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Rock n Roll Las Vegas – day 1

Ok, grab a cup of coffee because this is going to be a long one! This is what time my day started

That’s am! I was on the road by 410am and headed for Pearson Airport in Toronto, a short 1.5hr drive. Traffic was not an issue at that time of day!
I made sure I had my new Bux mug full of java for the drive

However, I still managed a Timmie’s stop to refuel!


Made it to the airport with plenty of time, got to the ticket booth only to find out the plane was over sold by 25 people??? WTF, seriously? Air Canada really how does this happen? So I ask nice lady, please tell me what this means? I proceed to to the gate in the hopes that seats open up, dude there states it does not look promising! I EEG a poor lady who has been there since yesterday trying to get out! Brutes! Low and behold my prayers were answered and both e and nice lady made it, her husband did not and had to take a connecting flight! Crazy.
So I proceed to my seat to find this

Crew only? Um if you want me to serve drinks, this is a bad idea!

Then the plane was delayed an hour on the Tarmac, I watched them de ice it, always a good idea.

I arrive safely in Vegas and get all settled in on the 32nd floor.. A trend I’m setting, Detroit was 32nd floor too. I had a lovely view of the Palazzo, where I stayed last time.

Go figure, looks what’s right out the front door of the hotel

Oh yeah, super stoked!
I then headed over to the Venetian to the expo to pick up my packet

Easy to find, I came prepared but guess where I ended up

Yup, the dreaded solutions table. I was registered as a male, I don’t think so! Problems solved and then I shopped like it was my job! I grabbed super cute tops, hats,stickers, Gu and a crap load of free stuff.
I had to pose for a shameless photo op as well


Them I travelled the streets meeting strangers because that’s what I do Jennifer! Lol! I had to take a photo with this guy!

I played some slots, won 300 bucks and called it a day! It is now midnight , my time , 8pm Vegas tie and this chick needs to go to sleep! So peace out people and stayed tuned for day 2 adventures!

Oh boy!

I love my Yurbuds!

So during my Black Friday shopping I made darn sure to pick up myself a birthday present. Guess what I got, you betcha Yurbuds earphones. My biggest challenge was decided which color. My favorite is purple so I went with them.

Aren’t they pretty


I used them for the first time today during a very sweaty 6 mile dreadmill run and they were awesome. The sound quality was great and they honestly did not move in my ears . I love them! I am a very sweaty runner at the gym and they never once slipped or moved. I’m a believer!


See, I’m a sweaty beast!

So if you haven’t tried them I highly recommend them. I got mine at Target and they were only $29.99.

Happy running !

The end of week 8!

Week 8 half marathon training has ended and it makes me realize that the event is only 4 weeks away. This makes me nervous. I know I can do it, I’ve done it before but it is just getting so close. Eeekk! This weekend totaled 15 miles in the books , 5 Saturday and 10 today. Lets discuss!
Saturday was a busy day, it started off absolutely devastating when this happened

Oh yes, I was almost brought to tears. I was off to do an open house and figured I would treat myself to a Skinny half pump mocha peppermint mocha and a Christmas Blend coffee. I placed the 2 drinks on my dash sat down and the fell all over me and the car. Sad face!! Devastated. So I went back in to Starbucks and they totally comp’d me new drinks and gave me cloths to clean up with! I love my Starbucks.

Then after the open house I ran , my scheduled 5 miles in 49 minutes, not too shabby. Of course I was #PoweredbyBits for this run.

Sunday is long run day and I swear I saw flurries this am, again I almost cried. No please don’t snow! So I got all geared up in my Under Armour cold gear , I really wish the running tights had a drawstring by the way UA! I ate my Bits, filled up my bottle with G2 and stashed a GU packet in my bra! We were off!

This run was not epic by any means! It started off decent but by mile 6 my hammies started to tighten up and I had to walk it off a bit! I ate my GU hoping to get a little more energy and finished off my G2. Still not pretty but I finished it, all 10 miles. See


I take such awesome post run pics!



So , 15 miles for the weekend . I feel ok now and I am off to celebrate my mom’s birthday and I will treat myself to so yummy food!

Hope you have a great week peeps.

Gearing up for a Racing good time!

So if you haven’t heard yet, I have a race tomorrow . Oh you know, just a little 10k with some zombies! I pretty excited to do this run, it’s going to be a crappy rainy day but I don’t care, I’m running this one for fun. I thought I wanted to PR this one but that changed when I found out the forecast and the fact that this one is going to be fun.

So I headed to Toronto today to grab my race kit from Salomon Sports, they were super organized and made for a speedy pick up! I also took advantage of the free coffee coupon from Aroma Espresso Bar ( cuz I love my coffee) . I did get my race swag too! A good loot!

Then I just had to head over to veggie paradise – aka Whole Foods . I never miss out on a chance to visit this place! I loaded up on some fresh veg and fruit then proceeded to fill up my overpriced $13 to go box! A must!

Now really how can I be in Toronto without an Ikea stop? I found a bed frame I need but it is physically impossible to fit in a BMW ? Will return tomorrow in an Ikea friendly vehicle!

Most important run of the day was to the Bux for a coffee and a pumpkin scone ( another must have) .

Upon returning home dinner was a boxed frozen pizza and some garlic bread – carbo loading you say?

I was sure to lay out my costume for the race to make sure I forget nothing! Most important item to pack my Energybits!!! I can’t forget those little bits of heaven!

Now I rest up , work a few clients in the am and head back to the T Dot to race tomorrow. Race updates and pics to follow!






I think I can RUN??

Today was the very first day since surgery that I actually thought… I feel good.. I wanna run…I think I can???
But, I didn’t try… I am kind of afraid to bounce the new boobs around too much! My panni incision feels great and there is no pain or tenderness at all. I am thinking after the weekend I may just hit up the old YMCA and give er a whirl… I am sure there is a Wanted poster there because it has been almost 3 weeks since I have been there.

I am headed stateside next week to NY to see my WLS surgeon for my 2 year follow up appt.. I know they will be thrilled with my success. I am officially down 140lbs . I feel amazing and love my RNY. This trip will be most welcome as I am going solo ( no kids) so I will be shopping till I drop. There will be more running swag than ever this trip! I am also excitied about hitting up Victoria’s Secret, for obvious reasons!

Hope all my American friends have a wonderful Memorial weekend….

Peace out!

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