Yup I admit it and I show no shame because I am truly dumb. Why you ask? Well my stupid little brain reads and reads and reads into every “quick fix” “try this” fat loss program offered and guess which one I turned to again? 

Keto – and it did not work for me AGAIN see this link from last time I tried it Click here

I really don’t know what “inspired me ” to try it again but I blame Instagram. I see all these transformations and think fuck it I need this. Well it does NOT work on RNY patients and it clearly states that if you are one you should not try this lifestyle. With our rearranged guts the intake of fat is too much to handle/digest and results in a very negative/angry colon. 

So I decided yet again to listen to the Science Gods over at Avatar Nutrition and I’m back on a reverse diet to build my macros up again. 

These are my current macros , I weighed in at 185 so I did manage to lose 3lbs while Doug Keto but I know where that weight loss came from! I also used the “protein boost” feature within Avatar to bump up my protein because as an RNY patient we need it. My carbs will mostly come from veggies and fruits and I will not be following an IIFYM lifestyle as that is too slippery a slope for me. 

My lifts definitely suffered last week on Keto as I was struggling hard with fatigue, fogginess and headaches. I know that is an early symptom of dropping carbs but I don’t like it at all. 

So if you guys want to check out Avatar Nutrition  I highly recommend it. These guys (Layne Norton And Katie Coles and Mark Springer) are scientists who have researched nutrition and have created this program which is totally individualized for each person. There are multiple settings for either fat loss, muscle gain or reverse dieting. It works because science has proven it! 

Now it’s time for me to stop reading bs Instagram feeds and do what’s right! 

Here’s to Reverse Dieting and making lifting gains! 

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