This is a Confession to Running.

I am truly , deeply sorry but I have been at the Bar (bell) cheating on you . Since my hip injury sidelined me from my running “career” I’ve heavily implanted myself back in the gym.
I feel guilty not running everyday , until I pick up some weights and realize I really feel good here – at the gym , lifting things .

So I start to reminisce about running
“Do I miss those 5am Sunday wake ups” NO
“Do I miss loosing toe nails” NO
“Do I miss feeling absolutely devastated when I realize I am no longer PR’ing anything ” YES !

This is a very touchy subject for me because deep down I “Am a Runner ”
What happened in those 10 days off for recovery?
Did I loose my MoJo?
I think so .
I just do not have any desire to run far and long right now. Short bursts on the mill get my heart rate going and the sweat dripping but can I even fathom running for 5hrs right now , the answer is No . Sadly

I think it’s time I revisit my life goals .
I turn 44 next month and all I really want to focus on is being in the Best Shape of my life . I want to stare 50 down with vengeance. I want sculpted biceps and back muscles , I want to be lean and fit .
So what is going to get me there I ask ?
So far the answers seem to be – Eat Clean and Lift Weights!

But what about running and the races I’ve already signed up for in 2015?
Well I am still doing them because deep down I do love it. I just think that my training plan has taken over me , hurt me actually . Maybe my body is not capable of running a fast marathon or half ?
I actually prefer endurance where there are no time goals , just go until you are done – Like when I did RUTs in June . Just run till you can’t run anymore .
So I think my mind is made up , however , my mind is in a constant battle with my body and they fight each other like brother and sister.

I will run , My Pace
I will lift , My Choice

I am still a Runner!

My fear is the running community won’t see me as the same ? If I no longer want to do a long run on Sunday’s am I less of a runner?

I think not, so let’s not discourage people based on their mileage . A 12 minute mile is still the same distance as a 6 min mile, right ?

So I will continue just doing what I am doing , running and lifting , Letting my body dictate to me what it likes. If that involves less mileage and more weights , so be it . I am still 284lb Dawn deep down inside and I will beat her .
I will be fit and healthy because that really is the most important goal here . Not PR’s

Just keep doing what you are doing my friends , be happy , be healthy – BE YOU !

3 comments on “I’ve been Cheating on you , and I like it”

  1. Good post! I share many of your sentiments. I was a lifter before I was a runner and I will not give up lifting just for a faster time in a race. I tried it for awhile and felt weak and awful. I’ll live with people looking at me and saying “You run marathons?!” for as long as I can keep doing both.

    • Good for you , we have to just keep doing what feels good for us . Right now , distance running isn’t my friend due to my hip issues but I won’t let that be an excuse to not stay active and fit !

  2. As we age as women, the weights are more important than the running, in my opinion. I have slowed my walking/interval running as I get older (55 now) – but the weight work has been wonderful for helping me feel good. Yoga is important in my fitness plan as well – one free class per week to keep my flexibility and balance up to par.

    Enjoy your routine and keep it up. That’s what’s most important.

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