Well , I do have some strong opinions on this race and I will be completely honest in this review.

This was my third time traveling to Vegas for this race , I did the half for the past 2 years. I decided this was my year to do the full .


Day 1 – arrived and checked into the Venetian ( amazing hotel) and headed straight to the expo. I walked there because it was sunny and gorgeous out and I wanted fresh air after being on the plane for almost 5 hours . Typically I love expos and seeing all the cool stuff , this year I just wasn’t into it? I got my bib ( no problems and No Solutions table this time) walked around , saw Meb , bought some GU and then left. I really didn’t need anything so I figured enough is enough. I took the monorail back only because I just wanted to ride it lol.

Day 2 – I walked and walked and walked the strip , won some money and did a little shopping . I made sure I was adequately hydrated and carbed up . I went to bed early ( for Vegas standards) and felt great .

Day 3 – Race Day
I woke up refreshed and walked some more in the am but decided to take it easy as I had a marathon to run . I tried to keep drinking and felt like I had enough food in me . I got myself all geared up


I wanted to get to the pre race area for the 3pm Macklemore concert and it was great. It was cold and they got us dancing! I was so happy I brought a foil blanket with me it helped a bit with the cold .
Now here is where I start to lose it!


Based on my predicted time of 5:15 I was placed in corral 29 . This put me way at the back of the start line , mixed in with everyone ( half marathoners) . I thought they sent out the marathoners first then the half runners, Nope! Also , there were people from corral 40 and up moving through the corrals? I was like “wait a minute” . So I tried to get ahead a little and only got to maybe corral 27. The race started at 430 but I don’t think it was until after 5 I crossed the start line.
There is a strict 5 hour time frame for the full , which timing starts after the final marathoner crosses the start line . Where was this final person? I was cruising along nicely and had my first pee break at mile 3 ( all that pre hydrating) and was pacing nice and easy at around 11 min/miles. That was the plan. I got to mile 10 and the crowds started filtering out, less congested . Then we hit Freemont St and I knew this is where the course split between the 2 races . I Loved running through this area , the crowds were awesome and so encouraging ! Then we headed out into another area and I saw a Costco , I was like ” where the heck are we” ? I was again feeling good at got to the half point at around 2:40 ish then at 13.5 miles this dude started diverting us ? Already ? Seriously ? One runner was super pissed and yelling ! I then realized I was losing 5 miles of the course . This resulted in me feeling like I was and did Cheat this race. CHEATED . I did not run a full marathon . How can I know claim to be a marathoner? So what happened , I mentally quit. My body wasn’t giving out on me yet but my head sure did . This then made me think my hip hurts , I’m tired , screw it – I’m not running the full anyways . I was so pissed. I walked a lot the last 6 miles because I just didn’t care anymore. My hip DID hurt and I was a cheater anyways.

Then I remembered – I ran a 56k or 35 mile ultra 4 months ago ! I am a marathoner , I am an Ultra Marathoner – So Fuck You Vegas and your diverted course !

And then I ran again!
I was not letting this get me down . I was finishing this damn race . I did and my time was


4:38:16 for 21.5 miles.
I figured add 55 more minutes for the 5 miles I missed and I would have run 5:30 for the full . So I was happy with that . I decided to keep my Garmin on while I walked back to the hotel just to add up some more miles


Here is a little collection of pics from the race


I still received a medal because I could have and would have finished the whole course.



So now it’s officially time to retire this race from my schedule. I plan to stick with more trail ultras in 2015 and maybe throw 1 road marathon in. For now I’m done with Vegas and it’s time for bigger and better things !

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  1. Sorry to hear you got screwed on the race. You should write a letter to the competitor group about it. They may do something as I think since 2011 they’ve been at least recognizing some of their disgruntled customer base. How frustrating for you.

    • I thought about writing a letter to them but I don’t really think it will do much . I knew there were cut off times but I also did not realize that by being at the back of the pack would put me at such a disadvantage. I got screwed !

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