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I Get To Meet Tosca Reno and You can Too!

*This post has been written as part of the canfitpro world fitness expo Ambassador Program 

In just a few short weeks Toronto’s Metro Convention Centre is being taken over by some of the worlds top fitness experts! 

You see, the canfitpro world fitness expo is being held there August 12-16th. 

Who am I most excited to meet? 

Tosca Reno!

 She is the author of the Eat Clean Diet and I am fangirling! I am a huge advocate for healthy clean non processed foods and I love her approach to that. 

I also love that she stays so fit and active at her age ( I am not revealing that). 

Now here is the cool thing. You can come to this event too , all you have to do is enter my Rafflecopter giveaway for a free 1 Day Registration. 

Click on the link 
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Here’s a link toTosca Reno sessions that are being held. 

How cool is that? 

Plastic Surgery -it ain’t pretty 

attention – graphic surgical pic ahead , leave now if you don’t like this kinda stuff 
As you all know , I am 5 years post op bypass revision , I lost a ton of weight and I had a tummy tuck to get rid of excess skin. Well that tuck left me with “dog ears” which are basically little floppy pieces of skin where the cuts end on hip to hip scars. 

Are they a big deal? Kind of because they are visible and stick out which makes me uncomfortable . My plastic surgeon is amazing and my tuck scar blended nicely so I knew we had to fix this . 

I went in yesterday for what I thought was just a little freezing and a nip and tuck – 2 hours later and a whole lotta stitches later I left bandaged up 

I had no idea the extent of the incision until tonight when I was able to shower , remove the dressings and check it out – HERE COMES THE GROSS PICS – LOOK AWAY NOW if you don’t like stitches 

These pics don really do it justice by the right hip incision is 5 inches and the left is 4.5 . 

I feel great and will not run until I feel 100% and am looking great to just modified workouts . 

12 days and the stitches come out . 

Meal Plan Day 9 – 21 Day Fix 

Um , did we miss a few days ? 

Yes , I was in the U.S. For my 5 year post op gastric bypass revision appt . I tried to make sure I stayed on track but there were a few slip ups and that’s ok because life happens . 

I’m home now so here is what I ate today 

Meal 1 

❤️ 2 eggs

💚 diced veggies

Meal 2 

💚 salad 

🍊 dressing 

❤️ 6 slices deli turkey

Meal 3 

💜 banana 

Meal 4 

💛 potato 

💚 cooked carrots

❤️ tilapia 

Meal 5 

💛 2 pieces bread

❤️ deli turkey 

💚 lettuce & tomato 

💜 fruit 

No Shakeology today because I just wasn’t hungry for it ! 
I did Upper Fix this am and did a 3 mile run .  

Meal Plan – Day 5 , 21 Day Fix 

I saved all my carbs for Pizza ! 

Meal 1 

1❤️ 2 eggs

1💚 sautéed veggies

Meal 2 

1❤️ chicken breast

1💚 romaine 

1🍊 Caesar dressing

1/2 💙 cheese  
Meal 3 

1❤️ 2💛 1💚 1💙 = PIZZA

This was so worth it ! I’ve been vegan and I missed this pizza from my local pizzeria ! 

Meal 4 

1❤️ Shakeology 

3💜 banana and frozen berries 
Not a perfect day but still working out and making conscious desicions . 

Meal Plan Day 4 -21 Day Fix 

Well , I didn’t eat enough today ! 

It’s 8pm and I have only had 4 meals today and need to get my snack in . 

Here’s how the day went down 

Meal 1 

1 ❤️ 2 eggs – hard boiled 

2💛 2 pieces of toast 

  Meal 2 

1❤️ meatloaf 

1💚 cucumber 

1💙 hummus 

Meal 3 

1❤️ Shakeology

1💜 frozen fruit

1 tsp almond butter

Meal 4

1❤️ chicken breast 

1💛 rice 

1💚 cucumber and carrots 

Meal 5 

1💜 whole banana 

1🍊 almonds

1 tsp PB 

I’m lacking on 2 💚 containers but I just don’t want any veggies now so what can ya do? 

Oh well , tomorrow’s a new day! 

We got our Pilates Fix in though 

Pilates Fix

Meal Plan Day 3 – 21 Day Fix 

Still not starving ! 

This is good because everytime I start a new “diet” or “lifestyle” I’m freaking ravenous and want to eat my face off . 

And guess what – I’m not even craving sugar ? Seriously , and y’all know this girl loves cupcakes . 

So here is what I ate Wednesday 

Meal 1 

1 ❤️ 4 slices turkey bacon

2💛 English muffin

1💚 tomato and lettuce 

Meal 2 

1❤️ chicken breast 

1💚 salad 

1🍊 balsamic/sesame seeds

Meal 3 

1❤️ Shakeology 

1💜 fruit 

1💙 cheese 

Meal 4 

1❤️ pork chop 

1💚 roasted cauliflower

1/2💛 corn 

Meal 5 

1/2💛 bread 

1 tsp PB 

1💜 banana 

1💚 celery 
I ate a very late supper but will be out late so I will have my snack before bed . 

21 Day Fix – Meal Plan Day 2

Today was a good food day , I felt full and was not hungry . Yesterday by 4pm I was starving without protein so I made the switch to add in meat and it helped – Big Time ! 

Here’s my Container Plan for Day 2 

Meal 1 

1❤️ container – 2 eggs

1💚 container – diced veggies 

1💛 container – sweet potatoes 

Meal 2 

1❤️ Shakeology 

1💜 1/2 banana 

Meal 3

1💙 cheddar cheese

1❤️ 6 deli turkey slices 

1💚 tossed salad 

1🍊 balsamic dressing 

Meal 4 

1💜 1/2 banana 

Meal 5 

1❤️ ground chicken&turkey meat loaf 

1💛 sweet potato 

1💚 green beans

Meal 6 

1💛 bread 

1💜 1/2 banana 

1 tsp PB 

Activity – Upper Body Fix 

3 mile run   

Feeling good ! 


Day 1 – The “Before” photos 

This is the last time I will see these pictures , big changes are going to happen . So here we go ! 

Front Photo 

Side Photo 


Here are my stats 



I’ve just finished the first workout , Total Body Cardio ! 

Now it’s time for my Shakeology and work ! 

30 minutes a day , that’s all you need ! Make the time for fitness and you will be rewarded ! 

Meal Prep – 21 Day Fix ,Day 1 edited * Meat Added

It’s Sunday so that means meal prep and I am so ready . 

This week I begin my 21 Day Fix  Beachbody Challenge and I cannot wait to see results !  

 Tomorrow I will document the weight , measurements and dreaded before photos ! 

After seeing this awesome video I figured I could explain how I packaged up my meals . 

Here is a look at Day 1  


Meal 1 

💛 container – Oatmeal ( large flake) 

💜 container 1/2 banana 

Meal 2 

💜 container frozen berries 

❤️ container Shakeology 

Tsp – almond butter 

Meal 3 

💚 container Mushrooms, onions, peppers

❤️ container Veggie Burger 

💛 container Brown rice 

Meal 4 

💚 container cucumbers 

💙 container hummus 

💜 necatarines 

Meal 5 

💚 container squash

❤️ container Boneless skinless chicken breast

💛 container Sweet potato 

Meal 6 

💚 container diced onions & peppers 

❤️ container 2 eggs

🍊 container – raw almonds 

Tsp – olive oil 
I am on the 1500 calorie plan so it calls for 4 💚 , 3 💜, 4 ❤️, 3 💛, 1 💙, 1 🍊 and 4 tsps. 

This is a lot of food and I will attempt to have it done by 7pm . 

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