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Going KETO

I have been doing a lot of research over the past few weeks into a lifestyle that both intrigues me and scares the crap out of me. You see , the World Health Organization just labelled bacon a carcinogenic in sort. Yes, fatty foods are bad for you. Well, I am not one to just believe everything I read so I wanted to do my own little digging. 


I hold onto carb calories like no ones business. I look at a sandwich and gain 3lbs. When I first had my Gastric Bypass revision done it was nailed into my head to eat protein and little to no carbs. I did just that and 144lbs fell off me over the years. But to now introduce a Low Carb High Fat ( LCHF ) diet is confusing. It all stems down to the fact that you need energy throughout the day , eating carbs quickly turns calories into glucose causing you to crash quickly. Here is a link to a great read Keto genic Diet Resource .

This is something I’m willing to try, I am not saying it is going to be lifelong for me. My primary goal right now is to lean out. I do not need to make any gains in my size for lifting. My only issue will be when I do start running again, I know I will need some carbs.

So what is my daily meal plan going to look like? Lots and lots of eggs! 

My macro ratio that I’ve set into My Fitness Pal is fat = 70% protein = 20% carbs = 10%

Breakfast will be 2-3 eggs and pork sausages and coffee with heavy cream or coconut milk( from the can).

Post workout I won’t be consuming anymore shakes because it will cause my macros to be too high in protein. I will instead eat a hard boiled egg, cheese or Greek yogurt. 

Lunch will be a salad with full fat ranch dressing and a fat ( sausage,bacon and avocado) I might also have a steak or chicken with lunch. Tuna with mayo is another good lunch idea or salmon with mayo both on a romaine leaf. 

Snacks will be nuts( almonds or macadamia) , fat bombs, veggies and ranch, Quest Bars , deli meat and cheese roll ups, cheese strings

Supper will be chicken thighs, pork cutlets,steak, ham steaks, Italian sausages, beef burgers, meatballs wrapped in bacon &  all paired with either salad, broccoli, asparagus or green beans. 

I will still drink a ton of water and coffee and tea. 

My big challenge is getting bored of the same foods so I will definitely be trying out recipes so stay tuned. 

Fat bombs are going to be my best friend for noshing on in the car I just need to experiment with them. I also am going to need to make a Costco run pretty soon to stock up on meat and coconut oil.

Here we go! Happy Fat Days

Sunday Dinner – Pillsbury Chicken Pot Pie

I worked all day today so I wanted an easy quick prepare dinner for the fam jam. So I decided to make a pot pie, easy peasy style. 

Here’s the steps to making this dish 

Go to the grocery store and grab a rotisserie chicken and demolish it! Place all the meat in a baking dish, then cover the meat with frozen mixed vegetables. Then add 1 can of Progresso Chicken Pot Pie soup or cream of chicken soup. 

Then top with a package of Country Biscuits 

Cover with foil and bake at 375 degrees for about 25 minutes, remove foil and let cook another 5 minutes until biscuits are browned.  


The kids will love this easy peasy one dish meal that screams comfort food! 

Down but not out! 

Surgeon visit today! Results – IMMOBILE 


I have to be in a non weight bearing cast and on crutches until I get an MRI done. The navicular area shows both stress changes and tendinopothy from the bone scan. I need to stay off it until we know exactly what the plan is. On my way to the appt I did managed to snap a hospital selfie  

Go Jays Go lol. Any ways this cast will keep me down but not mentally. This is my bodies time to heal from a pretty hard summer. Running the GoodLife full marathon in May then 3 weeks later the Sulpher Springs 50k trail and then a week later the RUTs 50k kinda did me in! I continued to train hard all summer on my bum foot leading up to yesterday’s Scotiabank full ( which I did not run) . 

So now I will sit on my couch and crochet blankets, do upper body weights and plan out next summers races. I know I will be back, this is just a minor set back and my heart and my head still work . I am grateful! 

So here’s to not getting fat on the couch and just taking the time to heal my body. 

Happy running to my peeps! Keep at it! 

Head up wings out #Oiselle 

Navicular Stress Fracture – Now What? 

I’m officially in Da Boot!  

Now What? 

Well for starters it means I will Not be running the Scotiabank marathon on Sunday and this is mucho upsetting. I was honored to be selected as a Digital Champion for this event and my ultimate goal was to run and have a great time. Not happening. 

So let’s rewind as to how this all unfolded – and I’m super pissed! 

I had my bone scan done the end of September and I have been stalking my family Dr daily asking for results ( I needed to know if I was running ). I was told daily ” he’ll call you if there is anything wrong” . So I ran on Sunday and I was hurting – like ice and rest and elevate hurting. Called my Dr and politely asked to have the nurse call me asap. 

I decided to go to ER because it was hurting and will lying in the triage bed the nurse calls ” the Dr said if it still hurts you can come in tomorrow for an appt” – nothing else is said. I politely mentioned I was sitting in ER and that was not necessary. The ER comes in and says ” Dawn , why are you running with a stress fracture – you can’t be running you need to get into a boot asap” 

Me – ” huh , what ? I actually do have a stress fracture? Nobody told me ” 

She was a shocked that my family DR failed to convey to me said findings as they were clearly reported on my bone scan  

“Findings in keeping with mechanical stress changes of the navicular” 

Well well. I said I wouldn’t quit running until someone told me to stop and she did. 

I was sent to the fracture room to get fitted with an air cast and orders to see the ortho on Monday. 


I plan on hitting the gym 5x a week still and absolutely destroying my back, biceps, chest and core! I will continue to post my workouts because I know there are others in the same boat as me and I want to encourage and motivate them to stay active. 

So here’s to happy Bi building and no weight bearing activities for awhile. 

Goal # 1 – DONT GET FAT! 

Goal # 2 – STAY ACTIVE! 

Why the Y can kiss my A**!

Oh boy , this girl is fuming! 

I am a very loyal gym goer and my home gym is and will always be GoodLife Fitness but I decided to activate my Y pass a few weeks ago so that when I needed a run I could go. 

Well , this past week they put up fancy shmancy neon signs everywhere with their ” Rules “. One of them being – cardio is limited to < 30 minutes from 8-11am and 4-8pm. Huh? What? This gym is never packed and I have never seen a line up for the cardio , if there was such a line up then yes I would abide by the “time limits”. 

Then this am was the kicker which led my to this mood  

I was on the bike this am with the other 5 people in the gym and I received an important business call, I had my ear buds in and I was talking into my phone quietly, when Mr ” 70 year old trainer” comes up and says – ” you can’t be talking on your phone ” I explained my situation and that I’d be off in a sec – Nope – get off the phone. I’m like well you are talking to that other old dude , what’s the difference? The number of people who stand around and “talk ” in that gym is phenomenal. What the fuck is the difference if I’m talking into a portable electronic device asshole. I’m not bothering anyone. I promptly left the gym to head to the crowded change room with the other seniors then threw my membership at the front desk and gave them some honest, heart felt feedback about their facilty – which is basically a Senior Rec Plex! If you aren’t 80 and with a walker you do not matter! 

Here is my biggest issue – I PAY THE SAME AS EVERYONE ELSE , so – why are you not limiting the number of reps/sets  a person  can do in the squat rack? I may have spent too much time on the mat stretching – better limit floor time? 

This is a joke ! 

I am an athlete , training for something. Do Not tell how, when or how long I can train for when I pay the same $$$ as every other member here! 

So it’s safe to say – today I told the Y to KISS MY ASS! You are no longer getting my money, I refuse to support you in the community and I will continue to train at my “Real” gym. 

Thank you for absolutely nothing! 

Low Carb NOT No Carb

I need to drop some serious lbs because I am still far too fluffy for my liking! 

How am I going to do this? 

Low Carb NOT no carb!

You see there are people out there that believe you must eliminate all carbs from your diet in order to drop weight – I highly disagree! I need carbs to function – I am a runner and lifter so my body needs these in order to effectively train.  

Here is a link to why you need to choose good over bad Carbs .

I love beans and lentils and will be incorporating these into my meal prep. 

Last year I wrote this post High protein low carb meal prep and it is one of my most viewed posts. It gives an idea as to what I plan on eating in a day. 

I’m heading out to the grocery store now to stock up on eggs, avocado, sweet potato, lean deli meat, cheese and loads of animal protein ( I did stock up on quite a bit at Costco ).

My goal is to lean out , not worry about the scale ( haven’t weighed myself in weeks) and just focus on good ole clean eating with protein and vegg! 

Let’s do this 

A PR is a PR no matter where you earn it 

Wow , today was the day! 

Sunday’s are my long run days and after checking the weather I knew my run today was going to be inside. 

My body was tired and sore from a busy day of moving furniture yesterday so I decided that I would not set an alarm this am and I’d just go when I was ready. Good call on my part because I slept in, had coffee and breakfast. 

I had no distance planned for today. I figured I’d let my body and mind decide what I needed to do today. Running on the treadmill is such a mental experience for me because it’s so easy to just hit that stop button and quit. 

Today I did not do that. I was pacing well the first 4 miles 

I felt great and I had no interest in quitting anytime soon. Miles 5-10 were decent and I was pretty hot but I still wanted to keep going. 

Then I started throwing out negative splits and I was trying to remember my time for my last half marathon PR , which was at the Nike Women’s Half and I was on track to beat it. 

After burners engaged and I did it by a solid 2 minutes. 

Does it still count because it was on a treadmill? 


Miles are miles and all miles count so this is a bonafide PR in my eyes. 

I recovered with some Vega 

Which will always be my go to protein post run and I got a Packers Win too . 

This is currently the Best Day Ever! 

Cheers to the weekend, hope y’all PR’d today too! 

canfitpro – Recap 

*This post has been written as part of the canfitpro world fitness expo blog ambassador program, all opinions expressed are my own.

Last Saturday I had the privlege of attending the canfitpro world fitness expo at the Toronto Metro Convention Centre. 

It was the biggest fitness expo I have ever seen. Thousands of fitness professionals attended, classes were held and lectures were given. 

I learned some amazing things, tasted some new products and even did a tramp class with Tosca Reno – this is WAY out of my comfort zone!
After a few hours of wandering the expo hall I was honored to get a 1 on 1 interview with the Eat Clean whiz herself – Tosca !  

Here’s the You Tube link to view the interview 

Q&A with Tosca Reno 

Now it is difficult to ask someone who has been interview a million times “new” questions but I tried! 

After my interview I grabbed a sushi lunch , attended more lectures and product searched. 

I was definitely overwhelmed with everything there and I am hoping to attend again next year so I can better plan for the day- I’d like to do more fitness classes. 

Overall it was an amazing experience and I am happy to have been chosen to represent for this event. 

Cheers to all and have a Happy and Fit weekend! 

canfitpro world fitness expo Giveaway – Winners Have been Chosen! 

*This post has been written as part of the canfitpro world fitness expo blog ambassador program 

This is your last chance! 

I am giving away 2 free 1 day registrations to this event canfitpro world fitness expo in Toronto August 12-16th. 

Entry is easy , first 2 people to comment on who they want to see at this event wins. 

Here are just a few of the celebrities that will be at the expo 

○ Tosca Reno – Eat-Clean Expert
○ Rita Catolino – Transformation Coach

○ Loren Cordain – The Paleo DietTM author

○ Eric the Trainer – Hollywood physique expert

○ Kathy Smart – North America’s Gluten Free ExpertTM 

○ Mandy Gill – Crossfit competitive athlete

How awesome is that! 

Ready Set Go – first 2 comments WINS

Ditch The Scale For Good! 

I am so guilty of this , Not ditching the scale ! 

When you are a WLS patient the scale means everything to you. You have massive amounts of weight to lose and you need to see it coming off. 

Once you hit Maintenon mode it does not come off as easily and then you start to question – Am I Done? 

Well you see, the scale is a finicky little tool that can fluctuate daily. For example I weighed myself Monday am , Tuesday am I was down 3lbs then today I am up 2 lbs. Seriously??? WTH is going on? 

I know better than this , I lift weights 6x a week and do about the same for cardio so my body is changing. 

We need to learn to pay attention to our bodies , look at them, measure them and appreciate the changes it making. 

Lifting weights build muscle and we all know that muscle weighs more than fat so if you are strength training you may even see an increase in your numbers – Don’t Dwell on it! 

We women also have monthly cycles which can contribute to weight changes so don’t even count those weights , they are incorrect. 

For me personally I take measurements, watch how my clothes fit and I pay attention to the signs my body is sending me – for example Bloat! If I eat too many carbs or drink a little too much beer over the weekend – Bammmm I look 4 months pregnant ( which I am not nor will ever be again ) 

Yes I am guilty of checking my weight , sometimes daily , BUT I do not let that number on the scale define me. 

I started another round of 21 Day Fix and yes I checked my weight but I know that losing inches is what will make me happy , just not in my biceps because I’m trying to grow them ! 

So for all you folks trying to lose weight, please don’t focus on that stupid number. Keep track of your physical changes , take before and after pics – you will see a difference. Proof is in the pics! 
Buh Bye Scale ! 

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