These are my opinions only – I am neither For Nor Against group runs. These are simply my own thoughts so No Judging! 

I have been asked many times to either join a running group or run with others during my training but I have never committed to it and here is my reasons. 

1. I Am Slow As Molasses! 

My pace has slowed significantly over the past few years, I started out running pretty strong but lately I just run slow. I’m 100% OK with this but I never want to be the last one in a group run that someone is Always waiting on. 

2. I Like To Be Alone. 

I am a very busy person who has a full time job and a family. I am connected to my phone 24/7 due to work and when I get a chance to run I want alone time. My phone gets put on Do Not Disturb and I go. No disruptions. 

3. I’m Not Going To Compete. 

Yes, there is always that “one” person who is the leader , the star, the best. They take over the run, push the pace and win at those training runs. ( I am aware this is Not always the case but admit it, it happens). If I am on a training run that’s what I’m doing , training – not competing. 

4. Commitment

I cannot always commit to a set schedule. My job is demanding and I fly by the seat of my pants most days. I run when I can and if I need to skip a run – I Do. 

5. Music

I need loud music buzzing in my head so I forget about my heart and brain beating like mad. Yes I have run/walked an entire 50k minus the tunes but I don’t want to talk/gossip on a run. I want Jay Z , Kanye and Motley Crüe blasting in my head. 

So this is me. I am not you. You may like group runs and that’s cool too. I don’t. 

Yes I agree there is an added motivation during a group run to go a little faster , finish strong and PR but I’m no elite runner- I’m just me , running because I love it. 

Peace out and happy running my friends.