Make It Happen!
*This post has been written as part of the GoodLife fitness blog ambassador program. All opinions expressed are my own .


Each and everyday we must decide what is good for our mind, body and soul. For me it is getting out the door everyday and being active. This means a run, cardio or strength training for me. I need to be active every single day because it just makes me feel better, but the struggle to get out that door is REAL.

Did you know that

“According to a new survey conducted by Ipsos Reid on behalf of GoodLife Fitness, the most common barriers to going to the gym among Canadians are financial considerations (30%), lack of time (27%), fatigue (20%) and other commitments, such as work, family and volunteering (20%). When the same Canadians were asked what would motivate them to start going to the gym regularly, one in four respondents (25%) cited setting a personal goal or life choice as their top motivator.


Survey results also showed that the best motivators to get Canadians to the gym include a reliable training partner or friend to go with (20%), a health scare or doctor’s recommendation (18%) and convenient location of the gym (18%).”

Are you one of these statistics? Do you struggle to find the motivation to just start a fitness regime?

GoodLife Fitness     running a new campaign to get people motivated and inspired to start by simply listening to real people tell their story! Click on this link to get started on your own journey to health and happiness Make It Happen

I changed my life and so can you, find the courage to start, the motivation to keep going and then inspire others with your story and you WILL SUCCEED!