I’m so excited to move onto Week 3 of the LiveFit program as this begins the muscle building portion of the 12 weeks. This portion lasts 6 weeks so let’s get those muscles burning!

I was pretty excited when I saw that today was leg day , it’s kinda my fav! I need to really build up my leg muscles to help with my distance running and current hip issues.
I deviated from the plan only slightly today as I had to leave out the Lying Leg Curls because the Y doesn’t have this machine! God I can’t wait to get back to GoodLife Fitness asap!
I also did not do the Single Leg KettleBell deadlifts. You will see what I subbed in!
I also threw in a few exercises of my own .

So here it is – Inkdgirl’s Leg Day Workout

Leg Extensions 3×10 @ 110lbs
Wide Stance BBell squats 3×10 @ 50lbs
Walking BBell Lunge 3×10 @ 30lbs
Stiff Leg Deadlifts 3×10 @ 95lbs
Seated Calf Raises 3×10 @ 50lbs
Leg Press 3×10 @ 170lbs
Calf Extensions 3×10 @210lbs
Standing Calf Raise 3×10 @55lbs
I had to improvise the calf raises as again , no machine , so I simply used a box and a BBell and did them on that !
Gotta do what ya gotta do!

I destroyed those legs today , literally too , I dropped a 35lb plate on my shin

It should be nice and purple by tomorrow.

The eating needs to be looked at though , I was not a good girl this weekend (Chinese takeout) and the scale proved it . I’m up to 168 ! WTH – I need to focus and get more water into me and eat real food !

I always make sure I get my BSN Syntha 6 protein into me post workout


I had a Vega One protein before my workout , the shake post with 1/2 a Roast beef wrap and then this for lunch


If got a big ole crockpot of meat sauce on today and I’ll have that with some gluten free pasta for supper !

How is your workouts going ? Are you following a plan?