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21 Day Fix – Vegan Shopping List 


Ok friends , Monday is the day I start my own 21 Day Fix and today I got my shopping list prepared ! 

I am doing the Vegan challenge because uh obviously ! I am Vegan so here is how I am going to shop for my own challenge. 

If you want to do this with me – Simply use your Red containers for your proteins ( lean chicken, turkey,beef, seafood) 

Here is what will go into each of my color coded containers
GREEN – Vegetables 

Raw Kale


Brussels sprouts

Asparagus – 10 spears 


Beans ( string)

Peppers – cooked 

Carrots – cooked 

Cabbage – cooked


Mushrooms & onions- cooked

Lettuce – mixed dark greens 
PURPLE – Fruit








Banana – 1/2 large 

RED – Protein 

Firm organic tofu 


Vegan protein powder ( Shakeology) 

Veggie burgers 1 patty 

Beans – cooked

Lentils – cooked 
YELLOW – Carbs 

Sweet potato


Beans – black, chickpeas , kidney ( cooked )




Brown rice


Corn on cob – 1 cob


Oatmeal – large flaked or steel cut


Cracker – 8 whole grain 

Bread – 1 slice Whole Grain ( vegan – I like Squirelly brand ) 

Waffle – 1 whole grain 

English muffin – whole grain 1/2 muffin

Tortilla – whole grain 6 inch 
BLUE – Fats 

Avocado 1/4 of medium 

Raw unsalted nuts ( 12 almonds , 8 whole cashews, 14 peanuts) 


Coconut milk ( canned – full fat ) 

ORANGE – Snacks 

Raw nuts 

Raw seeds

Ground flaxseeds


Unsweetened Coconut 
TSP’s – extras 

Olive oil 

Coconut oil 

Nut butters 

Seed butters 


Water , water, water ( with fruit or veggie add ins ) 

Lemon or lime juice

Vinegars ( balsamic) 

Mustard ( Dijon) 


Spices ( not salt) 

Garlic and ginger

Now figure out your calories required – 

Take your weight in lbs X 11 = Baseline 

Take baseline + 400 = caloric needs 

Caloric needs -750 = target calories 

I’m in at 1506 so I am following the 1500-1799 chart for containers needed. 

Starting Sunday  I will be breaking down my menu plan and meal prep so you can follow along . 

We got this ! 

#Beachbody #Coach #21dayfix #vegan 

Here We Go – Marathon Training 

  Prepare for 18 weeks of marathon training blog posts coming your way ! 

I am running the  Scotiabank Toronto Marathon October 18,2015 

I am running it as a Digital Champion and can’t wait to share my training , how I’m doing and where my head is at posts! 

The training has commenced ! 

 Today is Day 1 Week 1 and guess what – it’s rest day lol . 

I’m going to follow Hal Higdon’s Marathon Plan again and pray I do not get hurt . I need to focus all my energy on running and not weights right now . I will still lift biceps and shoulders but my gym visits will be few and far between. My goal is to finish strong this time around and make my fellow Digital Champions proud! 

I can’t wait to get my new Altra Provisions 2.0 this week so I can get my toes in shape for this run season . My Hoka’s need to retire , they have killed my feet and caused me nothing but trouble . 

So folks  here’s to happy training , good weather and no injuries . 

Keep on running 


Getting Back to the Basics – A WLS Fail 

I’m failing my pouch , I’ve stretched it , I’ve gained weight , I am human . 

This August I will be 5 years post op Gastric Bypass Revision . This surgery is my tool , not my easy way out and I have failed it . I have eaten far too much food at a sitting , I’m drinking Diet soda and I am snacking . 


I confess , I admit it and I will FIX it . 

You see all these bad behaviors lead me to be the 284lb Fat Dawn that I was  


WLS is not easy , it’s not fail safe and yes you can gain weight back . I’m proof of it . Have I hit an ungodly number on the scale ? No – but I am not where I want to be . My lowest weight ever was 140lbs and I was happy there . I looked great and felt great . I am now sitting between 162-168lbs and I am Fluffy! I hate it but I know why I am and I know how to fix it . Am I fat , maybe ? Does society see me as an overweight person ? I hope not but I didn’t have this surgery to meet societies vision of how I am supposed to look . I did this for me and I need to fix this for me . This is how I look now – today 

Fluffy yes , Fat maybe but I have the tools to fix this . So how am I going to do it ? Easy , by getting back to the basics of WLS and following the rules . 

Like this 

1. Limit carb intake 

2. Eat more fruits and veggies

3. Chew each bite slowly and mindfully

4. No liquids with meals 

5. No Soda 

6. Take multivitamins 

7. Reduce portion sizes

8. Drink more H2O 

9. No more SUGAR or sweets

10. Focus on high protein foods ( vegan protein for me ) 

11. Reduce alcohol intake ( beer!) 

12. Stop snacking or grazing between meals 

13. Continue lifting weights and running 

Seems easy right ? 

Wrong – it is a head game and I need to tell my brain to listen and do these things . 

I will succeed , I will get back down to 140lbs and I will be happy . 

Being a vegan now it’s a little different to maintain my protein intake and I will have to research this pretty extensively . When I lost my initial weight I ate a lot of protein but it was all eggs, cheese, yogurt , meat and such – I can’t do that anymore . 

Ditching the soda and reducing the carb intake will help me – I know that as it worked before . 

So here’s to new beginnings , re teaching myself old habits and just getting back to the basics again . 

I got this ! 

If you run , then you are a runner 

Today is #NationalRunningDay and I see things posted all over social media about what makes each of us runners. 

IF YOU RUN , you are a RUNNER! 

So many people get beaten down by the idea they aren’t fast enough , run far enough or run often enough to be considered a “real” runner . Well I’m here to tell you that you are! 

I am slow , I don’t win awards but each and every run makes me a better runner . You see running is very much a head game , you start a run with your legs but by the end you are running with your heart and your mind ! Conquer that fear of running , push yourself and Do You ! Never let anyone tell you that you are not a runner , from 5k’s to ultras – we are all doing the same thing and it’s what we love . 


Keep running , keep smiling and don’t quit – because you are a “real” runner 

Sulphur Springs 50k Race Recap 


This was my second ultra 50k and it kicked my ass ! 

I ran 56k last year at RUTs and I thought running around a horse track was hard – nope trails are a bitch !  


31.5 miles in 8:42 on a gravel packed flat surface ! 

Well , let me just say I PR’d my 50k time on a way harder technical trail course ! Dundas Conservation Park is absolutely beautiful , it was a very cool 730 am gun time and I arrived early so I could get my bib and find my fellow RIF buddy Christa  

The course started with an awesome downhill – but of course that steep downhill turned into a hellish uphill when you had to climb it 3x. We ran a 10k loop then 2 20k loops . 

  The elevations were ridiculously hard – between trying not to trip over tree roots and rocks or just plain falling on your face , it was hard and my legs burned .  


 It was a stunning course and I saw lots of wildlife – even some kinda freaky wolf boy wild dog thing that I cannot explain but it ran towards me and I swear I crapped my pants I was so scared ! There were horses riding on the trails so a lot of poop dodging happened. 

Ultra aid stations were fully stocked and this Vegan runner had no problems refueling ! I was popping salt sticks like made because every uphill climb I got dizzy ! 

  My head started to take over about 20 miles in , my hips were shot my feet hurt and I was questioning weather or not I would finish that last loop. Then as runners significantly older than me kept passing me and shouting words of encouragement I knew I had to finish . As I made my final climb I saw a lady doing the 100 miler and she had to of been in her 70’s , she looked at me and said ” you are almost there , go get it ”  and I did – I climbed that last hill and ran to the finish !  

I ran an 8:30 50k on a much harder more challenging course and got myself a 12 min PR ! Earned! 

Every race teaches you more about yourself and what your body can do , don’t let your head make you quit . Remember why you started , dig deep and finish strong !  


Lentil Salisbury Steaks – Vegan ! 

Stupid Easy Recipe Alert! 
I love cooking with lentil because they are so diverse and easy , today I made an epic Salisbury Steak with mushroom gravy ! 

You will need 

1.5 cups dried brown lentils 

1 carton no salt vegetable broth

1/2 cup arborio rice

Breadcrumbs 3/4 cups

Salt pepper

Garlic & onion powder, Italian seasoning 

Bragg’s liquid aminos 1.5 tbsps

Package mushroom gravy 

Boil your lentils and rice in the vegetable broth until absorbed . 

Pour into a bowl and let cool . 

Add in spices and aminos , add breadcrumbs 

Form into parties 

Bake in a 375 degree oven for about 30 minutes . Mix up gravy meanwhile 

Add cooked patty to a slice of bread and top with gravy ! 


Vegan Brunch – Tofu Scramble 

Tofu scares me , I think I don’t like it ? You see I have had it in a few dishes and never liked it but now that I’ve crossed over to the vegan side I know I need to learn to cook it – properly . 

My initial attempt was a simple Tofu scramble for brunch . It was freaking awesome ! Here is how it went down . 

You will need 

1/4 block firm tofu ( I used organic) 

Diced onion, peppers and mushrooms


Tex mex seasoning, garlic salt, onion and curry powder 

Nutritional yeast 


First off , get some oil heating up in the pan and add your veggies to sautée  . Take your 1/4 block of tofu and wrap in a paper towel , press down on it with something heavy 

Take a fork and crumble the tofu in a dish , then add all the spices  


Add the tofu to the pan of veggies and cook for about 5-7 minutes .  Top with nutritional yeast ( about a tbsp) 


Serve with vegan sausages and marble rye toast and you got yourself a kickass brunch !  


Vegan Tacos – Cinco de Mayo 

I freakin love tacos , burritos and well pretty much anything you can wrap up ! Oh really anything Mexican , who are we kidding . So for this epic holiday I decided on some Vegan Tacos minus any kind of tequila ( that stuff will kill ya) . 

Here what I used 

1/2 package Gardein crumbles

1/2 can black beans rinsed and drained

Diced red/green peppers

Diced red onion 

1 tbsp of cumin, garlic powder and chili powder 

1 cup frozen corn 


1 package of precooked rice 

Daiya cheese , avocado lettuce for topping 

Sautee peppers and onion in oil  


Add Gardein crumbles to pan 


Add corn and beans and warm thru , then add in the pre cooked rice – I used this 

Once warmed thru , top your wrap with meat , lettuce , salsa,Daiya and avocado .  


Wrap it up ! 


Happy Cinco De Mayo Day ! 

Lululemon Love! 

So , awhile back I tweeted how I’d rather wear Nike than Lulu . Well the very kind people over at Lululemon wanted to change my mind . 

They sent me a pair of Run For Days Crop pants and a Var City Tank 


Well what’s a girl to do when she get new run gear ? SHE GOES FOR A RUN ! 

I am super fussy when it comes to my run gear , my pants have to be tight , they have to have a drawstring and my shirts need to be flowy and comfortable . 


These crops fit like a glove , absolutely perfect and they have a drawstring and a back zippered pocket . LOVE 

The top is loose and made of breathable sweat wicking fabric . LOVE 


I headed out in the most glorious of conditions , finally tank top weather and ran a little 3 mile taper run .  


I was super pleased , the pants didn’t ride down my butt , I never had to adjust them and the top had constant air flow through the mesh . I was hot and sweaty but you wouldn’t know it looking at my gear . I think I may have found my Race Day outfit for Sunday’s GoodLife Fitness Toronto Marathon ! 

Thank you again for your generosity Lululemon , you have a new follower and loyal customer . I will be adding to my running collection many more of these items ! 

* Disclaimer – I received these items at no cost however all opinions expressed are my own . 

Vegan Taco Soup 

The weather here in Canada is damn cold today so I needed to whip up a nice warm comfort meal. Taco Soup it is! 
Here is what you will need

Vegan Taco Soup 

1 can of black beans, lentils,chickpeas and kidney beans ( rinsed and drained)

1 onion diced

3 large carrots sliced

Olive oil 

Sliced mushrooms 

Frozen corn 

1 28oz can tomatoes

1 carton Vegetable broth 

Macaroni noodles

Garlic powder, cumin and chili powder 

In a large stock pot heat oil and sauté onions, mushrooms and carrots until tender

Add beans to pot 

Add tomatoes and broth , then season 

Let simmer on low for about 30 minutes , then add corn and 1 cup of macaroni ( I used a vegan quinoa macaroni) 

Cook until noodles are tender , serve with shredded Daiya cheese ! 


Yum freaking oh ! 

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