Seriously , the fake “meat” industry is pretty freaking horrible!

I typically do not use these products because I know how much they suck , But tonight I was making the family spaghetti and I thought I’d try with a ground “beef” product – this one


I diced up onions , peppers and garlic and added the meat . It looked ok but I noticed a smoky kinda smell to it and thought , hmmm weird?


It actually looked edible but trust me , it was not.

I cannot stomach this crap and I have definitely learned my lesson. Do not spend money on this overpriced garbage and just eat real foods. I could have had a lovely marinara with veggies over pasta tonight but instead I will most likely have toast !

Seeing as we are on this topic I shall warm you to never ever buy Yves products , that stuff is pure crap!

The only meat free option I have ever enjoyed are those made by Morningstar , which I can only get in the US.

So from now on I will continue to adapt recipes that I love using natural pure ingredients like lentils and beans. I make a mean lentil loaf you know.

Eat real food , be happy !