2013 – Veggie fueled runner was pretty much my “go to” tag line across social media. It got me connected with some pretty awesome people. I was lean, felt good but I was also labeled. From this point I went vegan after a few years which further placed that “label” on me. I was so worried I’d slip up and eat something non vegan and then the world of social media would call me out on it ( it happened once when I used a pasta that contained eggs) I got slammed ! But , I really liked my life as a veggie fueled runner. 

Fast forward to 2017 and things became a lot different. Biggest difference is about a 45lb weight gain 

I gained muscle too though. I began focusing on protein so much that I know I lacked nutrients, I can’t eat a chicken breast then eat a pile of veggies – my lil ole pouch just won’t let me ( bariatric surgery , rny ) . I actually started to feel really awful lately, I even went to the Dr’s today and bloodwork is ordered. My obsessive behavior with macro tracking and protein consumption took over. 

So without labeling myself I have decided to live a more “plant based” life without the restrictions of calling myself vegan. My new focus is on healing my body with more carbs – like oodles of potatoes and fruit! I like these things and so does my pouch. I refuse to buy into the overly ridiculous vegan product lines though. I’m sorry but I will not spend $9 on a tub of “non dairy” cream cheeze. I’ll figure out how to make my own stuff. 

Rewind back to 2013 when I was also running 5x a week. That is going to happen again. I was plagued by injury post 50 miler and just gave up on the idea that I’d ever run pain free again. Well I pretty much took a full year off and today I ran! 

I DIDN’T SUCK! I actually ran pretty decent for someone who has done little to no cardio for a really long time. 5k in 31 minutes, I’ll take it! 

Things I’m About To Hear ——

Are you still going to lift? How will you get your protein? If you don’t eat meat you can’t gain muscle? 

God damn right I’m going to lift.

I’ll will get protein from shakes and food.

There are many veggie fueled athletes who have muscles – Google it! 

I’m looking forward to posting more recipes and food blog posts in the future. Like I did back in the day! 

Here’s to another roller coaster ride that may or may not derail. Time will tell. 

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