Man oh man , what to do what to do? 

Here’s the scoop and I ask for your input to help me in this decision. 

For about 6-8 months now I have been having some issues/pain in my right foot, I attributed it to running of course and have made every effort to ensure I’m running in the correct shoe. I’ve gone from Mizuno’s to Hoka’s to Altra’s ( these being my favorite) . I’m a hard overpronator and a heavy footed runner, so I figured this is what was causing all my issues. I determined that because I have this pain here  

Midfoot inner arch that I was throwing my gait off causing hip pain as well and very tight hamstrings. 

I rode it out, I thought stop being so fussy and just keep running you are fine. In May of this year I ran a full, 3 weeks later a 50k then a week later another 50k. This is when it really started to hurt. I proceeded on with my training for  Scotiabank Marathon and started ramping up the miles. My last long run of 17 miles was painful but not unbearable. Treadmill running is worse because I run more on my toes and this causes me way more pain. 

SO – I went to my family Dr yesterday and he is pretty confident that I have a Navicular stress fracture based on symptoms. I’m having X-rays today but we already know that stress fractures rarely show up on a standard X-ray, I’m waiting on a Bone Scan which can take weeks to months to get in. 

  So here is my Dilemma – the Dr says treat this as if it is a stress fracture until we are sure which means absolutely No weight bearing activities ( spin, run, walk, etc) NONE! 

BUT , my issue is what if it isn’t ? What if it’s just a soft tissue issue and I’m cleared – I’d have lost at least 4 weeks of training not running. 

My marathon is in 4 weeks , I don’t have time to waste. I figure get through this marathon and treat the issue after that if diagnosis isn’t made until then. 

What are your thoughts? 

I can still run , not well nor with any speed but I didn’t plan on “winning” this marathon for me it’s always about just finishing. 

Input greatly appreciated . 
Thanks friends