As a mom juggling everyday life is hard , so add in the struggle of marathon training and you got a full dance card. BUT – my family will always come first. 

I have seen people let running consume them, I’ve been there. I have missed events before because I had to get a run in. 

Then I realized something – I am not an elite, I do not get paid for this and I will most likely never win any kind of AG award, this is ok! 

Running is my quiet time and my escape- it is my hobby and so is working out. Family is my life. 

This weekend I packed up my oldest daughter and sent her away to Ottawa for college ( rugby training camp starts earlier than school) and I was not missing that goodbye. 

It was also the mini divas year end soccer tournament and we spent 2 days on the pitch. I could have gotten up extra early to run but I honestly didn’t want too. I wanted to be fresh and ready to cheer my kid on. 

I will always have weekends to run but I will never get memories back. 

Family First 💜