Ok so today was the day – 20 mile final long run before Rock N Roll Las Vegas.
It was daylight savings time so I set my clock back an hour and tucked myself into bed at 9pm.
My 515am wake up went off without a hitch , I had a great sleep and I was so mentally prepared for this run .

Minus 1 , oh snap that’s dang cold ! I bundled up , grabbed my headlamp and headed out


I was about .5 miles into my run when I looked at my Garmin – again No Distance !!! I reset it and carried on . Got to about 1.65 miles and realized my Nike+ app wasn’t talking to me ? WTH is going on? I rely way too heavily on my devices . I need to know my distance , my pace and my time . I was getting pissed ! After about 5 miles I shut my Garmin off completely because it wasn’t tracking me anyways ! The morning was very pretty though



Then I hit the trails and I was so stoked to be able to run trails



I was taking a video , follow me on Instagram @inkdgirl555 to see it ( it’s pretty darn funny) and then my phone died completely !! Are you freaking kidding me !!!! I now had no Garmin and no phone – that means No Music , No Idea what my miles would be ? I knew I was at 7.07 miles when it died so I needed to figured it out !
Think Dawn Think !!!

So with my frozen fingers I rest my Garmin back to factory defaults and Bammmm it worked!
So I knew I needed 13 miles so let’s do this !

It was rough and I walked but it didn’t hurt . My hip and back held out.
I finished



It was long , cold but I’m so glad it’s done .

Technology failed me , it was a nightmare but I figured it out and finished what I started .

I think I’m ready for you Vegas , it won’t be PR worthy but it will be a finish with some bling !

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    • I ran for about 3+ hours with no music and just listening to my breathing and heart beat lol ! It wasn’t too bad but I really hate being so disconnected in a run . I think I have it all figured out now though

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