Social media and media in general blast us with stories of victories, those who set amazing PR’s in their sports. This encourages us and motivates us to succeed at our own goals , but to me it’s the stories of those of us who finish Dead Last .
We don’t ever hear those stories though do we?
Why is there no coverage of these Winners? – yes they are winners because they too fought a battle and won.
Typically the media has packed up and are long gone by the time that last and final finishers crosses the line .
For some there are kind and supporting spectators who wait it out so that someone is there to share in their victory .

These are the stories we need to hear . How did they do it? What was there training like ? Did they want to give up ? How did they push through the suck and finish?

These are the kind of things that motivate me , more so than the elite athlete who broke yet another world record .

People , just like me , who overcame whatever obstacle stood in their way and fought it so that they too could become a winner.

I’d love for someone who has been a last place finisher to do a guest blog post that I will share with my followers , anyone interested please email me at

I fully believe that this is a story that needs to be told and celebrated.

We all have a story and we are all winners.

6 comments on “Let’s Celebrate the Last Place Finisher for Once!”

    • You were a Finisher and that is awesome , celebrate that ! You rock ! We’re there people at the end to still cheer you on as you crossed? How did you feel being a 5k finisher ?

      • I did. I wasn’t ashamed. I went out there to have fun and that is exactly what I did. Yeah, there were a decent amount of people at the finish still so that was nice. My friends and co-workers that had already finished stayed so that was cool. I don’t think I thought much about finishing it then, it wasn’t until I started my WLJ and eventually started running that I realized that it was a big deal 🙂

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