Catchy little title there but let’s be honest , how many women do you see in the gym sweating it out to hours of cardio and never touching a dumbbell? Then when you do see the odd one pick it up its a tiny little 5lb one , come on ladies lets show these boys that we can lift too !

I am not saying we need to be lugging around the 50lb’ers but we have to lift heavier and challenge ourselves if we want to see changes.

I did the LiveFit 12 week program which ended before Christmas and it was the perfect program to get me started. But, now it’s time to step up my game and start lifting with the big boys.

I am starting the Simply Shredded program today ! Here is a link to the program Simply Shredded

My focus for the next 12 weeks will be on nutrition as this is always my issue. I love to eat but I need to really be conscious of what I’m eating , getting my macros and not consuming boatloads of carbs!

Here is what the first 4 weeks will look like


These weeks want you to do 8-12 reps so the weights won’t be as heavy. In the coming weeks the reps decrease so that the weight can increase. Focus on form is key !

This program also encourages cardio which is great because we do have to do cardio to burn fat , sweat is good ! The plan is for 2-4 days per week of HIIT , basically you go all out for 15 seconds then recover for 45 seconds. Do this for 15 minutes then switch to a low intensity cardio session for 30 more minutes for a total of 45 minutes . You can do this on the bike, elliptical or treadmill – chose your pain !


I will be doing cardio at least 4x a week because I just feel better if I’m sweating .

I started my day 1 with a great meal full of protein , fat and veggies


So today on day 1 which is technically a Rest Day I’m trying to decide if some light cardio is on the menu ? I will keep you all posted !

On a side note I love the Bodyspace app on my IPhone which connects me to my , here you can find a program and add it to your calendar and everyday you can track your workouts to your phone ! Love it !!!!

So ladies Lets Do This!!!


2 comments on “Do You Even Lift Bro?”

  1. Perfect!
    Thanks, this is exactly the kind of ‘spoon feeding’ I need to work on strength! Yes I can run a marathon but I kinda want to be able to do it without my arms flapping in the breeze 😉
    All the best

    • I love to lift and I think we are better runners when we have that kind of strength behind us. This program is so easy to follow as well ! I hope you enjoy it

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