Last week was an amazing week for me , I found focus and clarity again. 

I realized that I am a Runner and a Lifter – I am not a fitness coach. How can one claim to be such without any certifications behind them? By paying a $50 fee I became one? I don’t think so. 

Any who, I ran my heart out last week and had a successful 35 mile training week 

Half marathon distance on Sunday was awesome! I’m highly enjoying my Altra shoes and I am having Zero hip pain when running in them ! 

I feel like a runner again , I’m working on speed at the gym doing intervals but most importantly 


I love lifting and all aspects of strength training so incorporating them into my run program is huge. Leg days are back on the menu – just not too heavy ( I need to be able to walk) and I am back following Jamie Easson’s LiveFit program  

This program works , I’ve used it twice now and I do love it. I have added in some lifts because the phase 1 seems too “beginner” for me. The IPhone body space app is awesome for this program and I don’t have to carry around a notebook. 

So all is good in Dawn’s world again and the only thing I will be spamming you with are running and lifting posts. 

I hope I can still motivate and inspire people because thats what this is all about. Showing people it can be done and you don’t have to commit to anything, just try! 

You got this!