Today is #NationalRunningDay and I see things posted all over social media about what makes each of us runners. 

IF YOU RUN , you are a RUNNER! 

So many people get beaten down by the idea they aren’t fast enough , run far enough or run often enough to be considered a “real” runner . Well I’m here to tell you that you are! 

I am slow , I don’t win awards but each and every run makes me a better runner . You see running is very much a head game , you start a run with your legs but by the end you are running with your heart and your mind ! Conquer that fear of running , push yourself and Do You ! Never let anyone tell you that you are not a runner , from 5k’s to ultras – we are all doing the same thing and it’s what we love . 


Keep running , keep smiling and don’t quit – because you are a “real” runner 

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  1. That’s funny you wrote this. I was about to write up a post titled “I am not a runner” but for different reasons than what you listed in yours. I still may write it. We’ll see 🙂

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