Being an injured runner sure does free up a lot of time. It allows me to research thugs that I’ve always been interested in but had no time for it. I was always consumed with running schedules and fitting training runs into my life. Seeing as I’m in the boot I have been researching this Ketogenic lifestyle and so far it fits me really well. 

Meals have been going good and I’m not getting bored yet, that typically happens when I try a new lifestyle. 

I whipped up this fancy ass meal for supper tonight and it literally took me 15 minutes to make it! 

Alfredo Chicken 

These are your ingredients

Add mushrooms , onions and garlic powder to a pan and sauté in olive oil or butter. When soft , add in the Ready to Eat pre cooked chicken strips, add in frozen broccoli , pour in heavy cream and parm!

Let simmer then add in shredded cheese. 

This tastes like a big ole comfort bowl of soup! Back in the day it would be served over penne with a French stick , but carbs are my enemy! 

Hope you enjoy!