So typically Sunday is my recap post . Letting you all know how my week of weight training and clean eating went , but this is not that kind of post .

My week was going great , all workouts on track – weighed in at 172 on Monday which shocked me . I counted it as gains! I lifted for 3 days and my cardio was on point . Then came Thursday – the day my life changed forever .
My little mini diva hasn’t been herself lately and she was losing weight and had excessive thirst . She had a Dr’s appt Thursday am and as soon as we got there they did urine and glucometer testing. Minutes later I was being rushed to Emerg with a pediatrician in stand by for our arrival. She was whisked into a room and the tests begin. Immediately she was diagnosed as a Type 1 Diabetic . The worst part – she was in DKA ( diabetic ketoacidosis ) this is a very serious complication of high blood sugars . Her pancreas has essentially shut down and no longer functions – it does not produce insulin.


We spent 5 hours in emerg before they transferred her to the peds ward. Initially we were headed to Kingston as they did not have the staffing for one on one nursing- she needed that kind of care. We got settled into a room and it was a long night – bloodwork every hour and she was amazing but it was taking a toll on her .


Her sugars stayed high for 24 hrs but they eventually let us go home after lots of coaching from the clinical diabetes team.

I missed only 1 leg day workout and was able to fit in 2 workouts on the weekend. They were a huge stress reliever .

So I may or may not be ready to continue with such a regimented lift program but that is ok , I will do what I can when I can. My child clearly comes first to any gym session . My focus will be on keeping my child safe as this is a life long disease that requires lots of needles.

My future recipe post will include lots of protein rich , low carb , sugar free diabetic friendly treats – and that’s a good thing .

Thank you to all of you who sent messages of well wishes and kept her in your prayers.

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  1. I know you will be there for her. You are a do what needs to be done kind of Mom. And that will be a benefit for your family. Lots of people are here to support your family. And it does affect the whole family. It can be overwhelming but you will do it together…one day at a time…sometimes one hour at a time. There are a lot of resources available, be sure to use them. Take care of each other. Hugs.

    • Having her home is good , I can control things . I am so afraid to send her to school but luckily I’m right around the corner from the school and can be there in minutes. The clinical nurse educator comes to her class to teach them about her and how to help her .

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