I am focusing on weight lifting more now and I need to fuel my body and make some muscle gains.

My love of carbs has gotten out of control lately. It is just too easy to grab a piece of bread and PB , toast or just a big ole sammich !

It ends now .

In order to make sure you are eating properly you have to plan for it . It takes just 1 afternoon to make enough meals to last you all week .

Here is what I made for this weeks meals, it literally took me about an hour to make all this food.

I boiled 10 eggs , baked 6 boneless skinless chicken breasts ( seasoned with Mrs Dash) , a pound of bacon , roasted spaghetti squash , baked 2 sweet potatoes and then a pan of roasted baby potatoes and carrots!


I will drink a protein shake post workout , water all day long and obviously multiple cups of coffee!

I keep bagged salad in my fridge at all times as well , that’s an easy grab and go meal – I have been known to eat it straight from the bag!

Do you meal prep for the week?
If so , what do you make?