I’m officially in Da Boot!  

Now What? 

Well for starters it means I will Not be running the Scotiabank marathon on Sunday and this is mucho upsetting. I was honored to be selected as a Digital Champion for this event and my ultimate goal was to run and have a great time. Not happening. 

So let’s rewind as to how this all unfolded – and I’m super pissed! 

I had my bone scan done the end of September and I have been stalking my family Dr daily asking for results ( I needed to know if I was running ). I was told daily ” he’ll call you if there is anything wrong” . So I ran on Sunday and I was hurting – like ice and rest and elevate hurting. Called my Dr and politely asked to have the nurse call me asap. 

I decided to go to ER because it was hurting and will lying in the triage bed the nurse calls ” the Dr said if it still hurts you can come in tomorrow for an appt” – nothing else is said. I politely mentioned I was sitting in ER and that was not necessary. The ER comes in and says ” Dawn , why are you running with a stress fracture – you can’t be running you need to get into a boot asap” 

Me – ” huh , what ? I actually do have a stress fracture? Nobody told me ” 

She was a shocked that my family DR failed to convey to me said findings as they were clearly reported on my bone scan  

“Findings in keeping with mechanical stress changes of the navicular” 

Well well. I said I wouldn’t quit running until someone told me to stop and she did. 

I was sent to the fracture room to get fitted with an air cast and orders to see the ortho on Monday. 


I plan on hitting the gym 5x a week still and absolutely destroying my back, biceps, chest and core! I will continue to post my workouts because I know there are others in the same boat as me and I want to encourage and motivate them to stay active. 

So here’s to happy Bi building and no weight bearing activities for awhile. 

Goal # 1 – DONT GET FAT! 

Goal # 2 – STAY ACTIVE! 

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