Since I’m on my journey to eat more plants I tried out this recipe and it was amazing! I adapted/edited it from High Carb Hannah’s you tube video.

Here is what you will need 

1 onion diced

1 carrot chopped

2 yellow potatoes diced 

1 red pepper chopped 

Handful of chopped kale 

1 bag frozen corn 

1 cup red lentils 

Vegetable soup base powder, 1 tsp

Onion powder chili powder 

1 can coconut milk

2 cups water 

Add everything to the instant pot but the milk and water.

Add in milk and then fill empty can with 2 cans water 

Set pot to 22 minutes manual 

I let mine then sit for 30 min on the Keep Warm cycle, it thickened up nicely 

Serve with a big ole hunk of bread and enjoy

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