I am so guilty of this , Not ditching the scale ! 

When you are a WLS patient the scale means everything to you. You have massive amounts of weight to lose and you need to see it coming off. 

Once you hit Maintenon mode it does not come off as easily and then you start to question – Am I Done? 

Well you see, the scale is a finicky little tool that can fluctuate daily. For example I weighed myself Monday am , Tuesday am I was down 3lbs then today I am up 2 lbs. Seriously??? WTH is going on? 

I know better than this , I lift weights 6x a week and do about the same for cardio so my body is changing. 

We need to learn to pay attention to our bodies , look at them, measure them and appreciate the changes it making. 

Lifting weights build muscle and we all know that muscle weighs more than fat so if you are strength training you may even see an increase in your numbers – Don’t Dwell on it! 

We women also have monthly cycles which can contribute to weight changes so don’t even count those weights , they are incorrect. 

For me personally I take measurements, watch how my clothes fit and I pay attention to the signs my body is sending me – for example Bloat! If I eat too many carbs or drink a little too much beer over the weekend – Bammmm I look 4 months pregnant ( which I am not nor will ever be again ) 

Yes I am guilty of checking my weight , sometimes daily , BUT I do not let that number on the scale define me. 

I started another round of 21 Day Fix and yes I checked my weight but I know that losing inches is what will make me happy , just not in my biceps because I’m trying to grow them ! 

So for all you folks trying to lose weight, please don’t focus on that stupid number. Keep track of your physical changes , take before and after pics – you will see a difference. Proof is in the pics! 
Buh Bye Scale !