I have been struggling this week with blog topics and I just can’t seem to ” put pen to paper” . 

I know , weird right because I always have an opinion or just something to say . This week I was super stressed with a work issue that was weighing on my shoulders so I lost all focus . I just didn’t have it in me to blog . 

What I did have though was a desire to run . Weights , not so much . I really did not feel like lifting at all and I stuck to running. 

Not a huge high mileage week as my typical long run would have been today but I am putting it off till tomorrow . I am really hoping to get an outdoor run in tomorrow because I need some fresh air on these lungs . 

I have also made yet another food lifestyle change , I am back to being a veggie girl and have gone off meat yet again . I need to focus on more veggies and plant based living as I feel better when I do . So far it has been painless and I just picked up right where I left off last time . 

So I am hoping that this week the blog topic fairy pays me a visit and sends me some inspiration . 

I’ve become quite the bore! 

Happy Running Friends