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High Protein Egg Bowl Breakfast 

Looking for a grab and go breakfast that is high in protein , good carbs and fat? Get yourself an egg Bowl! 

I used Old El Paso stand n stuff taco bowls 

I used 5 eggs, splash of milk, 2 cheese sticks , 3 oz deli ham and 1/4 diced orange pepper. 

Just fill up the bowls , pop in the oven at 375 for about 15 minutes – until eggs have set! 

Here’s the macros stats 


High Protein Low Carb Breakfast

With my new lifting program starting in January one of my main goals is to fix my meal plan. I need to ditch these dang carbs asap! It is so easy for me to just grab a slice of toast with PB on the way out the door but this needs to stop.

Today I worked on prepping a quick and easy out the door egg muffin.

Here is what happened


I used a carton ( the big one) of egg whites , sliced mushrooms, diced peppers, onions, 1/4 cup of oats and Mrs Dash

Mixed all these together


Sprayed a muffin tin with Pam and ladled the egg mix in


Baked at 350 until done , not sure how long that was? Maybe 10-13 minutes


I have made these many times before but usually with ham , cheese and whole eggs . This time I wanted to cut calories but make sure protein was high.
I will eat 2 of these on the way out the door after my coffee!

Easy peasy !

Mexi Egg Foldit Wrap

This is not just for breakfast !
This easy peasy ready in 5 minutes meal is great for those of us in a rush !

All you need is

Diced onion and green pepper
1 egg
1 slice of Havarti cheese
1 Flatout Foldit wrap
1/2 an avocado


Sautée onions and peppers in a pan , add the egg.
Place your Foldit wrap in the toaster like I did in the above pic.
Add Havarti cheese to the egg.

Add salsa to the toasted wrap , lay egg on it , top with avocado and more salsa !


See , easy peasy !

I made this breakfast while creating a new recipe for tonight’s blog post !

This one is going to be epic so stay tuned !

Flatout “BLAT”- Eat your Breakfast

I always , always eat my breakfast daily because it gets your metabolism going and tells your body to Wake Up !

This is what went down today!


Bacon , lettuce, tomato and avocado


Easy peasy – you will need 1 Flatout Foldit wrap
1/2 avocado
1 leaf romaine
1/2 tomato
Few pieces of cooked bacon

Now you do not need high calorie mayo on this because of the avocado
Simply heat up your wrap , I do this


Assemble and eat !



Quest Bar PB Oatmeal!

I love love love Questbars!

Everytime I head to the US I hit up a GNC store and buy them by the case! This is the ONLY packaged protein product you will see me eat! Besides protein powder of course!

Here is what hugged my tummy this morning


Today was a hurry up and get out of the house kinda morning so breakfast needed to be quick!

I simply made 2 packets of sugar free Maple & Brown sugar oatmeal, added a big spoonful of peanut butter and 1 warmed up Quest Bar ,broken into pieces

Easy yummy and full of protein



Do you eat package protein bars?
What is your favorite?

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