair cream filled donuts and ate them all before arriving at work. So guess what , I did it again the next day too! I have a very addictive personality , hence why I am now sober, and when food becomes your addiction you pay for it. Luckily I have been able to positively change my addictions to fitness and weight loss now. 

So I needed to change. WLS helped me. It was my tool. When I first had my old school surgery in 98 I was not healthy , I lived on liquids. I barely consumed protein and I wasn’t well. 

Fast forward to 2010 when I had a revised RNY gastric bypass and had a team of professionals to guide me. I learned to make good choices. Always chose protein first, veggies second and never drink while eating. So what the heck do you eat in day? 

I’m a creature of habit and when something works I stick with it! Now that I’m lifting heavy 6x a week I actually eat quite a bit for a WLS patient. 

Breakfast – everyday it’s 2 coffee with lactose free creamer and stevia. Typically I don’t eat before the gym and do fasted cardio and a lift. On the days I don’t work out I eat a lot of eggs, protein waffles or rice cakes with protein butter.

I drink a pre workout and lift. 

Post workout – now I’m freaking hungry!!!! I always drink a protein shake mixed with water immediately after! In my car in the gym parking lot I’m smashing my face full of 3.5 oz chicken mixed with 1/2 sweet potato. I still can’t eat chicken without feeling sick so I have to almost blend it into my sweet potatoes. Or I’m eating hard boiled eggs, Deli turkey slices or just as much protein as I can! 

Lunch – typically its cucumbers/hummus and a salad with a ton of pepitas, almonds, egg, cheese and low calories dressing. 

Pm snack – another shake with water. Rice cake (caramel with pumpkin protein muscle butter) oh yeah! 

Supper – always a meat and vegg combo. My problem is I fill up on the protein so I have trouble eating all the veggies. Again , I blend them together on my plate. Somedays I seriously feel like a 5 year old. 

Bedtime – Yes I eat before bed! Always a casein shake with water and cinnamon! Depending on my macros left for the day it could be simple toast and PB. 

I like snacky type foods and my car is always filled with healthy treats like These 

I’d love to hear from my fellow WLS peeps for ideas on new snacks , meals and recipes to share! 

Week 5 Alpha Female – Frustration! 

Ok , I know I need to trust the process as its only been 5 weeks since starting BUT I’m not seeing results. 

Also my weight has gone up to 177lbs and that is not ok. If I see 180 on that scale I’m Done!!!! I haven’t weighed that much since my first year of WLS. That number on the scale scares the shit out of me.

My macros are still 160P , 150 C and 56F. I still think that carb amount is too high. One thing I’ve noticed is I’m not eating enough veggies, fruit and salads. Because my protein is high I eat my meat first then I’m full and can’t eat my veggies. When I was a vegan I was definitely a lot leaner but I suffered from extremely low iron levels. Still medicating for that issue. 

So here’s my plan for this week, I’m going to drink my protein in the form of shakes and eat a ton of fresh veggies- almost like I was a vegan again. So long as I hit my macros who cares where my protein comes from right. I’m going to eat lots of low calorie cucumbers, tomatoes, salad and eggs. I’m not so concerned about my fats being up because it’s coming from good sources. 

Now let’s have a peek at the pics, because that’s the proof right?

Left pics are before right is now, top is before below is now. I see no changes! I’m still fluffy aka fat! I gotta figure this out because I’m lifting heavier each week and doing my cardio. I almost think I need to add more cardio to the plan. Coach wants us doing HIIT sprints on the treadmill but my foot is still messed up and I’m doing mine on the bike. Trust me I’m killing it on that spin bike doing sprints and hill climbs. 

So let’s see if this helps and here’s to finally seeing some changes. 

Macros – Are they important?

*This post has been written as part of the GoodLife Fitness Blog Ambassador program. All opinions expressed are my own. 


We all know you must move your body through exercise daily if we want to reach our goals But does it matter what we eat? Duh, of course it does! Like the old saying goes “Abs are made in the kitchen”. If you have been following this blog lately you will notice that I am tracking my macros very closely. My coach has me set up on a set of macros designed around my activity level and weight. 

Let break down what exactly “macros” means. 

First off – to macro count you need to count the number of protein (4 calories/gram), carbs(4 calories/g) and fat( 9 calories/g) grams you consume in a day. You absolutely must have a good food scale to do this correctly. Macros are important for both cutting (getting lean) and bulking (building mass). The first step in macro counting is to set up your own goals. But how????? 

Well let me show you – you can easily Google “macro calculator” plug in your numbers and it gives you are pretty accurate number of calories to consume . I chose to do it old school with math and a calculator.

Here is how I figured out mine – 

1. Figure out your BMR ( basal metabolic rate) 

370 + (9.8x lean body mass) = BMR 

You need to determine your body fat % by estimating if you don’t have calipers and a trainer to figure it out. I guessed at mine using online pics of people and their body fat % and I estimated I was at 35%. 

So my lean body mass is 175lbs X 35% = 61.25  

now 175-61.25= 113.75 is my lean body mass 

So I plug that into the BMR formula 370 + (9.8×113.75) = 1484.75

2. Now I need to figure out how “active” I am , my TDEE (total daily energy expenditure)

If you are not active then BMR X 1.2

If you are lightly active BMR X 1.375

If you are very active BMR X 1.55

I’m very active so 1484.75 X 1.55 = 2301.36

This is my “Maintenence” calories , the amount of calories I need to maintain my weight. Now I don’t want that because I am cutting/leaning out. 

3. So I Subtract 20% to lean out or add 20% to bulk 

2301.36 X 20%  = 460.2 

2301.36 – 460.2 = 1841.09 

So I need to consume 1841 calories a day to lose weight.

BUT WAIT – we haven’t even figured out “macros yet” 

4. This is actually the easy part – for protein you simply need to eat your weight in grams. 

So I’m 175 therefore I need 175g of protein. Now protein is 1g = 4 calories so 175×4= 700 calories . So 700 calories a day is coming from protein. 

Now we figure out fats – 25% of your calories come from fats so 1841 X 25% = 460 calories now divide that by 9 ( because 1g of Fat has 9 calories) so 460/9= 51g of fat per day 

Now the balance is carbs!!! Yeah!!! 

Take your protein calories + fat calories = mine are 700+460= 1160

Subtract from your daily goal 

1841-1160 = 681 calories leftover divide by 4 (because 1g of carbs = 4 calories) 

So 681/4 = 170 g of carbs 

To break it down my daily goals look like this 

P 175g

F 51g

C 170g 

Totaling 1841 calories. Simple right! 

Now you can totally do the online calculator as well and see if it gives you the same # or close to it. 

I get most of my info from as they have the biggest source of info I can find so I trust their calculator. 

Now that you have your macros figured out, you still need to workout and push yourself. My favorite place to do that is at GoodLife Fitness because all the equipment I need is there. I simply can’t get the kind of workouts I need at home. I Must have a Squat Rack !!!!! 

Next step – The absolute most important this is to TRACK YOUR MACROS!!!!

You can do this in My Fitness Pal which is the easiest way to keep track, their app is fantastic and I track everything I eat and drink!

So if you get confused figuring out “what should I be eating” just remember IIFYM ( if it fits your macros) then eat it! 

Good luck and shoot me a message if you are super confused. 

Alphafemale Week 4 Pics

Week 4 is done and this week a lot changed. My macros are now 150C 160P and 56F and this was a new week of lifts. We lifted 6x a week and cardio was bumped up to HIIT instead of moderate. By Saturday my legs were killing me and I was sore all over, that’s good right? Making gains right? 

Well I made my daughter hide the scale this week so I wouldn’t weigh in daily. 

Start weight was 175, last week I was 174 and today I was 176. I’m so not letting it define me and I’m 100% chalking it up to gains. I know my quads and glutes have gotten bigger and that’s muscle weight dammit!

My intake on my macros hasn’t been perfect, I typically over on fats , calories and carbs and I miss protein by a little ( under ). 

This week I will focus on low fat protein, getting in more veggies and try to keep carbs balanced. I feel good about my lifts and the 8 million squats I seem to be doing, booty gains. 

Now onto the pics, I don’t see any changes personally but there has to be right? Who puts this much dedication into it without physically seeing results? 

Week 1 to Week 4

I’m not giving up, I’m going into this week 5 super focused. My iron levels are getting better ( I’m not nearly as fatigued) and I’m lifting heavier. My goal is to lean out and build muscle. 

How are my other Alpha ladies doing? 

Alpha Female Week 3 Progress Pics 


Before Weight 175.2 

Today’s Weight 174.6 

Coach changed my macros this week when I asked about lowering carbs and increasing fat. We changed them to these macros

P 175g

C 125g

F 71g 

I need to drink about 3-4 protein shakes a day to hit my macros on protein as I simply can’t eat that much. 

So we made some new changes for weeks 4-6 and I’m now increasing my carbs 

160g P 

150g C

56g F 

Here’s  the pics from weeks 1-3

Not sure I’m seeing much change but I’m only through the first phase. This week marks phase 2 and new workouts, more sets and heavier weights. 

The lifting part I’m loving and I like challenging myself to go heavier. This phase also incorporates HIIT on the treadmill which is awesome because it makes that 20 minutes fly by! 

So let’s see what happens this week, let’s hit those macro targets, let’s build some muscle and make some gains.

Low Carb Peanut Butter Cookies 

I love PB and I love cookies so it only made sense to make em Keto! This is a stupid easy recipe that anyone can make, because I suck at baking and I didn’t screw these up! 

You simply use

1c PB

1 egg

Vanilla extract , 1 tbsp 

6 packets stevia

Mix together, line a baking sheet with  parchment paper and drop 8 balls on sheet. Flatten with a fork 

Bake at 375  for about 15 minutes.

Here’s the stat’s

Alpha Female Week 2 Progress Pics

Week 2 Done! 

Weight lost 0lbs , I went from 175 down to 173 and back up to 175.8 this morning. This is frustrating. Yes I know muscle weighs more than fat but really, I’m logging all my food, hitting so close to my macros and working out like a beast- move scale dammit! 


My targets are 175g protein 170g carbs and 51g of fat. 

I’m always over on fat and my carbs and protein get pretty close. Carbs do go over some days too. Coach reevaluates these macros after 3 weeks on the program. I’m curious to hear what she has to say. 

After doing Keto I find it hard to eat low fat because I always understood that low fat meant chemical shit storm !!!! Added in sugars and crap to make things low fat. This was last nights low fat high protein meal – shrimp, low fat cottage cheese and cucumbers.

Workouts are going well and I’m even bumpin up the weights a bit. I still feel challenged so this is good. But, the proof is in the pictures so you tell me if you see changes. The scale sure doesn’t.

Now for the measurements 

Bust before 40

Bust now 40 same

Waist before 36

Waist now 36 same

Hips before 41.5 

Hips now 42 up .5

Left Bicep before 12

Left bicep after 12.5 up .5

Right bicep before 12

Right bicep after 13 up 1 

So my guns have grown but nothing else is shrinking urgh. 

Morning abs???? Are you in there Let’s see what happens in week 3 and pray that changes start. 

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