Seriously , this is a true story . It seems like months since I have taken to outdoor running and lets just say , it hurt my lungs. 

However, I am not complaining! Daylight Savings time today so I set my clock ahead and spent my morning sipping coffee. I watched the weather app and it showed temps reaching 0 by noon. Omg , I have to run ! 

So of course I overdressed and headed out . The sun was absolutely gorgeous and the fact that I could lose my gloves and unzip my jacket felt amazing! 

I started out on the roads/sidewalks and ran my typical route to the Air Base, over the bridges and then the TRAILS! 

It was by no means a fast or far run but I wanted to spend as much time in its beauty as I could . Look

So awesome and the trails were filled with people , dogs and cross country skiers! I had to take advantage of some trail selfies

I felt amazing post run , coughing up my lungs , but I needed it . The only way I could possibly recover was in the hot tub with a Mocha Vega protein . 

I think I spent about 1.5 hrs in here and possibly got a bit of a tan on my face ! Best day ever 

The only was to end this epic day was with a big ole Vegan Bowl of yumminess. This one had brown rice , sweet potatoes , black beans , avocado and chili powder and cumin. 

And the best thing – it’s now almost 630 pm and the sun is still shining! Spring is coming , I can feel it