Today was an off day

Weigh in – 174.4 STILL!!! 

Breakfast – no pre workout 

1 egg, 2pcs WW bread and a protein shake

Lunch- 2 Wendy’s JR cheeseburger deluxe 😬

Workout – Done at home because I just couldn’t get to the gym 

BB curls 3×10 at 35lbs (all done with 3 sets)
BB bench press Close grip 3×10 35lbs
DB curls 3×10 10lbs 

Tricep extensions 3×15 10lbs

Ab workout – bicycle and leg raises to failure. 

Post workout – protein shake 

Supper – 

If it fits your macros #iifym then eat it !!!! 

I’ll make sure and get another casein shake in before bed! 

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