Have I mentioned how much I DISLIKE the darned bathroom scale!
It is a liar !
It is telling me ” you are fat”
I know I am not but damn you scale and your ever fluctuating numbers toying with my emotions.

You see , I am on Day 16 of the LiveFit Program and the scale is absolutely drunk! I started the program at 166. I have also weighed in at 164,168 and today 167.4!
My eating has been pretty good , not perfect but definitely not eating chocolate bars and garbage !

As a WLS ( weight loss surgery) patient the scale meant everything to me for years. You focus Only on the number on that scale. It determines if you are a success or a failure. As a former 284lb person , losing significant numbers means everything.

Now that I am in Maintenence mode I no longer drop weight as easily And it is a struggle.
I do believe it is a mental struggle more than anything. I think the scale should be moving , dropping numbers because I am doing everything I am supposed to , right?
I am drinking water , moving my body and lifting weights.

Oh wait a minute – BINGO !
I am lifting weights , building muscle and we all know – muscle weighs more than fat !

I am 100% doing less cardio ( aka running) lately due to injury and that is keeping me from sweating , a lot . But again , when you lift weights , your body continues to burn fat while it repairs those muscles.

So , I will not let the scale get the better of me and I will just keep on lifting and building those baby biceps because one day I am going to be so fit I will never ever care what that stupid number on the scale is!


4 comments on “Scale Rant!!!”

  1. The scale is tricky and once you get to a healthy weight it’s hard to make that shift in thinking. You’re doing great let the mirror and pictures show you how your progressing.

    • You are so right , the way the clothes fit and how the body changes make all the difference. I swore I’d throw that scale away but it keeps sucking me back in ! Lol

  2. Girl, you are getting strong! Challenge yourself to put the scale away for 30 days, or until this phase of the program is over. I’m sure you’ve done progress pics, look at those in a month. Plus remember as women our hormones change daily and based on what you eat/drink, weight can fluctate 5# in one day!

    Keep it up and stay positive! 🙂

    • I do have to hide that darn thing! I’m going to do some progress pics soon . I know that will show body Changes for sure

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