So lately I’ve been tossing around a few different ideas on how to cut weight while staying strong and not losing muscle. I think I’m going to give this Ketogenic Low Carb High Fat plan another go. 

I’ve been doing ALOT of research on it and I’m liking what I read. I have a Type 1 Diabetic daughter and significantly reducing her carb intake is the best thing I can do for her. It definitely won’t hurt me to cut back on some carbs too. 

I’ve been making some pretty damn good meals lately and tonight’s is and will always be a favorite . 

I took 6 chicken breasts, seasoned with a Southwest BBQ spice and wrapped in 1 piece of bacon. Cooked on MED heat in the oven the broiled to crisp up the bacon. 

Then I sautéed asparagus in bacon pieces , basically cooking the asparagus in bacon grease! 

Once played I topped the chicken with a mix of Caesar and Spicy Ranch dressing! Holy Yum! 

My macros are set for 70-25-5 fats, protein, carbs 

I’m still adjusting and my proteins and carbs aren’t quite perfect yet. I’ll get there. Follow along with me and I’ll let you know how quickly I tire or bore of this lifestyle- but for now it is All Bacon All The Time!