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Quest Strawberry Protein Muffins

This “recipe” makes 24 mini muffins and No Guilt! Eat and enjoy! 

You will need 

P28 Foods strawberry pancake mix 1/3c X 3

2 scoops Quest Nutrition strawberry protein 

2 strawberries

2 cups water 

Candy sprinkles

Mix together and fill greased muffin tins 

Bake at 325 for about 10 min, here’s the calorie/macro info. 

Now these aren’t sweet so if you want you can add some stevia to the mix. 


Pizza Crust Cinnamon Buns

You know when you are just craving cinnamon buns and simply do not want to make it from scratch – well you do it Inkdgirl style (seriously , I do nothing from scratch)

I decided to make the kiddies a quick and easy dessert with what I had on hand. So this happened !

Pillsbury Pizza Crust Cinnamon Buns

1 can of Pillsbury pizza crust
3/4 cup of butter
Coconut sugar
Brown sugar

Cream the butter with the coconut sugar and cinnamon – I did not measure spices as I just kept tasting it until it was good !



Spray a baking sheet with Pam then roll out the crust. Add the butter mixture spreading it evenly , sprinkle a little more cinnamon on top


Roll up the crust


Slice and spread buns evenly on the baking sheet , sprinkle a little brown sugar on top


Bake at 350 degrees for about 12-14 minutes , let cool


Top with this Sugar Free syrup or icing



So freaking easy and yummy !

It’s Apple Crisp Season !

I typically am not a fan of apples , yeah you read that right . I don’t know what it is but I just would rather eat other fruit, but I love a fresh baked warm from the oven apple crisp and I have a super easy recipe for ya.

Step 1
Take 5-6 apples , peeled and sliced , place in a greased 8×8 in pan and add some Apple pie spice and 1/2 tbsp flour . Mix together




Step 2

In a separate bowl combine 2/3 cup of flour , 3/4 cup brown sugar , 1/2 tsp of cinnamon , 1/3 tsp of nutmeg ,2 cups of large flake oats and 2/3 cup of melted butter



Step 3
Use the oat mixture to top the apples , then drizzle agave syrup on top



Step 4
Bake at 375 degrees for about 30 minutes . Let cool then serve with ice cream or whipped cream.



Enjoy , bring it on Fall!

The Easiest Cheesecake Recipe Ever !

I swear to god this is the easiest , simplest cheesecake recipe you will ever need . It can be made sugar free and lactose free too !

Here is what you will need

1 container of sour cream ( can use lactose free)
1 can of Blueberry or Cherry pie filling ( can use sugar free )
1 box of Jello pudding mix – vanilla or cheesecake flavor ( can use sugar free)
1 premade Graham pie crust


Empty the container of sour cream in a mixing bowl , add in the pudding mix and stir


Place this mixture into the pie crust


Spread the pie filling on top of sour cream mixture



Cover and let chill in the fridge for 30 minutes before serving .

Seriously , how freaking easy was that !

You are welcome !

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