* This post was written as part of the GoodLife Fitness Blogger Ambassador program , however all opinions expressed are my own .

Ok ladies , summer is around the corner and we all want to be baring our arms – BUT that darn chicken skin hanging !

I have been putting a lot of work  into my upper body workouts  at  GoodLife Fitness and focusing on my biceps, triceps and shoulders .

I figured I would share with you some of these workouts so we call all bare those arms .

My favorite bicep exercises are

( all done with 10 reps x 3 sets)

Preacher curls with an EZ bar

Dumbbell concentration curls

Alternate hammer curls

Barbell bicep curls

Cable bicep curls with straight bar

Dual cable bi curls

Alternate incline dB curls

Now my favorite Tricep exercises

Standing Tricep extension

Cable Tricep pull downs


Bench Dips

Cable 1 arm Tricep extension

Now my favorite body part to work – Shoulders


DB shoulder press

Military push press

Alternating cable shoulder press

Front raise with plate

Side lateral raises

Bent over rear delt raise

Lying rear delt raise

Push ups

Reverse flyes

I find all my exercises and workouts on Bodybuilding.com . They have great videos and how to’s !

Make sure you pick a weight you are comfortable with and can safely lift for 10 reps. If you can’t then lower the weight . Once you get comfortable and the weights are easy it’s time to up them!

Here’s so nicely rounded shoulders , sculpted biceps and tri’s that pop.